Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You're Starting To Sound Awfully Desperate Gerry

And your "absolutely no evidence" mantra even more so.

I wouldn't have bothered with this BBC version of the same clip, (below) other than to highlight the utterly shameless English cocksucker that was masquerading as a journalist outside the court. Ooh Gerry love at the fifty eight second mark.

Gerry sounds awfully wobbly as he prepares run away and to leave his wife to face the music.

But there is a little comfort for him as some crawling English journo (Same one as above?) slithers up to McCann and desperately tries to suck his cock at the three minute thirteen second mark.

And if anybody can put a name to this lickspittle I would dearly like to know it.

h/t and Joana will have more later.

And regarding his bullshit about how Mummy and Daddy were oh so prepared to go back to Portugal for the reconstruction, well that one has been taken apart piece by piece by the mysterious A Miller. Kate's Blog - Reconstruction


Here's a bit more about returning for a reconstruction, don't sound too keen to me.

NC: Sorry, Gerry. What about the possibility of this... this reconstruction; the police were talking about you doing it on the 15th of May. Will you go to Portugal and do that?

GM: I mean, the reconstruction's still under, errr... consideration. We're not the only people who have been invited back; clearly there are other witnesses. Errm... we have some concerns, I think the fact that a date is out there publicly in that process where there's meant to be judicial secrecy, errr... where the investigation process is meant to be conducted in secrecy, errm... raises some concerns. Errr... clearly, with the amount of media attention on us, I don't think that will be very easy to... to do, errr... with huge media attention and we've got concerns about what additional information will be gained from it a year on, errr... you know, we've given all of the information we know to the police; our friends, errr... have assured us they've done the same; they've recently, errr... had repeat interviews to go over lots of additional information. So, there are many things to be considered, Nicky, and, errr... you know, it's not, errr...

Nigel has more, you can also listen to the bullshit.