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Blog News

For the foreseeable future, if not permanently, I have decided to close both The McCann Gallery and A Verdade da Mentira illustrated.

My decision is purely for personal reasons and no outside influence has played any part in coming to this decision, quite simply I need to get my life back on track. The only way I can do this unfortunately is to close the blogs entirely, if I leave them open I would back at them with the breaking of the next "you cannot be serious" story to be foisted on the plebs and sheeple who swallow this nonsense.

What I may consider however, is to upload to a file host every graphic that has ever been, in the form of zipped folders. These folders would be available to all to be used for whatever purpose other than commercial. It will be a week or two before they are available should I decide to go down this path.

I have to consider the implications in doing so, my primary concern is that they not be used in an adverse way in the ongoing efforts of us all in our quest for justice for Madeleine McCann, the idea needs more thought as yet.

I have brought over from the Gallery that which I think is important and has relevance. I have not, apart from a little tidying up and thinning out, edited the posts with the benefit of hindsight.
There will be occasions that you find some links are down, these will be primarily internal ones, there is just too much material for me to try and edit.

I shall continue to blog however here on Good Quality Wristbands, I won't say in a more serious vane because that would cheapen my past work on the Gallery. No matter how off the wall or hilarious the end product, there was I hope a serious underlying message that was apparent to all.


Jim Gamble, What's Your Game Matey?

As with most videos and interviews of this ilk, it usually takes weeks before I can find the stomach to watch them, if at all that is.

Little surprise then that it took me until yesterday to watch this shameful, if not indeed criminal display by Jim Gamble as he attempts, with the weight of the CEOP behind him, to legitimise the McCann's claim that Madeleine was abducted from apartment 5A.

He does this knowing that there is not one bit of evidence to support an abduction, which of course there isn't, not a scrap, not the tiniest bit, nothing, zero, and I challenge him, or anyone else for that matter to produce something to the contrary.

He does this equally knowing that there is much, if not volumes to indicate that Madeleine met her demise in that same apartment, that the Tapas Seven are all liars as indeed are the parents of the dead child, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Jim Gamble is a disgrace, and to use the CEOP in such a manner, more disgraceful still.

A few highlights then from the video showing at the bottom of the page, though I only feature the first two nauseating minutes.

McCanns: Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell Analyzed

If you are a regular visitor here, this oft featured video will be no stranger to you.

I have no details of the blog, or the who, but whoever the he/she is, there is an analysis of this clip that I have never seen the likes of.

A sterling piece of work, drive on that person, good stuff indeed.

Sedative Interview

Interviewer question

“On that evening did you give to your kids something like calpol to help them sleep?”

 Gerry McCann -

“(swallow, els&dr)(Intake of breath) you know we’re not gonna (head back) comment, on anything (ec) but you know there is absolutely (head back). No way we use any sedative drugs (head down, ec, head shake, scratch behind l earlobe, looks back at I, slight smile) or anything like that en (ldr, rhb) you know we’ll we have (ldr) co-operated with the police (ldr) we’ll answer any queries ermm (ldr)…any tests that they want to do en.”

First cluster – Swallow, eyes look sideways & down right, intake of breath

Firstly, the Adam’s apple is emotionally responsive (i.e. it reflects visceral or gut feelings). Acting through the vagus nerve (cranial X) emotional tension from the brain’s limbic system causes unconscious muscular contractions of the sternothyroid, thyrohyoid and associated inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles of the Adam’s apple. This movement is evident as the muscles contract to swallow, to throat-clear or to vocalize an objection that may be left unsaid. This swallowing movement indicates feelings of anxiety or embarrassment.

I find it hard to imagine why Gerry would become anxious or embarrassed by this question (angry, hurt, yes), unless of course these feeling were stimulated at the prospect of having to lie in which case it would indicate that either he, or someone else, had given the children calpol or other sedatives to help them sleep on that night.

For reasons best known to the cyber gods the Wordpress blog of the owner and my Blogger blog don't seem at all compatible so I can only give you a general site link.

The page in question has finally opened,
but if you struggle use the link above.

The second video clip the "one year on" is also analysed, this time in slo-mo, catch that one too if you have the band width.

It was only yesterday that I was tipped about the site, I have no details whatsoever about the blog.

I am rather hoping the blog owner might add this one to his portfolio, another little favourite of mine.

The Available Evidence Supporting an Abduction and the CEOP

Because Gerry McCann says she was, is, as you can well imagine, no basis for the involvement of the CEOP and their "abducted by strangers" campaign.

I think we are entitled to some answers, said he naively.

CEOP: New Evidence? plus Intercalary Report

I have to assume you are in possession of some startling new evidence that confirms unequivocally that Madeleine McCann was abducted and similarly you hold evidence that supports the existence abductor.

Please share this evidence with us, it must exist, for what other possible reason could there be for aligning yourself with the people described below?

Please I pray, do share it with us.

"Ironside" has assembled an interesting and comprehensive folder on Jim Gamble and his association with various organisations, you might recognise one or two. See link at the bottom of the page.

And while you're there, a not to be missed catalogue of John Buck's initial involvement, a splendidly researched dossier compiled by "Roisin" quite an eye opener.

Many of you will be quite familiar with the report from Tavares de Almeida, but there will be visitors here that haven't as yet seen the thing and of course it's just as relevant today as ever it was and this is another opportunity and another location to put it into the public domain.

Something is amiss here, and in a very big way.

Intercalary report

For the attention of the
Criminal Investigation Coordinator

Madeleine Beth Maccann was born on the 12th of May 2003.
She has been missing since the 3rd of May 2007, a fact that took place in Praia da Luz, in Lagos.

She is the daughter of Gerald and Kate McCann and her birth was desired and planned.
The mother’s difficulty in becoming pregnant should nevertheless be mentioned, as well as the resulting necessary treatments and the ‘cost’ thereof.
She was born from ‘in vitro’ insemination, but the tracing of the child’s DNA shows that she is in fact the McCann couple’s daughter.

It is a scientific fact that the medical treatments to overcome some of the causes for the lack of pregnancy increase the likelihood of twins being born from a so-called normal pregnancy.

In this case, we can see that a pregnancy, although desired and planned, turned a family of three into a family of five.
Moreover, caring for one child is not the same as caring for three, all of tender age.


At around midnight on the 3rd of May 2007, through a phone connection between the GNR in Lagos and this police station, the disappearance of a child, an English subject, was communicated.

We went on location in order to perform the necessary judiciary inspection.

Faced with the fact, the disappearance of a child, the investigation “drew out” the various possible scenarios.

The child’s parents immediately attributed the fact (disappearance) to the action of a third party, defending the ABDUCTION.

While [abduction] being one of the possible scenarios, the family’s actions led into that direction, by publicising the fact in a manner that had never been seen before.

In fact, on the very next day, English television stations ‘opened’ their newscasts, already advertising the child’s disappearance / abduction.

The defence of this scenario was the ‘truth’ of the facts under investigation, for the media.

Time went by and that scenario was not confirmed as its presuppositions were not ‘fulfilled’. No ransom was ever demanded in exchange for information or for the child itself.
Nevertheless, and considering the deposition by one of the friends, Jane Tanner, we could be looking at said scenario.

Meanwhile, diligences continued in order to collect all kinds of information and always with the purpose of working all scenarios that were still a possibility.


The information that was initially collected with family and friends was uncertain and had been “worked” upon by the group, in order to strengthen the version that had been presented and defended.

According to the version of the parents and of the GROUP, they went out to dine and all of them left their children, asleep, in their apartments.

The group’s members held a meeting during which they agreed on certain rules that sustained a version of continuous checking of the children, while they dined.

The process includes a manuscript by one of the group’s members that supports this thesis.

These principles, which in this manner, have been shared by the entire group, have the effect that for the English public opinion the whole GROUP is always cleared, rendering any abnormal event that might last longer than 30 minutes impossible, given the fact that they all agreed that was the time lapse in which the children were checked.

The version that someone from the group went to the apartments to check that everything was well, every 15 or 30 minutes, collapses!!

Total incoherence results from the GROUP’s statements, which makes it easy to verify that everyone lies.

We can verify that one of the group’s elements, wishing to make the group’s version about the checking, more consistent, gives it a personal touch: the checks on the children were carried out in two manners, one just to listen if anyone was crying, and in case of silence all was well, and the other one by actually checking.

On his turn to check on the children, one of the group’s elements, Matthew, did just that, as he even told Kate that all was well, with no further explanation. Kate recalls this detail.

But the truth is that this information leads the investigation to wander about, to waste time and resources.

It is not understandable that this information is given at the beginning and sustained throughout time, despite the fact that anyone can verify the damage that results from it, for the investigation.

After all this time, the version is upheld !! as well as the public, insistent statement that what they want most is to “assist the investigation”.

The investigation was forced to assume the information was incorrect, and move forward.

This only!! results in:

If someone checked on the children and all was well, the disappearance took place between 9.30 and 10 p.m.;

If the information wouldn’t be counting on said witness (?), then the disappearance would have taken place between 9 and 10 p.m., widening the time period (presuming that the father speaks the truth).

But there is another question about the timing which is:

The last time that the child was seen outside of the group, by someone who can prove that moment, was at around 5.35 p.m., when the parents went to pick her up at the crèche, which may widen the time lapse between the disappearance and the alert, into four hours.


Continuing to analyse the information that was offered, we have one of the group’s members, Jane Tanner, becoming a supposedly important witness, due to what she told us: she saw someone crossing the street at dinner time: from the location of the disappearance into the direction of Robert Murat’s house.

This information directed and occupied the investigators’ work for a long time. This may be an example of how information that is not correct, may not only delay, but may have led to losing the little girl.

By insisting on the information, scenarios were outlined which failed to match said information with reality, but still long and intense work was carried out on that arguido.

In the same manner, we can verify the discrepancy about the subject, in statements from Gerald and Jane. How they passed each other at only two or three meters’ distance, yet failed to see each other; can they position themselves in such a reduced space, and both fail to see the same person walking by; more correctly, one sees and the other doesn’t.

Even the location where they supposedly crossed ways is not very well defined by both.

The moment chosen by the witness Jane to make her statement about what she had “seen” and the explanation for that moment is unreal, which is to say, it is not easy to accept that any witness (from the group) upon seeing someone with a child in the arms getting away from the McCann’s place, hadn’t immediately acted or spoken, being certain that the description of the person was being consecutively altered, “perfected”. Therefore, there isn’t much credibility in this deposition.


Until now we have been analyzing small distortions in the information that was initially transmitted, “small” alterations (distortions) of the truth taking place, thus relating them with the investigation and with the direction it forced it into.

The investigation didn’t follow the command or the will of anyone; the family and group information that is fundamental in this type of crime, was always distorted.

The fact that the individuals were foreigners prevented, until now, that direct information about the persons of the GROUP could be collected.


The parents of the minor live in a society, the British, known through the press, as being very demanding. The profession of both parents, medicine, completed by the fact that the father is a surgeon, increases this degree of demand and consequent tiredness.

In a society that is identified internationally and in the Media as being very demanding and with many and tight rules to establish those standards of exigency, it makes it obligatory that people rest; make a professional retreat; take their holidays.

Gerald McCann is a cardiovascular surgeon.

In many moments of his professional career he had to make decisions in thousandths of a second, which ‘gives’ him a certain coldness, and certainly provokes an increased tiredness.

The enjoyment of a period of holidays supposes a rest through non-ordinary practices and freedom and exemption from schedules.

The social life in such a holiday, in the present case, was facilitated by the fact that they travelled as a group.

But that social life may, in a certain way, be touched by the presence and constant needs of accompanying the minors.

This fact and need was clear in the deliverance of the children to the respective child centres and crèches (according to their ages). The holiday time was not shared between parents and children.


The 3rd of May of 2007 had gone by, until around dinner time, in a natural way according to the adopted style.
After fetching the children from the nursery and the crèche they went to the apartment, shortly after 17:35h.
But…Kate went running for half an hour on the beach and then went to the apartment and…Gerald went to play tennis.

While the tennis match was taking place, another member of the group, who had been in touch with Kate, in the apartment, for a period of time that took between 30 seconds, according to Kate, and 30 minutes, according to Gerald, showed up.

In thirty seconds we may ask if everything is well and if anything is needed, little more.
In thirty minutes we can go ahead and do something that is requested from us…

They put the minors to bed and to sleep, at around 19:30h. They remained at home until around 20:30h, going to the Tapas restaurant afterwards. They were the first to arrive, out of the group.

After the entire group was at the table and when the meal started, the “checks” on the children began, in a way that is neither coherent nor acceptable; it could not be confirmed and only the group defends it, in a sort of “unique version”.

Although they say in their statements that their strategic position in the Tapas restaurant allowed them, the McCanns, to see the apartment where they’d left their underage children asleep, the examination of the spot reveals it is false.

It must be noted, also, that according to the investigation. everything points to their position at the table being with their backs to the apartment.

On that NIGHT, around 22:05h, according to her version, it was Kate that went to the apartment to check the children, coinciding with the end of the dinner, at which she had arrived at around 20:30h.

So, she returned to the apartment about one and a half hours later, the time lapse during which she didn’t see her children.

It took her about 10 minutes!!. She then showed up at the restaurant and told the remaining members about the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine.

It must be noted that Kate knew that, going back to the restaurant as she did, she would leave the twins, Amelie and Sean, in the same dangerous situation.

It is not understandable why she didn’t use the mobile phone to call Gerald or the group or, even simpler, that she didn’t walk out on the balcony from where she could be perfectly heard by the members of the group.


The authorities, the GNR, were alerted at around 22:40h, and the alerted population started the searches for the child.

The divulgation of the facts wasn’t kept within the authorities and the normal channels. On the following day, British and Portuguese televisions were broadcasting the news.

However, the GROUP had been reunited. The search was circumscribed to the interior of the apartment.

Even before any search by the authorities in the surroundings started, the news about the possible abduction was already running along.

By reasons, they said, of counselling and support, the parents asked for the presence of a priest, at around 02:00h/03:00h on the 04th of May.

From the informal depositions they gave, during the judiciary inspection on location, the information immediately induced the thesis of ABDUCTION.

Simple things became disinformation: the question of the open or closed window; the shutter up or down; the open balcony door…the front door, merely shut or locked by key.


Despite everything, until a certain time in the investigation, the family sustained and fed the theory of abduction. However, on a date that cannot be precise it was suggested by the family that a person should be consulted that could, eventually, indicate the probable location of little Madeleine’s cadaver.

This fact became inexplicable to the members of the investigation, given the fact that it was the members of the family themselves who raised the hypothesis little Maddie’s death.

Nevertheless, for the media they continued (and continue) to declare their hope of finding their daughter alive: the first time that the hypothesis of the little girl’s death was raised it was, effectively, suggested by the McCann couple.


While keeping several investigation lines open, it was decided to advance in the direction of a new inspection of the spot where the girl disappeared.

The inspection technique is commonly used in the United Kingdom and consists of the use of especially trained dogs.

Naturally, the dog’s smelling sense is the ‘sense’ at use. In the case of this ‘sense’, the difference between the human and the dog is of 5 million cells to 200 million cells.
It must be highlighted that the use to this kind of inspection is frequent in the UK and the success rate is of 100%.

One of the dogs is trained to detect cadaver odour and the other to identify traces of human blood.

We now stress that the location of the cadaver odours signifies that physically the body (cadaver) is not on the place, marked by the dog, but certainly it has been there, as long as the dog signals it.

As can be read in the process files, in this inquiry, the dogs inspected the following locations and items, with the results described below.

All the inspections were recorded in sound and image and were directed by our British colleagues that accompany the dogs.

Among the great number of items and locations that were inspected, the dogs marked the following locations and items:

1. Apartment 5 A, Ocean Club resort, the place from where the child disappeared
1.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

* master bedroom, in a corner, by the wardrobe
* living room, behind the sofa, by the side window

1.2. Blood dog:

* living room behind the sofa, by the side window (exactly the same spot that had been signalled by the cadaver dog);

2. Front garden of apartment 5A:
2.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

* one of the flower beds (the dog handler commented on the “lightness” of the odour)

3. Apartments where the rest of the group were staying:

* NOTHING was detected by the dogs

4. McCanns’ present residence (at that time):

* NOTHING was detected in the house by any of the dogs

5. In Aldeia da Luz village:

* NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs

6. McCann family’s clothes and belongings:
6.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

* two pieces of clothing belonging to Kate McCann
* one piece of clothing belonging to Madeleine
* Madeleine’s soft toy
* the cadaver odour was detected when the toy was still inside the residence (the McCanns’, at that date)
* it was confirmed under out of the house conditions

7. The vehicle that was used by the McCann family:
7.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

* marked the car key
* marked the inside of the car boot

7.2. Blood dog:

* marked the car key
* marked the inside of the car boot

8. Car that was used by a family friend that was staying in the same resort, on some of the same days :

* nothing was detected by any of the dogs

9. All the cars that were used by arguido Robert Murat and the people that are close to him:

* nothing was detected by any of the dogs.

(In a total of 10 cars the cadaver dog and the blood dog only marked the car of the McCann family, rented on the 27th of May!!!)

The locations and items that were marked and signalled by the blood dog are being subject to forensic exams, part of which are already concluded.

Not less relevant is the refinement of the results that point towards Madeleine’s DNA as being present in apartment 5A, behind the sofa, a spot that was marked by the cadaver and the blood dog. In every place marked by the blood dog, the laboratory confirmed that DNA was present.


The media attention that has been given to the case and the search for information by said media has led to an evolution in Madeleine’s parents’ statements.

All the information that was made public, has contributed to the rebuilding of the story, adapting it to eventual police questions, and to attempts to justify the indicia and consequent evidence that is being collected.

Let’s see: the media suggested the possibility that the children could have been sedated to be kept asleep and allow the parents some rest.

Distant in time, Kate’s father, the grandfather of the child, Brian Healy, admits to the press that Kate could have administered some medication to the little girl, Calpol, to help the child (the children??) to sleep, contrary to what his daughter Kate has been stating.

Kate, through the PJ inspector that acted as “liaison” with the family, asked why samples weren’t taken from the twins in order to test that hypothesis. She knew well enough at that time, more than 3 months later, that such an exam would be worthless.

She went even further and said that we – the investigation – should verify that the abductor had sedated Madeleine, in order to accomplish his action and that he had also sedated the twins…to consummate the act…however she didn’t say that at the right moment.

What we certainly know is that the sedatives have timings to act and timings to be expelled, that vary between six and 200 hours.
The McCanns’ medical knowledge is enough to know this, even if their professional activity never included performing toxicology exams.

When the media informed that blood had been detected “in the car and in the apartment”, Kate and members of her family come to the public with the simple excuse that it had been someone, who had access to the apartment, that had placed the evidence.

Now they even admit it was the criminal investigation body that placed the “false” evidence (blood and cadaver odour in the apartment and in the car).

In an attempt to justify the blood, Kate went even further, informing, on that occasion, that Madeleine sometimes suffered nosebleeds.


On the day that the house search was performed, at the McCanns’ residence, written papers were found in the master bedroom, as well as a bible, written in English. It was open on the pages whose copies are annexed to this report, with the translation.


ABDUCTION is a situation with which, unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, most of the public opinion is acquainted, due to the rate of this kind of crime.

Intelligent people should have a minimum of knowledge that publicity damages the investigation of an abduction crime and is especially threatening to the safety of the abducted person.

They should wait for the decisions from the police authorities; there is strong evidence that the crime scene was altered, and some furniture was moved around.

Those changes are indications of simulation.


On the night that little Madeleine disappeared, the family was contacted by a lady that identified herself with documents that credited her as somebody that worked with minors in the United Kingdom.

She identified herself with documents/certifications that are used in the UK, with hospitals and child care centres. She offered her help in whatever was needed.
No doubt this person could have been of valuable help, even about procedures, but she was dismissed.


From everything that was established, the facts point in the direction that the death of Madeleine McCann occurred, on the night of May 3rd of 2007, inside apartment 5A, at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, which was occupied by the McCann couple and by their three children;

There is a coincidence between the marking of cadaver odour and blood, according to the (partial) Laboratory Report that has been annexed to the process files.

Said marking occurred behind the living room sofa (cadaver odour / blood / DNA), which indubitably proves that said piece of furniture was pushed back by someone, after the death of Madeleine McCann was verified. Because of the few traces that were recovered on location and subject to examination, it has to be admitted as a strong hypothesis that it was subject to a “washing”, at a moment following the occurrence of death.

In the same manner, the soft toy that was used by the dead child, which was found at the top of the bed where she usually slept (cf. photos from the initial inspection) reveals that someone put it there at a moment posterior to death, given the fact that the bed doesn’t have any cadaver odour. This is to say, an intentional modification took place, in order to simulate a “picture” that doesn’t match reality, in an attempt to take advantage for the simulation of an abduction scenario;

It must be added that the cadaver odour detection dog strongly signalled the bedroom where the McCann couple slept, which may indicate the moving of the corpse from the actual death spot (living room) into a non visible part of said bedroom;

Furthermore a strong marking of cadaver odour was made on Kate McCann’s clothes, which may indicate that she was in touch with the cadaver;

There was also a strong marking of cadaver odour in the car that was used by the McCann couple (since the 27th of May 2007), which in conjugation with the blood dog’s marking and based on the forensics that are included in the process files, which indicate the presence of Madeleine McCann’s DNA in the car boot, lead towards not excluding a strong hypothesis that this vehicle may have possibly been used move the cadaver, 24 days after the death;

The indication from the cadaver odour detection dog, as well as from the blood detection dog, on the key of the aforementioned vehicle, where the laboratory would confirm the existence of Gerald McCann’s DNA, cannot be dismissed. This last signalling was obtained by the dogs after the key was put far away from the vehicle, in a non visible location.


From everything that is exposed, the process files result in the following:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.


Therefore, we suggest that the case files are sent to the Republic’s Prosecutor, in the Lagos legal district, for:

G) a possible new questioning of the arguidos Kate and Gerald McCann;

H) an evaluation of the measure of restraint to be applied in this case;

During the house search at the McCann couple’s residence, a diary style manuscript was found, already photocopied, possibly authored by Kate McCann; admitting that it may contain information that may help to reach the material truth of facts, WE PROPOSE THAT:

I) the photocopies of said document are presented to the illustrious Judge for the purpose of its apprehension, if legal, its translation and eventual collection of information to be included in the process files, as necessary for the investigation.

At this date, I subject the case files to your appreciation, for you to determine whatever you may see as convenient, hence I open:


On the tenth of September, two thousand and seven

Chief Inspector

(Tavares de Almeida)

h/t The Maddie Case Files.


John Buck, British Ambassador - Outline of Involvement

Stuart Prior Leicestershire Constabulary: Least We Forget

Nothing new but just a little reminder of the relationship between Leicester Police and then, and to remain so for another six months, arguidos Kate and Gerry McCann.

The correspondence relates to Gail Cooper's fifteen minutes of fame but that's not the crux of this post as you will note. (Emphasis mine.)

Emails from Stuart Prior Leics police to Ricardo Paiva* PJ (see below)


Date: 16th January 2008

From: Stuart Prior

To: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Forward sketch

Annexes: BK – MM presentat (sic) Jan 08, Gail Cooper (2) doc, Paul Gordon (3) doc, Trudy dawkin (2) doc, tanner description 2 doc, Summary of second statement Tanner doc.


Please get back to me as soon as possible with your instructions.

The power point attached was completed by the McCanns but the statements were all taken by UK police.

The Jane Tanner description was taken from the press and also from the summary of her statement.

Does Paolo want the sketches showing to Paul Gordon or do we want to get a new sketch prepared by Paul. There is some urgency around this as we need to decide prior to the Gail Cooper artist impression appearing in the UK press.

Unfortunately I didn't save the article (board post?) that said Leics. plod knew that this sighting was a crock.
It would be nice if anybody out there knows what I'm talking about and could furnish a link particularly after noting the highlight above. I do have the feeling however that I read it on the 3As.

Does he want Gail re-interviewing re the new information.

Do you want the husband and son (although this may be difficult due to the son’s medical condition) of Gail Cooper interviewing.

Do you want the other witness, the friend of Alfred Schuurman’s tracking down if they are in the UK.

How are you going to deal with possible press issues.

What are you planning around Mr Kennedy or the private investigation firm.

We do not have Afred Schuurman or Gail’s husband or son in our system.

Gail Porter’s statement was sent to Portugal on 23rd May and Paul Gordon’s was sent to Portugal prior to 14th May.

I will need to get back to the McCanns as he asked to be updated, how would Paolo want this conducting and what information am to provide them They are very excited about this potential lead.

Give me a call back.




Date: 18th January 2008

From: Stuart Prior

To: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: BC4 Memo, Gail Cooper doc. Gail Cooper statement, Iris Morgan doc, report Morgan doc, Rex Morgan doc.


All the docs attached in this and the next two emails as discussed earlier today.

We are still working on one or two aspects and I will get back to you over this and for any further direction from yourselves over facial recognition.

As we have discussed I have given Gerry a brief update just saying that the other descriptions are different to the artists impressions completed by Gail and identified by Jane. That the witnesses appeared genuine which indicates a number of charity collectors in the area prior to Madeleine being taken. I informed him everything has been forwarded to yourselves.

We have not spoken with Jane at all and will not share our e fits with anybody except yourselves unless you request this from us. It appears there were at least three charity collectors if not more in the area in the weeks prior to Madeleine being taken.

I am told that the artist impression by Gail Cooper is likely to hit the media over the weekend and I will update you on the effects of this next week, although we are not involved in this in any way at all.

Hope all is well.

Spk soon.


Ricardo Paiva.*
Days before the McCann couple was called for interrogation for the second time and made arguidos, Gerry McCann called the PJ inspector, Ricardo Paiva, who was responsible for the couple’s communication with the police, by phone, underlining their innocence. “I am certain that the police has no evidence against us”, Gerry said to inspector Ricardo Paiva, one can read in the Maddie case process, which was released yesterday. Interesting article in it's own right.

ETA: It is the likes of this below that establishes the playing field and what rules (none) that I abide by when dealing with the McCanns. But Murat is not unique here, there have others aplenty who's lives and innocence never came into the equation, nobody mattered, only them.

But it is Murat that was most vulnerable, it was he the McCanns would have watched with delight had he gone up the river for twenty in payment for their own dark crimes.

By the bye, Murat doesn't give me the same feel good factor that he did at once upon a time.

According to the inspector, the McCann couple said several times that the PJ should be focused only on the abduction theory.

And more: “That the police should not forget to continue investigating the suspect Robert Murat.”

And for the record, the subject matter in the emails.

(From PJ files) Questioned, (Tanner) she stated probably being able to identify the person that she saw if she saw him in profile and at the place where she saw him.

80% You're a star Jane.

Eddie and Keela "Top Dog" Story Whooshed

Long ago, I mentioned a story, published in the South Yorkshire Police site, about Eddie and Keela, the two “incredibly unreliable” sniffer dogs that were so praised by British media, before they found something that was not exactly good for Gerry and Kate Mccann.

But it seems South Yorkshire Police agrees with Gerry Mccann, as the above mentioned page vanished. Just in case, I kept a copy.

“Top Dog” Paulo Reis has a page full of canine capers.

British Diplomat Had Doubts About McCanns

Just a reminder.

Daily Express: Madeleine: British Diplomat had doubts about McCanns
3 December 2007 (no longer on-line)

A British diplomat warned the Foreign Office of concerns regarding Mad­eleine McCann’s parents, it emerged last night. Doubts about Kate and Gerry McCann were raised almost immediately by an official sent to Praia da Luz due to what he considered to be “inconsistencies” in the couple’s testimonies about the night the four-year-old vanished. The warning was contained in a classified document sent from the Algarve to the Foreign Office days after Madeleine’s disappearance. Details of the letter have been leaked through the British diplomatic mission in Brussels to the respected Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure.

The unnamed diplomat voices his concern about the “confused declarations” as to the whereabouts of Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends in the final hours before Madeleine’s disappearance. He also mentions the couple’s “lack of co-operation” with the Portuguese police in the light of instructions from London suggesting consular staff “overstretch their authority and put pressure on the Portuguese authorities”. The document also asks for confirmation of orders sent by the Foreign Office in London the day before, commanding embassy staff to give “all possible assistance to the McCann couple”.

Diplomats on the Algarve were told the McCanns had to be “accompanied at all times during any contact with the Portuguese police” by a member of consular staff or by British police officers sent out from the UK. The letter, sent just days after Madeleine disappeared, warns of the risks of siding with the McCanns so completely. Excerpts published in a report by La Derniere Heure quote the diplomat as saying: “With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvement of the couple. “Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous ­message.”

A huge team of diplomats have been involved in the case since Gerry McCann asked the Foreign Office for help. In an unprecedented move, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair despatched special envoy Sheree Dodd, a former Fleet Street journalist, to Portugal to act as a “med­ia liaison officer” for the McCann family. Direct government communications with the McCanns came to an abrupt halt, however, when the couple were made official suspects in the case in September.

Portuguese detectives believe it is possible Madeleine died as the result of an accident on May 3 in the family’s holiday apartment and that her parents hid and later disposed of her body with the help of their friends. The couple have always said they had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance. The Belgian report says it is highly significant that almost all of the diplomats involved at the outset have now been taken off the case.

Special envoy Sheree Dodd has since resigned from the Foreign Office, the British consul in the Algarve Bill Henderson has retired and the British ambassador to Portugal John Buck is no longer in Portugal. Last night the Foreign Office refused to comment on the report.

h/t Kazlux

A Considerate Criminal by Dr Martin Roberts

By Dr Martin Roberts
28 October 2009


No, not the ocean-going child trafficker selling his prey on to a comfortable life in the Antipodes. Nor yet the dark-skinned Algerian (Mafia boss, drug dealer, child snatcher), who apparently could not have cared less whether Madeleine was 'placed' with paedophiles, a family, or even a family of paedophiles. The title concerns the individual who went to such extraordinary lengths, not simply to do his master's bidding, but to comply in a manner more thoughtful even than that of the parents whose child he was intent on appropriating.

The burglar's principle is akin to that of the professional boxer: Get in. Get the job done. Get out. No messing. Someone stealing a child from its own domicile (the rarest of child abduction scenarios) would surely not embellish the proceedings unnecessarily, any more than might a jewel thief. And yet, in the case of Madeleine McCann, we have a child removed from her bed, some would say by a stalker, in pursuance of an almost apologetic crime.

A 'cold case review', conducted for the Daily Express not long ago by Donal MacIntyre, found favour with investigators working for the McCanns. MacIntyre postulated that Madeleine's eventual abductor carried out a 'dry run' the evening beforehand, disturbing the children in the process. Thus was the felon's conscience pricked at the outset, for on the Thursday evening he was as quiet as a church mouse, cautiously entering the darkened apartment, most probably through the unlocked sliding patio doors to the rear, and shortly before Gerry McCann himself entered more obtrusively through the front door, even though he knew it made enough noise to disturb the sleeping children in the bedroom adjacent (which is why, according to his 'Madeleine Was Here' documentary statement, he and others 'ended up coming through the back.' Except, of course, he didn't. He persisted in coming through the front).

So there they all were between 9.10 and 9.15 p.m., sound, if not altogether safe, inside apartment 5A: Gerry, the lurking yet inconspicuous abductor, and the children - all still asleep. Madeleine, in particular, was sleeping almost 'al fresco.' Gerry's less than photographic memory of her dormant position is reflected in his arguido statement, given on 7 September, 2007:

'Moreover, he says that with respect to Madeleine she was in the same position where he had left her at the beginning of the night. Madeleine was lying down on her left side, completely uncovered, i.e. lying on top of the covers with the soft toy and blanket, both pink, next to her head; he does not know if they were in the position that can be seen in the photograph attached to the files.'

Two years later, and after much greater consideration of the evidence, Gerry feels he can be a touch more precise:

"So, I actually came in and Madeleine was just at the top of the bed here, where I'd left her lying and the covers were folded down and she had her cuddle cat and blanket, were just by her head." ('Madeleine Was Here' documentary, broadcast 07 May 2009).

To the abductor's advantage then, Madeleine did not have to be lifted out of her bed, merely off it. But how far, exactly, were the covers turned down?

According to the PJ's report of Gerry McCanns' witness statement, made on 10 May 2007, and which Dr McCann signed as an accurate record of the interview:

"Also relevant to the bed where his daughter slept is how it was found on the night of the disappearance. States that his daughter slept without the covers, as was normal, due to the heat, with the bed sheets folded towards the foot of the bed."

So Madeleine, unencumbered by the bedclothes at her feet, could be lifted straight off the bed.

Once Gerry had turned and left, this is eventually what the perpetrator must have done; but only eventually. First he took care to minimise any trauma to the children by sedating them, with chloroform by all accounts (this must have been after Gerry had left the apartment or he would have smelt it). Next he lifted Madeleine up and either placed her temporarily on the other (vacant) bed in the room, or carried her into the lounge and set her down on the sofa while he (re)turned to make her bed! Unbelievable? Well, someone must have pulled the covers back up to the position in which they were photographed by the PJ, tucked neatly in at the side by the wall and with just the one corner turned back. Matthew Oldfield did not enter the room subsequently and the McCanns, we know, were very conscientious about not touching things, having due regard to 'the way the scene was left.'

We can only suppose therefore that the abductor made the bed after removing Madeleine from it. And that's not all. While still in the room he drew back the curtains, then opened the window and shutters to release the tell-tale aroma of chloroform. Never mind that no-one heard him do so, he must have aerated the room somehow because Oldfield, arriving barely twenty minutes later, did not detect any unusual odours either. He mistakenly thought the window was closed also. Perhaps it was. Perhaps the sedative-wielding abductor, on opening the window, realized how chilly was the night air and thought, 'I'll just give it a minute or two,' then closed it again. Kate McCann, in contrast, appears later to have been oblivious to the cold, despite the window having been open after all; for fully forty-five minutes in that case. Some abductors simply cannot make up their minds it seems. They also seem unable to leave fingerprints of any kind on doors or windows, despite opening and closing them repeatedly.

The following is an excerpt from Matthew Oldfield's Rogatory interview with Leicestershire police:

4078: "The curtains were drawn and weren't blowing around?"

Matthew Oldfield: "Yeah."


Matthew Oldfield: "No, no, we've talked about that before, I didn't smell anything, I mean, I could see the children breathing, but I didn't clock it as abnormal, errm... it'd be completely to speculate to say whether their breathing was fast or... I couldn't say, I mean, they were breathing and that's what, you know... and that was what I was there to check, errm... no, , no sort of funny draughts, no sort of funny sort of noises, no, errm... nothing that I can think of for that. I mean, it was a complete... just a shock out of the blue when, you know, I'd been in and then suddenly somebody's saying Madeleine's missing, there was nothing that made me think: 'Oh'."

Kate McCann's concern for her children's health expressed itself in surreptitious attempts on the night to ascertain that they were still breathing (holding her fingers beneath the twins nostrils), and a suggestion, some three months later, that their little bodies be tested for the presence of foreign chemicals. Why the twins' breathing was not as obvious to her as it was to Matthew Oldfield is something else she might care to explain (Let that be question 49). She didn't even need Oldfield's night vision, because the lights in the apartment were on by this time.

But to return to our industrious abductor. Having picked Madeleine up once more, he pursued one of two courses of action. He either (a) Made his way to the front door of the apartment, opened it with one hand whilst supporting the child with his other arm (see, for example, Gerry McCann carrying one of the twins down the steps from their homecoming aeroplane), exited the apartment, then stopped, turned, and closed the door behind him, or (b) Passed Madeleine through the open window to a waiting accomplice, who had shrewdly anticipated his help would be needed, then followed her through the same aperture, some three feet off the floor, without so much as grazing the lichen on the sill, and somehow drawing the curtains together again, from outside now, allowing them to conceal the window from Matthew Oldfield and afterwards to billow instructively for Kate McCann.

'He who hesitates is lost,' as the saying goes. Our conscientious abductor almost precipitated his own downfall by devoting so much of his time to being considerate. Had Jane Tanner been better informed when she spotted him at 9.20 p.m. (according to the timeline as originally constructed by the committee of diners) he, or his assistant, might even have been apprehended. Still, his accomplishments in the time available were quite remarkable. Gerry must have spent at least a couple of minutes inside the apartment himself, staring down at his three children, visiting the bathroom etc., so abduction activities could not have commenced until 9.12 p.m. at the earliest. And yet the miscreant is on the street at 9.20 p.m., by which time he has: 1. Chloroformed three children individually. 2. Moved Madeleine from bed to bed (or into the lounge). 3. Made her bed, not forgetting to turn back the covers a little. 4. Noiselessly (i.e. slowly) opened the bedroom window and shutters. 5. Retrieved Madeleine, either from the spare bed or the sofa, and made his way out, all inside eight minutes at most (or virtually no time at all if the first of the Tapas group's timelines is to be believed), his thoughtful deeds bracketed as if by bookends. Having closed the patio doors behind him on the way in, he drew the curtains (or closed the front door) behind him on the way out, leaving no trace of his presence save the visible record of his own domesticity.

I ask you, would an opportunist kidnapper, aware that he had but a 'small window of opportunity' within which to operate, do any of these things? A 'grab-and-go' abduction it clearly was not.

More essays from Martin Roberts, here and here.

Oi! Steady On Now Monsieur Moreas

The question.
....Having myself not able to cope with an armada of lawyers, I will not comment. But for us French, the process of opening a commercial site * The online store of Madeleine (Madeleine The Online Store) seems a bit strange. It is hard to imagine parents doing business selling search posters (£ 1.75 for 10), bracelets, or t-shirts bearing the face of their missing child (£ 7) ... This is not really in our culture.

This is probably different in Britain ...
link Not an endorsement.

My answer.

Oi! steady on now Monsieur Moreas, just steady on now lad, a person could take exception if he were so inclined.

But being possessed of a gentle and forgiving nature, I won't be harsh with you, for don't we all employ a little rhetoric on occasion?
Because it is without doubt that we would be in accord were I to say; that from the time when the first organism crawled out of the primordial soup to where we stand today as a species, never, never in those many thousands of years, never in all those millennia has the world witnessed anything that remotely compares to the grotesque, to the obscene, or to the shameless vulgarity that is epitomised by the Madeleine McCann online store. It is unique.

The sale of good quality wristbands and other fine branded merchandise, transcends race, transcends cultures, transcends borders, transcends continents even, but the things that it transcends unreservedly and above all others, are, dignity, taste, and morality, to mention but a few. And this Monsieur you know well, how could it be otherwise?

The Madeleine McCann online shop; nothing comes anywhere close, it is as grotesque as it gets. The McCann's "Madeleine has been abducted" mantra and story had a purpose born out of necessity; to keep them out of goal. but the Madeleine McCann online store, it's peerless, it's head and shoulders above the rest, it is without compare.

And so it stands, tall and proud this this ungodly edifice, this memorial that the McCanns have built to glorify the memory of their departed daughter.

Madeleine didn't deserve many things that befell her during her short life, but she didn't deserve this. she never did anything to deserve being turned into a shop, poor child.

And this unique piece of marketing, brought to you by NHS Doctors Gerald Patrick McCann, and Kate Marie McCann, how proud must their families be?


1.having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable: Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint.

2. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique copy of an ancient manuscript.

3. limited in occurrence to a given class, situation, or area: a species unique to Australia.
4. limited to a single outcome or result; without alternative possibilities: Certain types of
problems have unique solutions.
5. not typical; unusual: She has a very unique smile.

Shameless all!

The Tapas Emails: The Cancelled Reconstruction

Well worth a read if you haven't already.

From Nigel Moore: themccannfiles

Email response from Rachael Oldfield

Table of Contents: Vol XVI Page 4225

From : Rachael Oldfield ()
To : "Prior Stuart"
Cc : "Matthew Oldfield" ()
Sent : Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008.
Subject : Re : Re-enactment questions

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your e-mail and the attached response from the PJ.

We remain unconvinced that this reconstruction is necessary. Our most
significant question hasn't been answered, ie, how is it going to help find Madeleine/materially benefit the search for her?

Point 14 of the PJ's response says that they consider this re-enactment "highly important". Why is that? What are they really trying to get out of a reconstruction?

Either they believe our version of the events of May 3rd 2007, or they don't. If they do, why the need for a reconstruction? If they don't believe us, do they want a reconstruction so we can convince them otherwise?

If the purpose of a reconstruction is to convince the Prosecutor to lift Kate and Gerry's arguido status then we would consider taking part in it. If it is to properly focus the investigation on the person seen carrying a child away from the apartment, again, we would consider taking part because that would help to find Madeleine.

We just need to be properly convinced of the reasons for doing a re-enactment.

We know you are the middle man in all this but we are sorry for more questions !
Please give either of us a call if you would like to talk through the above. Also if you feel this e-mail should be forwarded to the PJ please could you let us know.

Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Rachael and Matthew Oldfield.

Attached email from Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner (see previous email)

Dated: 23rd April 2008

[Processo/16 - VOLUME XVIa.pdf P106]
Vol XVI p. 4237

xx xxxxxx xxxx
xxx xxx

Re: Re-enactment of Events of 3/5/2008

Dear Stuart, Many thanks for your email, and for forwarding the reply from Senhor Rebelo. Also, thanks to you and your colleagues for arranging the re-interviews.

It is somewhat reassuring to see in writing from the PJ that there are "no suspicions over [us] regarding the commission of any criminal acts." However, we heard something similar in the weeks before Kate and Gerry were made arguidos! Additionally, the thrust of the PJ's closed questions during the re-interviews seemed only to focus on Kate and Gerry's culpability, suspicion about our written timeline or who involved the media.

After a year of lies, accusations and intrusion, I am sure that the Mr Rebelo can appreciate our complete revulsion at what Kate and Gerry have been forced to endure. Furthermore, we cannot help but feel that the re-interviews and re-enactment are all too little and far too late.

However, the last thing we would ever want is a standoff between us and the PJ, something that would only delight and benefit the press. Kate and Gerry desperately need the cloud of suspicion over them to be emphatically lifted, and the PJ need to complete their investigation. We also appreciate the legal obstacles to removing Kate and Gerry's arguido status, but would request that prior to us agreeing to the re-enactment the PJ:

• publicly dispels the damaging and disturbing lies churned out by the Portuguese press regarding alleged changes to statements, re-interviews or alleged lack of co-operation.

• publicly states there are "no suspicions over [us] regarding the commission of any criminal acts." This in no way compromises judicial secrecy.

This in no way compromises judicial secrecy. But without some official intervention on their part, a return for the re-enactment seems little more than a perfect opportunity for the press to speculate and libel us all once again.

We are very keen to help an investigation aiming to establish what's happened to Madeleine, but have no desire to assist one that seeks only to damn our innocent friends. By actively restoring the focus on Madeleine and robustly dispelling the countless speculation, the PJ can expect our continued co- operation.

Yours sincerely,

Russell O'Brien & Jane Tanner

PS: We certainly do not request any specific reimbursement for travel or accommodation. more

A Magical Mystery Tour by Dr Martin Roberts

Doctor Martin Roberts Has Written Numerous articles on missing Madeleine McCann, his latest here.

"Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead."

Already a century-old before Benjamin Franklin utilised it, this proverb still carries some weight, although there are less dramatic options open to us these days, e.g. 'three may keep a secret if:'
(a) one is your local Catholic priest and the other his Cardinal


(b) one is your country's overseas Ambassador and the other resides in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
On March 19 this year the FOI News reported thus: link

Chapter And Verse by Dr Martin Roberts

A superb article and superb writing.

By Dr Martin Roberts
14 October 2009


.........As a younger man I once enjoyed the company of a mathematically adept colleague, whose principal out-of-hours interest was the 'Sport of Kings'. He would study The Sporting Life assiduously, and wasn't so much in the habit of placing a bet as making a calculated investment. When assessing the odds, this individual typically thought 'outside the box', well before that phrase was ever coined. He had a sharp eye for the unusual, and one memorable observation of his has stayed with me ever since: 'You won't find a trainer in the North of England sending his horse all the way to a small track in the South if he doesn't have a very good reason for believing it will win.'

Now, this is not quite the irrelevant anecdote it may appear. Soon after attending at apartment 5A of the Ocean Complex on the night of May 3, 2007, the GNR decided they were out of their depth and called in the PJ, an organisation the McCanns would go on to criticise in no uncertain terms, Gerry making it perfectly clear that, in his view, the British had more experience in handling child abduction cases. So there he was, a visitor to the Iberian peninsular, whose child was inexplicably missing from a resort of little consequence and, as the local police, recognising the potential seriousness of the crime, defer instinctively to their senior investigative colleagues, what does Gerry McCann do? By way of bringing the full resources of the more experienced British police to bear, he encourages the PJ to collaborate, not with Scotland Yard, but a provincial constabulary.

Are we to suppose that the expertise to which Gerry McCann was necessarily appealing was particularly well represented by Leicestershire Police? Simply observing the law of averages, as well as the highly skewed distribution of the UK population, specialist expertise in all manner of things is most likely to reside in or around London and the South East. So was experience in the handling of missing child cases a Leicestershire forte or the criterion which singled them out as the most appropriate authority to co-ordinate the UK contribution? If not, what made their affiliation to the enquiry so important for the McCanns? Like the horse being sent a long way to compete in a small race meeting, the specific engagement of a provincial police force on a case with international parameters cannot have been without purpose. And that purpose cannot have been simply facilitating subsequent liaison back home in the UK, since no-one, outside of the protagonists, can pre-determine the length of time for which a missing person might remain so. It could all have been over inside a week. Still, there is no denying the quality of the liaison, with guidance, in the form of police manuals, later finding its way onto Gerry McCann's bedside cabinet. more

Kate and Gerry McCann, Eugene Zapata and Cadaver Dogs: A Reminder

I just happened on this old report from the times, there will be some who are quite familiar with the content, but judging from the increased traffic via the search engines and the type of inquiry, there are plenty of people who are starting to take a great deal more interest in the activities of the Doctors McCann, which, I can only assume, they hadn't done previously.

Kate and Gerry McCann send to US for help against evidence of sniffer dogs

September 17, 2007

The parents of Madeleine McCann have contacted the lawyers of a man charged with murder who successfully challenged sniffer dog evidence. His lawyers claimed it was unreliable and persuaded a judge in the US to throw out prosecution claims that the dogs had detected the smell of a corpse.

Kate and Gerry McCann hope that the case could help them to prove their own innocence.

Two British sniffer dogs, one capable of detecting blood and human remains, were taken to Portugal in early August to help in the investigation. The dog picked up a “scent of death” on numerous items, including Mrs McCann’s clothes and her daughter’s favourite soft toy.

During police interviews the McCanns, both 39, were repeatedly shown a video of the animal “going crazy” when it approached their hired Renault Scenic car.

Mrs McCann could not explain it, but the scent of bodies remains detectable to the springer spaniel “cadaver dogs” for years and her legal team concluded that the scent could have come from her contact with corpses during her work as a doctor.

Portuguese police believe that the couple may have killed their child accidentally and then disposed of the body using a car they hired 25 days later. Although the McCanns do not know the full details of the Portuguese prosecutor’s case against them, they are concerned that it may rest on the dog’s reaction.

Now their lawyers have requested the case files from the ongoing murder trial of Eugene Zapata in Madison, Wisconsin. His estranged wife, Jeanette, a 37-year-old flight instructor, vanished in October 1976 after taking her children to school. Her body has never been found. more

And should you read that, then you may wish to read below, and guess what? the dogs were right all along.

Eugene Zapata entered a guilty plea on Monday to a reduced charge of homicide by reckless conduct in connection to his wife's disappearance 30 years ago and was sentenced to time behind bars.........

Zapata said that he wrapped her body in a tent and drove it to an area near Highway 151 and Reiner Road, where he hid it in some underbrush. He transferred her remains a short time later to some Juneau County land that he owed. There, he buried her body -- which remained there for 24 years -- before moving her remains to a Sun Prairie storage locker, where it was eventually cut into pieces and later disposed of at a Mauston landfill. He moved the body from the Juneau County because he planned to sell the land...more

This below was tucked away in my dog archive, probably as a reminder for me to ask if anybody has ever seen a direct quote attributable to Kate McCann, as opposed to third party as we see here.

Perhaps you might let me know if you can shed light on the matter, because if it is directly attributable to madam it's not trivial, not by a long way.


Kate McCann didn't negate the fact that her two pieces of clothes and the stuffed animal had been signaled by the English dogs trained to find cadaver odor and justified it by her profession. Madeleine's mother alleged that as a doctor at the Leicester health centre, she was present at six deaths directly before she came to Portugal on holiday, giving the same excuse for Madeleine's stuffed animal, that was with her in the months after her daughter disappeared.

Carter-Ruck To Sue Everyone

Love it! and love the outpouring of grief around the blogosphere for the scumbags.

LAW firm Carter Ruck is to send you a letter telling you to shut it right now or they will have your house.

The libel lawyers acted after thousands of bloggers and Twitter users ignored a legal bid to suppress information about their client Trafigura and its decision to hose down some Africans with a big boat full of shit.

The injunction, brought against the Guardian, was withdrawn last night after Trafigura and Carter Ruck decided it would be more fun to try and intimidate everyone with a computer.

The injunctions will be posted later this week, although the firm have also threatened to sue every postman in Britain if strike action affects their delivery.

DHL will be used to deliver injunctions to the postmen, but if anyone from DHL looks at the addresses then it will be sued and its injunctions will be delivered by UPS who will also be sued and have its injunctions delivered by Federal Express.

Senior partner Denys Finch-Hatton, said: "I have taken advice from myself and will see absolutely everybody in court later this month. As a precaution, I have also taken out an injunction preventing you from telling anyone that I told you that I would see everybody in court and an injunction preventing you from telling anyone that I told you about the previous injunction. And so on."

He added: "As for Trafigura, our clients have stated consistently that they only ever intended to poison the west African coastline with 400 billion gallons of shit in a perfectly legal way."

Nikki Hollis, a Twitter from Grantham, said: "OMG Im going 2 b taken to the fkn cleaners! Nu shoes or legal advice – wat 2 do?!?"

Meanwhile Twitter's ability to reshape the democratic agenda was further underlined today with 'trending topics' including chocolate milk and paranormal activity, as well as a campaign demanding Lily Allen makes another album full of nursery-rhyme cock.source

And more.

Carter-Ruck long for halcyon days of coercion and intimidation.

As Internet coverage focussed on its client Trafigura, law firm Carter Ruck has joined massive corporations everywhere in longing for the days when intimidation and blackmail was enough to get them what they wanted.

Despite using the legal process to secure their desired outcome - a media blackout of their clients wrong-doing - users of the Internet were quick to disseminate the news around the globe.

“This wouldn’t have happened in my day,” said a former lawyer specialising in news media.

“We would have put the frighteners on them nice and early, there’d have been no mention of it in the paper, and the first blogger to allude to it would have mysteriously disappeared.”

“I ask you, what is the point in being a billion dollar entity if you can’t buy the type of news coverage you want?


Legal commentators have pointed out that technologies such as Twitter and Facebook ensure that all it takes is one mention from Stephen Fry and your dirty laundry is out there for all to see.

“All those years fostering mutually-beneficial relationships with people in power, and where has it got us? Nowhere. That Tim Berners-Lee has fuck load to answer for,” said one lawyer working in the oil industry.

“I mean, Jesus Christ, if the only alternative is to stop dumping toxic waste in third world communities in the first place, then I don’t even think I want to be a lawyer any more.”

Carter Ruck have been quick to point out that they haven’t been defeated, but this global exposure was in fact their plan all along.

A spokesperson told us, “The dumping of hazardous waste is an extremely competitive industry, and if someone now has tonnes of lethal chemicals they want to make ‘disappear’, what is the first name that springs to mind?”

“That’s right, Trafigura. We are confident our client will be delighted with the outcome of our campaign.” source

Jane Tanner Liar, Gerry McCann Liar, They Are All Liars


Fact: Jane Tanner became the principal and only witness regarding the sighting of " a stranger carrying a child" who went on to become the corner stone of the McCann's abduction story.


All emphasis mine, this is a much slimmer and easier to comprehend version of a previous post.

Firstly let me set the scene, this extract from Amaral's book.

Two contradictory lists and a torn children's book

The first investigator who went to the apartment after the alarm was raised was informed of the existence of a plan for checking on the children while the parents dined one hundred metres away.

At the time, Russell O'Brien handed over two lists handwritten on the inside cover of a children's book, a sticker activity book for children more than 3 years of age. We believe the book was Madeleine's and we do not understand why they tore off the cover of the child's book.

A child had just gone missing and all its belongings should be precious to those who loved her. Was there really no other paper around? Not even a simple napkin? The question hangs in the air and the response is yet another contradiction. The lists contained the possible record of the checks in the apartment.

That it was Madeleine's book is not vital to the case but it is a good indicator to what was seemingly transpiring in apartment 5A the alarm was raised.
Not Vital as I say, but worth remembering when I pose a question a little later on.

The next Extract from Russell O'Brien's Rogatory interview does give us two pieces of information, one extremely important piece of information is that it places Gerry McCann in the apartment at the time O'Brien was writing the timeline, at the same table even, and the other: "I thought it was a cereal box" is worth remembering.

But it is the time that is the critical component in all this

In response to a question from Leicester plod.

Reply Russell O'Brien........ at some stage sort of quietened off and the, the PJ sat down with, you know, came in and sat down with Gerry....

(I thought) that we were writing on the back of a piece of card,I thought it was a cereal box but obviously it was a children’s book,

that (it) was written with me sat at the table in Kate and Gerry’s room. Gerry by this point had certainly calmed down but was, his head was just on the table, you know, like that, he was just staring at the, at the table, very, very quiet and very, very low.
Question Leicester plod....
LP. “Was the first attempt, the earlier attempt as you say. When was this drafted up”?

Reply Russell O'Brien
Erm this was drafted er **around the time that the initial pair of Officers from the PJ came to 5A**
I can certainly recall writing some of this, I think perhaps the neat, maybe the neater version erm sat down at the table in Gerry’s flat...

Let us now look at some bits from Jane Tanner's Rogatory statements.

I didn’t want to say to Kate at that point, which might sound odd now, you know, ‘Oh why wouldn’t you say straight away to Kate’, but, you know, the thought of telling the mother of a child that you might have seen being carried away is, it’s too horrible to even say.

The nitty gritty.

4078 (Leic plod) “Sorry, was that on the night that Madeleine had disappeared?”

JT.“That was at three o’clock in the morning after she’d disappeared, yeah”.

LP. "So when you went into Gerry and Kate’s apartment who else was there?”

JT. “Erm, I think there was Russ, I think Russell came with me and there was Sylvie who was the translator.

I can’t remember which, there was some, there was a PJ chap was sitting on the, by the table.And there was Gerry who was standing by the, the bedroom door”.

LP. “And how was Gerry at that point?”

JT.“Oh he was just, well obviously, obviously distraught.
And I think it was quite hard for me to be saying at that, you know, looking in his face and to be explaining what I’d seen, at that point was quite hard because, you know, Gerry was obviously standing there, I don’t know whether, and you sort of think ‘Oh God, here’s me, if I’d tried to stop them this wouldn’t have happened’ sort of thing.So I think I did feel sort of a bit obviously guilty at that stage even though I didn’t know whether it was anything, but obviously you think ‘Oh bloody hell, what if I’ not stopped it happened potentially”.

LP. “And what was Gerry’s reaction to what you said?”

JT. “Well I don’t even know whether he took it in, I mean, he was just, he was, you know, obviously just standing there looking absolutely horrified, so”.

4078 “And where was Kate?”

Short ending.

Prior to the PJ arriving at 12:40/12:50 Russell O'Brien has written the timeline for them all, including, "Jane tanner sees stranger walking carrying child." He does this while Gerry McCann sits at the same table.

At three o' clock in the morning Jane Tanner informs Gerry McCann for the first time, about the existence of a possible abductor.

Gerry looks horrified upon hearing this.

Err hello, hello mister English policeman, are you there?

ETA. But why did Tanner feel the need to lie to the PJ, to put the time at three o' clock in the morning for when both McCanns were "first made aware" of the possible abductor.

Other than, in their way of thinking, they perhaps thought it best that the McCanns appeared outside the loop, separate somehow from the conspiracy that they all were so actively engaged in. I'm at a loss here, I really can't imagine.

And not only that, just think about what we are being asked to believe. Madeleine has been snatched, don't forget Kate knew this instantly, Madeleine has been snatched, Tanner has witnessed a man carrying a child in the vicinity of the apartment just prior to Madeleine being discovered gone, and tries to tell us, and the PJ of course, that she waited five hours before she informed the parents for fear of upsetting them.

Why do I have trouble believing this?

~ ~ ~

Long ending.

Firstly let me dispense with the book.

Having read all that O'Brien has to say I would have difficulty in believing that Monday followed Sunday if such statement came from his lips, but for once and for purposes of this article I shall go with one sentence being the truth.

"I thought it was a cereal box but obviously it was a children’s book."

At first glance it might not seem so terribly important but it does bother me somewhat and makes me ask who handed the torn book to O'Brien, who would feel comfortable enough to tear up a book belonging to a child, someone else's child and a recently "abducted" child to boot?

How likely is it that one of the Tapas Seven would tear up a book belonging to Madeleine? for all their faults I would say they have enough social graces that to do such a thing would be totally alien to them, who then?

Well it can't have been Gerry can it? because according to Jane Tanner she didn't inform McCann until three in the morning that she had in fact seen a possible abductor.

But that begs another question, especially with Gerry being placed in the apartment at the time.

How did O'Brien and Co. conjure up so surreptitiously the timeline, commit it all to paper duly noting Tanner's 9.20pm sighting of the possible abductor without the knowledge of Gerry McCann who was, at the very time the thing was being drafted,was sat with his head resting on the same table.

It's all a mystery to me.

**This is the critical part, what time did the PJ arrive, before or after 3am?**

Vitor Manuel Martins
Occupation : PJ Officer
He is an inspector with the PJ and currently works at the Porto PJ Directorate.
(...)On the night of 3rd May 2007 he was on duty at the Portimão DIC, in the company of Inspector Manuel Queirós, who was acting as head of the station.
When questioned he confirms the integrity of the service information drawn up from the station’s inquiries carried out in the early morning of 04/05/2007, adding that he arrived on the scene about 30 – 40 minutes after the phone call from the GNR, at about 00.40/00.50.

João Franciso Páscoa Luis Trigo Barreiras
Occupation: PJ Deputy Specialist
Place of work: Criminal Investigation Department Portimão
(...)He was brought into service together with an Inspector from the station. It was the inspector’s duty to take notes of the services as well as all the information relating to them. The inspector who accompanied him on that date, Vitor Martins, informed him that the case in question was that of the disappearance of a small girl, of British nationality, who was staying at the OC with her parents.
The immediately left for the scene and arrived about 30 – 40 minutes later, at about 00.40/00.50.

ETA: Why I place so much emphasis on the official timeline is that this story had been on the back burner for months and took just as long to tie down an official source.