Thursday, 14 August 2008

Jane Tanner: Liar

I would like, with the aid of the newly released sketches, to put together as simply as I can a short article that exposes the lies of Jane Tanner and the corner stone of lies that the "abduction" was built on.

I suppose I could be succinct and say: No jemmied shutters - no abduction.

You may think this a simple statement from an even simpler fellow but the shutters are the fundamental corner stone that the McCanns built their abduction theory on.

The basic premiss of the McCanns being, when asked why they were so sure there had been an abduction and Madeleine had not just wandered off, "The window was open and the shutters jemmied."

But if we remove the jemmied shutters from the equation what then becomes the basis for any abduction?

The moment that the shutters were shown not to have been tampered with should have been the moment that handcuffs were produced and the McCanns carted off to the Portimao nick, alas, as we are all aware, that never happened.

You might think given all the recent revelations that I could find other things to write about, maybe so, but there are still plenty of folks that are not surprisingly confused about the events of the third of May or more incredibly actually believe Jane Tanners account.

I myself have always laboured under the misapprehension that Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins were stood having there little tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte on the opposite side of the road from Tanner's route, as we shall see from Tanners own words this was not the case which lends even more incredulity to her story.

So let us first take a look at the building plan of apartment 5A.
I have for clarity turned the plan through one hundred and eighty degrees and re-labeled it and the re-labeling of Tanner's sketch again is only for clarity.

Next up is a composite of the street and a squashed version of the apartment building plan.

And lastly Tanner's sketch that I have re-labeled for clarity and on which I have superimposed the plan of 5A.

What we know for fact:

Contrary to initial claims (later recanted) by the McCanns that the front door was left unlocked it was in fact locked and was not used by the McCanns for fear of waking the children.

Forensics have disproved that the shutters were tampered with and equally disproved that no one exited through the window let alone someone carrying Madeleine, in fact the only fingerprint on the window/shutter was Kate McCanns.

This then leaves the unlocked patio door, admittedly left open by the McCanns.

Now here lies the problem with this little tale, the "abductor" neither entered nor left the apartment via the locked front door or the shuttered window, an impossibility.

Therefore any access by said abductor must have been through the patio door, but more importantly the patio door was the only point that an abductor could exit 5A.

If we go back and look at Tanner's sketch how then did the abductor exit the apartment through the patio door with McCann and Wilkins stood where they were and miraculously appear walking across the top of road from point five to point eight?

The answer therefore is quite obvious, he didn't, it's quite impossible, Jane Tanner is, like the rest of this sorry bunch, an out and out liar.

The whole thing is a crocc.

Not the most sensational of articles I admit, but hopefully it may go some way to clarifying any confusion that some might have had.