Thursday, 8 April 2010

We Are All Blighted and Rod Chaytor Revisited

From a dear friend of this blog, Dr Martin Roberts, We Are all Blighted, which culminates in the last paragraph.

And a mention in dispatches no less, why thank you Sir.

We Are All Blighted

A serial 'blogger' on the McCann case, 'Himself' is a tirelessly vitreolic critic of the parents and all those who have lined up behind them, coining the phrase 'a blight on humanity' in his heading up of a series of quotes attributed to the McCanns. These examples are drawn from diverse occurrences (media interviews) over time. In particular the set of utterances paraded in conclusion have the monotonous ring of scripted falsehood. Just as recently, a single early interview given by Gerry McCann has been 'exhumed' and transcribed by Nigel Moore, editor of McCannfiles. It is an interview with reporter Jenni Murray for the BBC World Service, recorded on 19 June, 2007 and broadcast on the 22nd - the 50th anniversary day of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. What is striking about this dialogue is that those apologetic cliches with which we are now all too familiar are here displayed, already present and fully formed, barely six weeks after little Madeleine mysteriously disappeared. More

And thanks must also go out to Nigel Moore, because not for one second could Nigel's choice of article, found immediately below that of Martin Roberts, be considered anything like coincidental.

No of course it's not, and what better exemplar than to choose the sycophantic drivel of McCann whore and creature, the loathsome Rod Chaytor.

You may remember this little piece I featured at the time.

"of course the McCanns are totally innocent"

Which I might add, you can now watch here. Again a hat tip to the McCann Files, the first port of all via Google. And judging by the colour of the (video) skin, a tip of the hat to Joana might be in order.

The piece with Chaytor is near to the end if I recall correctly, but what makes it a priceless piece of television is that when he came out with what he did, it was so unprompted. I guess he must have been busting a gut to defend his darlings, so he just dropped it in. Slimy twat.