Thursday, 14 August 2008

Common Sense

A small extract from Paulo Reis regarding the Tapas Seven and the reconstruction.

About the reenactment, the main problem of the Tapas group was clear: either PJ believed in their statements and the reenactment wasn't necessary, or PJ was trying to get something strange out from that. They wanted to know what were the real intentions of PJ. After a lot of emails were exchanged, through Stuart Prior, the Tapas group remain unconvinced of the utility of such reenactment.


The next answers from the McCann friends put as conditions not only the lifting of the status of "arguidos" of the McCann couple but also a public statement from PJ dispelling the lies churned out by the Portuguese Press and stressing that there were no suspicions over the seven friends. more

And here is a comment I saved to file purely for the common sense it displayed. From poster quark1 on the 3As. Emphasis mine.

I agree xxxxxxx, that if these statements were taken on in May, and Katerina and Arul are telling the truth of what they saw, then it does implicate the whole group! It is 'the whole goup' who have kept totally silent and invisible for 15 long months....even though a little 3 yr old has probably lost her life.

Does anyone think that these people would have kept so silent and invisible if a real abduction had taken place? If things had been exactly as the McCanns said? That Maddie was left there, safe in her bed, and someone went in and abducted her? Do you think the Tapas lot would have taken such huge pains to disappear from view in that case?

No, they would have been doing what normal friends would do in that pictured all over the place supporting the devastated parents, be speaking out at the fund-raising balloon releases, be at any reconstruction the PJ wanted to do.

Thats what normal friends of innocent parents would do.

But these Tapas lot.....they have slunk away and hidden under stones!

They are all in on it IMO. Every last one of them.

Can't argue with that.