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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

John Blacksmith: Leveson and the McCanns

Part two of Appearances Can be Deceptive is now out, the whole thing making for a mighty read, mighty indeed.

Appearances can be deceptive, Part One

The Issue

The twin problem at the heart of the Madeleine McCann affair remains: almost everyone who investigates or studies the case in detail is troubled by the parents’ attitude to the truth. Yet, given their innocence of involvement in the disappearance of the child, what possible motive could they have for lying?

The parents are the only two people who saw, and bore witness to, the unmistakable evidence of intrusion into their apartment— the disturbed shutters which no three year old would have been capable of lifting from inside. Accept their word and abduction must have occurred.

Why don’t they believe us?

But from the beginning of the investigation the parents’ words failed to convince. The first officers on the scene, while not suspicious of the pair, were unable to share the self-evident certainty of an abduction that the parents, sometimes impatiently, sometimes hysterically, pressed on them. Both the written statements of the parents and their friends and the printed timeline which they offered to the police, a document in which weird and disturbing exactitude about the nine adults’ own movements was combined with a void about the child herself, created a sense of unease amongst the investigators. While the parents, as befitted their special role, were not immediately challenged, we now know that as early as May 10 the police had switched from suspicion to active disbelief of the group version of events, for Gerry McCann overheard Oldfield’s sobs in the face of shouted claims that he was lying. more

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Appearances can be deceptive, Part Two
It’s a family affair

And so to the Leveson inquiry, which the McCanns, not having been hacked, have invited themselves into. It is primarily a show business affair and one’s main impression is that, with the exception of the Dowlers and their like, and leaving the McCanns aside for the moment, both sides are equally repulsive and deserve each other. Both are locked into a continuing private game: once the inquiry is finished, perhaps even before the comical denunciations are complete, the symbiotic relationships will resume, for showbiz can’t exist without cheap media to promote it, and the more down-market the celebrity the more down- market the promotional means required.

Perhaps another paper may close, some hackers will go to jail and the dredge end of the market will see abuses tightened up regarding the Dowlers and others. But the real action in the media crisis involves transparency between media groups and governments, the so-called “back door or front door at number 10?” question, and its resolution will involve serious negotiations between serious players—not the question of the “persecution” by the paparazzi of paunchy showbiz figures stumbling out of nightclubs at four in the morning, with coke still sticking to their nostrils.

What a gallery, what a procession of dreadful, gungy celebrities have been parading before the lawyers and the “lay assessors” alongside: Big breasts, big hair, big claims, big ego—and that was just Steve Coogan. more

Monday, 28 November 2011

The McCanns Aren't Prostitutes They're Pimps

The McCanns Whine To The Leveson Enquiry
Media Bastards
Sophia Botha

This afternoon Gerry and Kate McCann whined to the Leveson Enquiry into media practices.

Gerry and Kate McCann were supposedly giving evidence to the Leveson Enquiry due to their supposed negative treatment from the press following the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

I remember well the wall to wall media coverage in the summer of 2007 about the disappearance of 3 year old Madeleine whilst the McCann family were on holiday in Portugal, I remember well the media overkill their was about the disappearance of Madeleine; I remember in particular how Gerry and Kate McCann have attempted to manipulate the press (and us all via the press) into believing their story in regards to the disappearance. I remember that Gerry and Kate started to whine about their treatment from the press when the press started to ask hard questions of them because they started to suss that maybe the press were being sold a crock of shit.

Anytime probing questions of Gerry and Kate McCann’s story about the disappearance of their daughter, they start whining about how nasty the press are towards them etc. the news media are guilty of much but one thing they should be doing is asking questions of those who might just trying to bullshit us all. There definitely is a public interest argument in defence of the press treatment of Gerry and Kate McCann, because where maybe the Portuguese police failed to investigate or where they were unable to investigate the media might succeed in discovering whether Gerry and Kate could be guilty in the disappearance of their daughter.

The other day I was watching a documentary about the Joyce McKinney scandal, which was either about a woman saving her boyfriend from a religious cult or it was about a woman kidnapping a man she once had a fling with to have very kinky sex with. Joyce McKinney attempted to manipulate the press into believing her side of the story & that she was all wholesome and family values, but McKinney’s manipulation that she was all pure & holy kind of came unstuck when the Daily Mirror published on its front page a full blown picture of Joyce McKinney posing naked from when she worked as an adult model and prostitute. More The Bastard

Friday, 18 November 2011

McCanns: It's Not Mental Rape When We Do It

In light of the latest lies emitting from the McCanns at the Leveson enquiry, I think it quite timely to re-up this post, Clarence Mitchell: A Blight On Humanity, from February 2010.

Clarence Mitchell: A Blight On Humanity

Madeleine is dead and the parents have, with the assistance of a person or persons unknown, disappeared her body.

It is some nine months later that the story of the McCanns unprecedented, uninvited and shameless intrusion into lives and grief of the Cortes family appears in the press.

By this same time, all but the simple and the foolish know that the child is dead, that includes numerous sections of the British Government and undoubtedly Leicestershire Constabulary.

It also includes in the know, Clarence Mitchell. A multitude of reasons apart, he wouldn't be there in the first place if the McCanns were innocent.

The McCanns have been made, and still are arguidos at this time.

Such then is the setting which surrounds this insidious tale.

Having had their shabby and shameless plans to use, the then still unknown fate of little Mari Luz, thwarted, what then is the response from team McCann and the piece of detritus that speaks for them?

It is not as you might imagine, a sincere apology for their transparent self serving efforts to give their own case some legitimacy by the crass and vulgar use of Mai Luz's image, no it anything but.

It is however, anything but what you can imagine, it is to attack, in all their grief and anguish, the parents of Mari Luz Cortes, attacked I might add with a degree of hypocrisy that is not only unheard of, but is immeasurable.

These utterly shameless words spewed out by this despicable creature are below, and these words cumulate in something so vile, so abhorrent, that they make one wonder just how base, just how wretched is the specimen that uttered them.

"How can someone be furious with another person for wanting to help to find the daughter?", said and outraged Mitchell.

Do the world a favour Mitchell, contract something terminal and die, but do make it something as painful as it is slow.

As a man and as a human being, your worth is nothing.

McCanns spokesman regrets the reaction of Juan Cortés and says that the couple only wanted to help

"It is shameful that Mari Luz's father presents complaints"

It is "surprising and shameful that Mari Luz's father presents complaints about us in a press release". This was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns when he was informed by the 24 Horas that the father of Juan Cortés does not authorise the distribution of the 18 thousand posters with the images of Maddie and the Spanish girl in Spain and Portugal.

"We regret the confusion. We only wanted to help Mari Luz's family and honestly we thought we had permission from the girl's father to this joint campaign", said Clarence Mitchell. The problem is that the 18 thousand posters were already sent by post, last Thursday to Spain. "Our only hope is that the owners of schools, restaurants and other public places are aware of the reaction of Mr. Juan Cortés and do not display the posters", said the spokesman of Kate and Gerry McCann.

"As I explained to you newspaper last Saturday, we did believe to have the permission of the Cortés family. Few days after the disappearance of Mari Luz, a Kate's friend that speaks Spanish contacted the father of the Spanish girl and told him about the intention of the McCanns in printing a poster of both children.

At that time Mari Luz's father said he would appreciate everything that the McCanns could do". Clarence Mitchell will now talk with Kate and Gerry about the situation and also with the volunteers that cooperated in the poster campaign. "How can someone be furious with another person for wanting to help to find the daughter?", said and outraged Mitchell. source Jona Morais

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Leicester Police I Wish To Report Something Suspicious

And a piece for your jigsaw no less.

Loathe as I am to quote the little bollocks; one only has to read the last sentence to appreciate why, however, on this occasion I make an exception, if only because the piece is current.

We have seen a few glib answers from Leicester police of late, but no so flippant, or as convenient as this. It's a Portuguese affair, now fuck off.

Madeleine McCann, you are forsaken.

Madeleine McCann - Who Cares.

I don't know why, but I'm still finding it impossible to get a straight
answer about Madeleine McCann from Leicestershire police.

I called to ask about Madeleine and almost before I'd asked the question was
being given the old brush off: "It's a Portuguese investigation, not ours."

The Portuguese authorities closed their investigation in July last year. The
press officer said she hadn't heard or read about that.

Apparently, the Leicstershire force still passes on any potential leads to
the dynamic Portuguese police who established precisely nothing about
Madeleine's disappearance during their 15-month inquiry.

I gave it 24 hours and called back. This time I was told that all the
Leicestershire cops involved in the Madeleine case were on half-term holiday. So
push off.

She didn't actually say that, but it felt like she had.

Still, onwards and upwards. The last time I asked a Leicestershire press
officer about Madeleine she got hysterical.

I hope that privately, at least, Madeleine's home force shows a bit more care
and thought towards her family.