Friday, 17 October 2008

Feeding Kitty

"At least you won't have to feed kitty every day."

So said an American blogger who invited me to guest write on his blog, this being an alternative to starting up a new blog and committing myself to the daily "must feed kitty."

Not a bad euphemism really, particularly if you want to approach blogging with some degree of professionalism and as such give your readers something new and interesting on a daily basis.

I did for a while take up his offer and not for totally unselfish reasons, firstly it gave me somewhere to write and express myself, but more importantly I had to write within set parameters, those parameters being no profanity and no anger.

It did me the world of good, for when I eventually started Only In America blog it was my second attempt of publishing a blog under that name, the first blog was quite simply an angry rant.
An angry rant that did me no good in the writing of and no good for anybody in the reading of, let's face it an occasional rant is OK but no one, myself included, wants to read a constant tirade of anger and vitriol.

This by the way is not the reason why the blogs have been closed, I just thought I would mention it in passing .

The blogs were closed because quite frankly I needed timeout, timeout from feeding Kitty and timeout to break the cycle of feeding said cat.

As the McCann situation has developed to where it stands today usable material has become increasingly scarce and harder to develop, increasingly more time consuming to the point of becoming a full time job and lastly, and not unimportantly, as the McCann situation has become humorless so have the graphics.

There are however occasions when a bit of material is handed to me on a plate so to speak, a non finer example of what is below, not the most humorous I admit but oh so fitting.

So peeps what I am saying is, I shall open up the blogs but I shall be posting at my leisure so don't be expecting new stuff every day.