Saturday, 10 April 2010

Raymond Hewlet Dies 64


And a bump for this.

Raymond Hewlett Did Not Abduct Madeleine McCann

Raymond Hewlett had no involvement whatsoever in deciding the fate of Madeleine McCann, beware of him being used by the McCanns after his death.


That's Google* taken care of in this, the second post that warns of the McCanns possible intention of using the fellow after his demise. Not that I am wishing the bloke into his grave, that would be far too McCannish.

And to accompany the header, a gallery of all those that have found themselves the subject of a poster, or has held a poster, irrespective of who, by slight of hand in some cases, put them there.

What gallery then could fail to start off with the liar, perverter of justice, and criminal conspirator that we have come to know so well, the odious Clarence Mitchell.

Original post with larger gallery.