Sunday, 13 September 2009

Feel Like A Queen, Read A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie

Read along with Betty, Goncalo Amaral's, A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie.

Compare the stories, one written by the chief co-ordinator of the investigation based on the case files, the other by the chief suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and last people to see her alive, the parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Available here for the first time in English.

That's the lot folks. Please help to fight censorship and bring justice for Madeleine McCann, spread the word.

Online With Obama: Read A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie

The book the Parents of Madeleine McCann don't want you to read.

A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie, read it online for the first time in English.

E=mc2. McCanns = Guilty: Read A Verdade Da Mentira, The Truth About The Lie and Reach Your Own Verdict

Although I don't think you need to be an Einstein to arrive at a rational conclusion.

Available here for the first time in English.

Read With Obama: A verdade Da Mentira- The Truth About The Lie

Enjoy your First Amendment rights, read the book the McCanns don't want you to read.

A verdade Da Mentira- The Truth Of The Lie available here for the first time in English.

Have A Grand Day Out Read A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie

And you don't have to go to the moon to read it, although the McCanns are effectively trying to accomplish something similar.

Read the complete publication in English for the first time here.

Mandela Reads The Truth About The Lie

And so can you, here and in English.

Don't be told what you are allowed to read, not in this day and age.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Within The Bounds Of Responsible Parenting: Doing A McCann

I know nothing of the author "A Miller" but he/she deserves far more than a sweeping flourish of the hat for producing this exceptionally well written and superbly constructed article, it truly is a must read.

Beginning with an overall view of what the McCann parameters are for "Responsible Parenting" the author moves on to deal with more than just a few specifics which leads on to even more questions. The inference of course being.... well I think you can well imagine just exactly what the inference is.

Just a little note of my own on the subject of "Within the bounds of responsible parenting," "we've all done it," and not least the bizarre support that these two toe-rags enjoy, be it from Pleb or Prime Minister.

I cannot help but wonder the level of support that would be afforded the McCanns had for instance our phantom abductor turned out to be a not so phantom murderer and had cut the throats of all three kids?

Still it wouldn't have been the McCanns fault, it never is, always somebody else's.

Those Straw Men, such wicked buggers.

Crying Shame
A Miller

The plight of not, just Madeleine, but all of the children, could not fail to touch even the hardest of hearts. Left alone, to cry in their holiday apartment, no one to comfort, care and protect them, ease their fears when they woke in the night, when they needed reassurance, when they needed to be made feel safe.

The question on the lips of some –‘How could the McCann’s, both doctors have treated children in this way?’

I ask – How could the McCann’s, not as medical professionals, but as parents, treat their own flesh and blood in this way? What makes parents, who say they were so desperate to have children, carry out such a cold and callous act against their own, leaving them in a horrifying situation?

An act, which the doctors McCann, have since defended, claiming it was WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF RESPONSIBLE PARENTING.’

An act, which perhaps more disturbingly, more bizarrely, has been condoned by some members of the public, who in their defence of the McCann’s state that leaving the children for all of these nights in an unlocked apartment was a ‘mistake.’

They said it would not bring Madeleine back, to speak of the ‘mistake’.It should be forgotten!.

Travelling by private jet to Rome............

...........What changed in general that day? Almost everything!
1.The McCann children were not taken to the tennis courts after tea for their usual ‘playtime.’

2. Kate claimed that they were too tired to play on this night.

3. David Payne claimed he was asked by Gerry McCann to check on Kate McCann and the children. Why? So far, I have not heard a feasible explanation for doing so.

4. David Payne claimed he saw all three McCann children sitting dressed in pyjamas looking like little angels.

5. David Payne ........a man of mystery! His wife Fiona in her police statements found great difficulty in pinpointing exactly when he made his visit to Kate McCann. His wife said he was on the tennis courts at 6:30pm? Could not decide whether he visited Kate before or after tennis. If after, what would be the point, by that time it should have been obvious to Gerry that the children were not coming to watch daddy ‘play!’

6. Matt Oldfield takes it upon himself to do an impromptu check at the shuttered window of the bedroom where the McCann children slept...........

........There were a number of “Firsts.”

1. It was the day that Gerry McCann decided he was a lucky man to have such a lovely daughter.

2. It was the day which Kate McCann spoke of as being just lovely sitting reading the children bedtime stories.

3. It was the day that the McCann children were not taken to the tennis courts to have their usual short playtime at the side of the courts while their parents played tennis..........more Joana Morais.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Pimping Of Madeleine McCann And The Whores Of War

While yet again we are treated to more nauseating drivel from our press without shame, perhaps today might be fitting and put this shameful farce in it's true perspective and spend not just a moment or two to think of the other children, in their tens, if not hundreds of thousands that will never experience that first day of school.

And let us never forget the who and the why.

Parents' Pain As Twins Join Madeleine School

Kate and Gerry McCann have watched their twins start at the primary school where missing Madeleine should already be a pupil.

Madeleine had already been accepted at the school and was meant to start lessons four months after she disappeared while on holiday in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

It was a proud moment for her parents when they dropped off twins Sean and Amelie for their first day in primary class in Thurmaston, Leics.

But the occasion was tinged with overwhelming sadness for the couple.

Staff at Bishop Ellis Roman Catholic Primary kept an empty desk and locker for Madeleine when she vanished - and they still keep a candle burning in the hope she will one day return.

A message on the school's website says: "We are sorry that we are not yet able to welcome Madeleine to our school as we had hoped to.

"Our thoughts and prayers remain very much with the McCanns as we continue to pray with them for Madeleine."

Above it is an aerial photo of pupils standing in formation in the playground, spelling out the words 'Find Madeleine'.

An internet banner shows a picture of the missing girl as she was aged three, when she disappeared, and an "age-progressed" image of how she would look now.

The twins were driven the five miles to school from their family home in Rothley.

An Ofsted report carried out in May this year described the school as "outstanding" and said the pupils were "admirably well behaved".

Kate and Gerry, both 41, have vowed never to give up the hunt for their daughter.

Last month their private investigators revealed details of a "Victoria Beckham lookalike" they want to trace.

She was seen by two British men in Barcelona, Spain, three days after the girl went missing from her parent's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

The woman said something to one of the men which convinced the McCanns' detectives she might have information about Madeleine. Sky

This has to be one of the most nauseating displays of fucking hypocrisy that has ever been my misfortune to come across.