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Machiavellian Manipulations and Manifold Machinations of the Mendacious Media

Updated and expaded list of shame. Which I can only describe as scandalous.
The other alternative was to entitle the piece: You Cannot Be Fucking Serious?

By way of an answer to this question.

Is there a single unbiased, articulate journalist left in the UK? Is there even ONE with the integrity to provide an unbiased, non-emotive rendition of the FACTS about this case?

What I can be serious about however, is my respect and admiration for a person that researches, catalogues, and then goes on to publish a list of such proportions, that I can only describe as mighty.

This isn't the first list by any means that has been presented to us by Winnowing The News. I shouldn't perhaps describe them as lists, that description being too low, too demeaning, too unappreciative of the time and effort that must have gone in to projects thus.

Perhaps catalogues then, or better still encyclopaedias, because they are truly that, encyclopaedic. As too is the other material to be found on the site, be the subject, Goncalo Amaral, Raymond Hewlett or the IRA even. I would even go so far as to say that it wouldn't be a stretch that one day, the archives of the site became an educational tool in the lessons of Media Manipulation.

You have my unmitigated respect Madam.

And perhaps while on the subject, might I ask you to spare a thought, and perhaps an unsolicited thank you now and then, for a woman who's tireless efforts are an inspiration to us all, Joana Morais. Knowing that to produce even the simplest of blog posts can take anything from a couple of hours to kiss the day goodbye, I shudder to think how great the burden of work that the Lady subjects herself to. My many and sincerest thanks Joana.

Right so! what have we got?

The Mail and the BBC, always topical at GQW, let's have a look at just these two beacons of light. I can't lay before you their reporting on the lifting of the injunction on Goncalo Amarals book, A Verdade Da Mentira, The Truth About The Lie, because just like evidence of abduction, there ain't none.

There is only this.

Shameful censorship regarding the ruling of the Lisbon Appeals Court in the Amaral case


McCanns to sue Portuguese officer 17 May 2009 "...[McCanns] are to sue [Gonçalo Amaral] for defamation..."

Madeleine McCann policeman 'book action' postponed 11 December 2009, BBC News, "...An attempt to overturn the banning of a controversial book claiming Madeleine McCann is dead has been postponed...A Portuguese judge granted an injunction banning the book, ["The Truth of the Lie"] by...Gonçalo Amaral, in September..."

McCanns' Christmas 'heartbreak' . Last updated: 19 Dec 2009 "...Gonçalo Amaral is trying to overturn the banning of his book, The Truth Of The Lie, in which he questions the McCanns' account that Madeleine was taken while they were eating with friends..."

McCanns confident over court case 14 January 2010 BBC, "...Kate McCann says she is confident that a book ["The Truth of the Lie"] written by [Gonçalo Amaral] who led the investigation into her daughter's disappearance will not be published..."

Officer loses McCann book appeal 18 February 2010 "...Gonçalo Amaral has vowed to continue his fight in the European court [Gonçalo Amaral] has failed to overturn a ban on his book ["The Truth of the Lie"] about missing Madeleine McCann..."

Madeleine McCann book appeal lost by detective 18 February 2010, BBC News "... [Gonçalo Amaral] has failed to overturn a ban on his book about missing Madeleine McCann..."

New Madeleine McCann leads filed away, says father 19 February 2010 BBC News, "...[McCanns] spoke to reporters after [Gonçalo Amaral] failed to overturn a ban on his book ["The Truth of the Lie"] about their daughter..."


We'll sue cop Sunday Mail, 17 May 2009, Bruce Walker "...Their decision to sue the former police chief is a bid to prevent further publication of [Gonçalo Amaral]'s "deeply offensive" book The Truth of the Lie..."

Maddie detective's book is banned Daily Mail, 10 September 2009, 147 words "...A book that claims Madeleine McCann is dead can no longer be sold, a judge in Lisbon ruled yesterday. [McCanns] were said to see the ruling as a triumph and were 'absolutely delighted' that further publication of ["The Truth of the Lie"] ..."

Show-offs! Ex police chief blasts McCanns; Vanessa Allen Daily Mail, 12 December 2009, 387 words "...[McCanns] have accused [Gonçalo Amaral] of making 'obscene' amounts of money from the high-profile case and have previously won a court injunction to ban the book ["The Truth of the Lie"] from being sold worldwide..."

Kate: I can find a little solace at Maddie resort The Mail on Sunday, 13 December 2009, 447 words, Matt Sandy "...libel case against [Gonçalo Amaral]...The website statement from Kate added: 'As the injunction [against Amaral's book] remains in place, we have no reason to be disappointed..."

Maddie cash to run out in three months Sunday Mail, 13 December 2009, 421 words "...[McCanns]...flew to Portugal last week for a new libel action against [Gonçalo Amaral] , who wrote a book ["The Truth of the Lie"] claiming Madeleine died in an accident, but on Friday the trial was adjourned until next month. It could see them net £1 million - cash that would be immediately diverted to the fund to find Madeleine, who was just about to turn four when she disappeared from their Algarve holiday home in May 2007..."

Detective sued over Maddie is to visit UK The Mail on Sunday, 10 January 2010, 178 words, "...[Gonçalo Amaral] is due to appear in a Lisbon court to fight a £1million libel action brought by the McCanns over his book on the case..."

Jan Moir Column Daily Mail, 15 January 2010, 1994 words, "...The McCanns are back in they continue their libel case against [Gonçalo Amaral]. He is trying to overturn the banning of his book The Truth Of The Lie in which he questions the McCanns' account that Madeleine was taken while they were eating with friends. Indeed, he goes further and accuses them of covering up their daughter's death..."

McCanns shouldn't have left the children alone, say police Daily Mail, 14 January 2010, 651 words, Vanessa Allen "...But he was giving evidence on behalf of Gonçalo Amaral, the detective accused of libelling the McCanns in his bestselling book, Maddie: The Truth of the Lie. [McCanns] took legal action against Mr Amaral over accusations they faked their daughter's abduction to cover up her death while on a family holiday. They won a court injunction banning the sale of the book worldwide and preventing him from repeating the allegations..."

A silly own goal for the airbrushed poster-boy; Daily Mail, 16 January 2010, 1350 words, Platell's People "...[McCanns] say they have no regrets in taking [Gonçalo Amaral] to court for libel, thus subjecting themselves to weeks of lurid accusations in court. They claim Gonçalo Amaral's accusations in his book Maddie -- The Truth Of The Lie have hindered the search for their daughter. For his part, Amaral warns that he will drag the McCanns though the European courts for years..."

So why have they put themselves on trial? ; She's terrifyingly thin. he's boiling with rage. and they're having to sit in silence as a disgraced ex-cop accuses them of covering up Maddie's death... Daily Mail, 16 January 2010, 2281 words, David Jones "...Melodramatically titled Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, the book had become a best-seller in Portugal by September, when the McCanns won an injunction ordering it to be removed from the shelves..."

Was this Maddie? Revealed, The photo files Portuguese police kept secret... to the fury of the distraught... Daily Mail, 3 March 2010, 832 words, Arthur Martin "...Their existence came to light in a legal action brought by the McCanns against [Gonçalo Amaral] .... They had wanted to stop him airing the slur that they had been involved in their daughter's disappearance..." much more here.

Updated cor bleedin' blimey list here.

Friday, 29 October 2010

A Few Pics And a Re-Up

Not a schadenfreude gallery, it's far too early for that. Just a few oldies to reflect my ruminations of today and for me to extend an invitation to yourselves to join me in sparing a thought for the Tapas Seven, without who's collusion we wouldn't be here today.

How much did y'all accept in damages Fiona? bad move girl, bad move.

The re-up was an afterthought, so pray forgive the duplications.

Heading For Rothley
by John Blacksmith

On the very first page of this blog, we asserted that the McCanns had lied about the case from beginning to end. Perhaps readers thought, oh this is blogland, people make all sorts of claims.
No. We repeat, and it is a matter of record, that Kate & Gerry McCann lied from beginning to end of the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, a claim that will stand up in the libel courts because it is undeniably true.

It began, as we said, with the parents failing to tell the police the truth in their very first interviews. As the case prosecutor, Mr. Menezes, stated in court, in Lisbon, this month: “the couple lied to police about how long they had left Madeleine alone.”

And it ended with the McCanns claiming through their spokesperson that the final report from that same Mr. Menezes concluding the case in August 2008, “cleared” them. That was also a lie, not a misunderstanding, one which they later embellished by claiming that “the courts” had cleared them. Nowhere does the report clear them.

Now, this is not just a problem for Kate & Gerry McCann. It is a very real problem for their friends, the so-called Tapas 7. Why? Because most members of the group confirmed in their own statements the accuracy of what the couple had told the police. And they did not do so by accident, nor by hearsay. more Blacksmith Beurau

These were my thoughts at the time, having watched the Tapas Seven outside the High Court.

My initial reaction was probably the same as many, disbelief followed by outrage as I witnessed this bunch of Liars fraudulently receiving their Thirty Pieces from Express Newspapers.

But on reflection and having just watched Payne give that statement on behalf of THEM ALL and more importantly on BRITISH SOIL, they, the Tapas Seven or better described as loyal troops, have followed their little Caesar and have crossed the Rubicon.

Crossed the Rubicon, burnt their boats or whatever other metaphor that could be employed, the Tapas have done it in Spades.

This is no unaccountable inaccurate statement made to a foreign police force, this is a statement of record given in Britain and as such their lies are now etched in stone.

It won't be today or tomorrow for that matter, but rest assured there will be a day when they will rue crying hail Caesar.

So says I, drive on Tapas Seven, enjoy your "moment of vindication" but fix it firmly in your mind's eye because your day of vindication is also the day you put your collective heads in collective nooses.

When will the trapdoor spring,? I know not, but believe me, it will and the whole sorry bunch of you will sway gently in the breeze.

You're on the road to Tyburn, you just don't know it yet.

If all else fails, I still believe that one day justice will be done. If for no other reason than there being just too many people in the know of what happened that fateful night in Priai Da Luz.

Too many people directly involved, too many people have waded in this cesspit, this McCann sewer of filth, lies and deceit, and on each and every one of those people a burden of pressure, increased daily I might add, by the McCanns own ill judged and increasingly bizarre and unacceptable behaviour, that at times this pressure must be virtually unbearable.

You might want to repeat that which is already said by many, that these are a callous heartless bunch devoid of any conscience. I think you would be in error were you to do so.

Basically they are little different from you or I or anyone else for that matter, the same strengths and the same frailties that we all posses, though obviously to varying degrees.

And it would be well to remember that there are far more than just these seven that must carry this most unenviable burden on there shoulders, there are plenty more, there are many that can be counted as belonging to this exclusive little club.

One day one of them will crack.

And all the plagues and sorrows known to humanity will come spilling out.

It was some time later that I had this whimsy, whimsy or caprice? whimsy I think, for I recall the description of a caprice from none other than the darling Oscar.

The only difference between a caprice and a life-long passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer."

Did this motley collection of liars have any say in accepting damages from Express Newspapers, or was it in fact presented to them as fait accompli, having been instigated by McCann and his lawyers in order to ensure their silence?

~ ~ ~

Just a small reminder of the time of year.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Our Maddie" Not Served By UK Media

This is the fourth article in a series by John Blacksmith. If you haven't visited The Bureau of late, I sincerely recommend that you do so for what is always a worthy read.

First article: He Made It

Why Not?
by John Blacksmith

The McCann strategy that has been in place since October 2007 – to silence the expression of all doubts within the UK about their conduct, using all the resources at their disposal, has failed.

The McCanns have had undeniable tactical successes in the last three years: using criminal lawyers to build a powerful defence to the Portuguese claims made against them, suing or wooing the media, returning to the TV screens on both sides of the Atlantic to put their story across. The British public show no overt animosity towards them, and the Portuguese, perhaps surprisingly, have shown little antagonism on their increasingly frequent visits to that country.

The checklist

The Portuguese police: roundly defeated.

The Tapas 7: silent or actively co-operative.

The UK media: brought completely onside or silenced.

The UK police and courts: supportive.

The UK government & parliament: supportive.

The UK public: willing to live and let live.

The Truth of the Lie: unavailable in the UK.

And the price

There is one particularly notable omission from this list of triumphs: Madeleine McCann. The “successes” of the parents completely exclude her. She has received none of the millions of pounds collected and expended by them;the money is almost gone so she will never see any of it;nothing on that win-win checklist has helped her in the slightest. All the victories relate only to the parents, not to her. Knowledge of her fate has not advanced one iota since 10 PM on May 3.

The Portuguese police defeat was a defeat for the child. However understandable Kate McCann’s refusal to answer their questions, however fearful they might have been of the Portuguese system, in defeating the police they took out of the game the body with the greatest knowledge and the greatest resources.

Their domination of the media has served the parents well but not the interests of their daughter: since October 2007 none of the journalists have made their own independent enquiries – which might, just might, have turned up something. The Tapas 7’s blind identification of their own interests with that of the parents has achieved nothing for the child. The steadfast, if passive, support of the UK police and courts has, again, been of great value to the parents: what Lady Hogg et al accomplished for the child is less obvious. And so it goes on, right through the list: every “victory” has been a defeat for the parents’ own flesh and blood.

Right at the bottom of the list we have the Truth of the Lie, whose author, the supposed failure, the “disgraced cop” and persecutor of the parents, is the only person actually working for the re-opening of the case in order to discover what happened to the child.

The parents are manifestly not doing so, since despite their absurd calls for a supranational enquiry into the case, they have failed to take the one action that could get it re-opened tomorrow morning: a statement that they and the Tapas 7 wished to return to Portugal to assist the investigation unreservedly, without lengthy legal argument and negotiation, in clarifying the discrepancies in their original statements: that would produce, one way or another, the “significant new evidence” required for a formal re-opening. The efforts of the McCanns’ own so-called “investigators”, that rabble of crooks and failures on whom the McCanns have lavished something like half a million pounds of Madeleine’s money, are not even worthy of discussion.

But that is not the full extent of their failure. The strategy of ensuring their own freedom and either silence or compliance with their opinions in the UK obviously implied that one day they and their other children would be left alone to get on with their lives: all doubts about them “expunged”, as the BBC was happy to allow nice Mr Smethurst to say on their airwaves.

It is now over two years since the report came out that might have offered them closure, about their own fate and reputation if not that of their child. With the developments in the Portuguese courts the likelihood is that the libel case against Amaral cannot be fully resolved before 2012 at the earliest. Whatever happens the Truth of the Lie will always be available over the internet. And there is nothing to suggest that a live Madeleine McCann will turn up. more

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Paul Dacre Daily Mail Your Silence Speaks Volumes

What gives mister Dacre, I would have thought this story would have been right up your street, just your cup of Darjeeling so to speak?

I do think you are missing the boat with this one Paul, I really do. Good heavens man, there's enough McCann Agony in this one story alone to keep you going for months, and proper agony it will be at that, this you can believe. But we don't hear a word from you, not a one.

I seem to be quoting this bloke a lot of late, I hate being repetitive but it just fits the bill perfectly as it were. In fact given the circumstances of last week it's almost as if Mister Orwell wrote it with you and all your chums in mind. I mean come on, even you would have to admit the bonnet ain't a bad fit at all, not at all it ain't.

‘Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the McCanns*, or any other régime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.’ As I Please (*Soviet Regime)

But I'm not so sure now, about it being perfect that is, not after reading this bit anyway: then suddenly return to mental decency. You know where I'm going with this don't you Mister Dacre, returning to 'mental decency,' although I'm sure that should read 'moral decency,' no matter, either word is academic as you can well imagine. Returning to mental, or to moral decency is not an option open to you is it? Your colours are so firmly nailed to the McCann mast that I'm sure even a creature such as yourself wouldn't for shame scurry rat-like from the the leaking SS McCann.

In a nutshell, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphors, you are up a gum tree Mister Dacre' up a gum tree without a paddle. And to add to your woes, the sharks are circling, they can smell blood and they are hungry, circling for three years now, constantly suffering a deficient and enduring diet of pap and drivel. Courtesy, I hardly need to add, of your dear self and your dear chums. The sharks circle, and they wait; and ask not for whom they wait, they wait for you.


Now talking of 'McCann Agony' you might expect any link I offer would be to some of the monumental amount of 'McCann Agony' that Paul Dacre has previously printed in his little rag. It is to the Mail I'm going to send you though, but to another story of a 'Mother's Agony' the who's agony you will have to see for yourself, for I don't think you would believe me if I told you.

This particular article has no equal, it is peerless, and it is so for a number of reasons that will become all too apparent, and it is with that, that might I ask of you with the know how, can you please save the page for posterity. I am assuming this can be done?

Oh deary me, I've just found a gem at the bottom of the page.

David Rose has been investigating miscarriages of justice for 25 years and has written several books on the subject.

Just like Paul Dacre has been an editor for .......whatever.

English translation of the full text of the Appellate Court decision that recently overturned the ban on Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's book, “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, which has been commonly known to English-speaking people as “Maddie - The Truth of The Lie”. Translated, produced and published by journalist blogger Joana Morais, sans spots, can be read here.

For this below see comments.

Found it, two in fact.

Edit. Three sketches on the one clip.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Dear Mr Marr, "It IS going to replace journalism."

Update here.

It (blogging) has done so already, and for proof unequivocal I need direct you no further than my previous post.

Not much reporting going on from that hallowed institution is there Mister Marr?

To be more accurate, there is no reporting going on, not a word, not a single word in print, not one. And it's not as though the subject is unknown to the BBC is it Mister Marr, not after the way the BBC fell over themselves in the rush to report the placing of an injunction banning the sale of Goncalo Amaral's book, A Verdade Da Mentira, The Truth About The Lie?

So consider this piece a scoop, a scoop from a citizen journalist, from a blogger, though sans spots; a most unfortunate description to employ Mister Marr, you see we, "inadequate, pimpled and single" bloggers are up to our ears with spots.

So then, my scoop for today and undoubtedly will come as a shock to many.


Astonishingly as it may seem.
Source of 'Information Branch' quote and dedicated blog, Biassed BBC here.

A reminder then of what exalted BBC presenter and political commentator, Andrew Marr, has to say about Bloggers.

Andrew Marr says bloggers are 'inadequate, pimpled and single'

The BBC's website has nearly 100 blogs and invites its readers to "have your say" on an enormous range of topics, from Westminster to the weather.

But one of the corporation's most familiar faces, Andrew Marr, has dismissed bloggers as "inadequate, pimpled and single", and citizen journalism as the "spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night".

Marr, the BBC's former political editor who now presents BBC1's flagship Sunday morning show, said: "Most citizen journalism strikes me as nothing to do with journalism at all.

"A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother's basements and ranting. They are very angry people," he told the Cheltenham Literary Festival. "OK – the country is full of very angry people. Many of us are angry people at times. Some of us are angry and drunk".

"But the so-called citizen journalism is the spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night.

"It is fantastic at times but it is not going to replace journalism."

He added: "Most of the blogging is too angry and too abusive. Terrible things are said online because they are anonymous. People say things online that they wouldn't dream of saying in person."

Marr's successor as political editor, Nick Robinson, has previously criticised the tone and and quality of online debate, saying he had stopped reading most of the comments on his own BBC blog.
"It's a waste of my time," he said in March this year, adding that the blog's comments section was frequented by people who had "already made their minds up, to abuse me, to abuse each other, or abuse a politician". The Gruniad

Yes Mister Marr, the country is full of very angry people, do you wonder why?

I shall leave for another day, Marr's successor as political editor, Nick Robinson.

But all is not lost, one troglodyte at least has left the cave, thrown of his skins, made the courting club redundant and abides in times contemporary.

This from Shane Richmond, Head of Technology for Telegraph Media Group. But I beg you, please don't distracted with what is pasted here, this post is primarily about the BBC and it's embarrassingly transparent agenda.

Andrew Marr criticises bloggers. Is it 2005 again?

Just how out of touch is Andrew Marr? Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival this weekend, Marr said that most bloggers are “bald, cauliflower-nosed, young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting”

It’s disappointing to hear comments like that coming from someone in Andrew Marr’s position. Criticising bloggers was 2005’s pastime. Any self-respecting curmudgeon these days is complaining about Twitter.

Twitter is pointless, Marr should be saying. It’s full of people getting outraged by things, he could add. He could go further and complain that Twitter won’t change the world, overlooking the fact that almost nobody thinks it will. ( Tell that to the Iranians)

But no, Marr has turned his ire on blogging. There are High Court judges who know what blogging is, for heaven’s sake. That’s how behind the curve Marr is.

The criticism itself is a little weak. Let’s ignore the remarks about the physical appearance of bloggers – not everyone is blessed with Marr’s matinee idol good looks. There’s a little more substance in Marr’s claim that “so-called citizen journalism is the spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night”. He’s completely wrong, of course, but there is at least some substance there.

Now, Marr isn’t completely against blogging. “It’s fantastic at times,” he admits, “but it is not going to replace journalism.”

His definition of blogging appears to be ‘angry people ranting anonymously online’. It seems clear that ‘angry people ranting’ is not going to replace journalism. Having said that, there is plenty of professional journalism which looks like angry people ranting.

If we take “citizen journalism” to mean journalism outside the traditional mainstream media, then there are plenty of examples of people making significant contributions. Technology blogs, for example, are flourishing – frequently breaking stories and setting the agenda for the mainstream media.

Furthermore, as David Carr wrote in yesterday’s New York Times, plenty of “proper” journalists are crossing the divide and going to work for blogs such as The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. Those blogs are not replacing journalism but more and more often they are doing it themselves.

What Marr is overlooking is that most bloggers have no interest in being journalists. Like many journalists, Marr has noticed people publishing things and tried to fit that activity into the framework of traditional media. In most cases, that framework simply doesn’t apply. Telegraph

And to think it was only last month that I was lauding Mr Marr.

* Just to say I really enjoyed Marr's History of Modern Britain. You can find it here on Google vids if you haven't watched the thing as yet.

Hard to say which I enjoyed the more, Marr's history of, or The Trial of Tony Blair. (Link updated)

Things I found on the net.

I'm glad it's your licence fee and not mine.


But perhaps a tad more interesting would be the link from that post to this article by John Pilger. Which I shall read myself as soon as I have put this post to bed.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

BBC Once a Whore Always a Whore

I think my computer is stuck in a time warp, bogged down in some cyber-hole of the past week, what other possible reason could there be for all my searches coming up blank?

I do so hope there is another reason, because as clever as my geek is, I think he might struggle a biteen with a fix if this is the case.

Perhaps I should email the BBC and ask them to direct me to their reporting on the decision of the Portuguese court to lift the injunction against Goncalo Amaral and his Book, A Verdade Da Mentira, The Truth About The Lie. I shall have to do something because I'm at a loss to find a word about it. Have a butchers at this lot that I grabbed from the web not thirty minutes ago. See if you can find a bit of something, because I'm buggered if I can.

This is the Google result, not much there that I can see, apart from that is, a second hand story about a misinterpretation. Now who was it that first gave us that little gem, it wasn't BBC East Midlands reporter shurely shome mishtake?

As I say, not much there, so orf to the BBC I went and searched their site. You can see the search terms in the bar and the subsequent results. Better ring me geek.

‘Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the McCanns*, or any other régime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.’ As I Please
(*Soviet regime)

And whilst we on the screen shot gig, have a sandwich. Nice bread, shame about the filling.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I'll Give It a Week

eta: What was it that Andrew Marr said about bloggers via the Main Stream Press?
It matters not, but I had an interesting result after Googling "book ban overturned," in the first three pages of results only two references for the MSN, the rest bloggers or other like orgs.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What Now BBC? What Now Mike O'Sullivan?

Will you be reporting the lifting of the book ban against Goncalo Amaral's, A Verdade Da Mentira with the same fervour that you reported the placing of the injunction?

As we all wait for Joana Morais to translate (now up) the reasons for court's decision to lift it's injunction, I thought I might post a video or two that highlights sycophantic McCann arse licker, Mike O'Sullivan of BBC's East Midlands Today.

By coincidence, it was only yesterday that I posted elsewhere on the subject of the biassed BBC, strangely enough on a blog of of the very same name. Biassed BBC

The first three videos epitomise the behaviour of fawning BBC hack, Mike O'Sullivan.

Might I ask you to concentrate, not on the loathsome words of McCann as he shamelessly uses his daughter for his own insidious ends, but rather give your attention to the brownnosing O'Sullivan as he pitches his contemptible softball questions at his paladin, the equally loathsome, Gerry McCann.

Typical to all these videos is the stark contrast between the ever so 'umble Mike O'Sullivan and any other journo at the scene. Sullivan, straight from the off then in this ninety second clip. You might remember this one better for McCann loosing it a tad.

In this next eight minutes, see if you can spot the difference between O'Sullivan and all the other reporters on the job. It is towards the end of this clip that McCann wants no more of a male Portuguese? reporter that is actually plying his trade. Feeling much the same I suppose, about her lovelyness, Sandra Felgueiras. Tip, O'Sullivan is the one with the English accent.

There is much in this next four minutes, O'Sullivan, sick bag required, comes in at 3m.15s, prior to that, and apart from shamelessly using his daughter, we are told, by McCann of course, that their stay in Portugal was, and I kid you not, "in an effort to aid the investigation."

A thesis, (McCann's new word) we are told, is, without evidence, meaningless. Funny then that McCann quotes the NOT finding a body, as EVIDENCE that Madeleine is probably alive. The bullshit that comes out pertaining to a reconstruction, is I think, best left.

I had forgotten that I had featured the following clip, "Pissed off with the McCanns," I wrote this at the time.

It's a pity this bloke, whoever he is brought the "class" issue into his argument, because apart from them not having any, it's not a class thing at all, something far bigger is, as we know, behind all this.

The McCanns and class, I ask you, it's like Joe Stalin and altruism. Class indeed, where's me razor blades?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I'm Sure They'll Be Mortified

Update: Headlines Today has video and analysis of Gamble/Select Committee interview.

"I resigned to remove myself from the equation so there can be no mis-perception that I have a vested self-interest," he said.

......Gamble's view is opposed to that of internet companies, who last week cautiously welcomed the new structure, arguing that a lot of child pornography online is now related to international organised crime.

Industry sources also welcomed Gamble's departure because of his combative style. He directly rejected such criticisms today when they were put to him by Committee chairman Keith Vaz, suggesting they arose from commercial self-interest.

"I think it depends on which internet company you speak to... I don't think Microsoft will be happy that I'm going," he said.

More The Register and don't forget the comments section.

Friends in high Places