Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Antonella Lazzeri Once a Journalist Always a Whore

Not unlike the writer of the article below, I too feel I do a disservice to the truth and to the written word in describing Antonella Lazzeri as a journalist.

If you only follow the one link in the article from Newsoutlines, then click on the "She has written about the McCanns" link. It's quite a list, to say nothing of an agenda.

Journalism in the Age of McCann

Topping the list of those I consider to be a disgrace to the journalistic profession is Antonella Lazzeri, who I'm not even certain can be labelled a "journalist", nor can I say that the "Sun" is a NEWSpaper. Her coverage of the McCann case is quite simply a disgrace. She has written about the McCanns more than she has written about any other topic and I have not found a single unbiased article. Not one. Her articles about Goncalo Amaral were shameful "Maddie's Leech Cop" "Liar Cop" etc.. She covered the Raymond Hewlett "abductor" claims, writing that Hewlett had "twice seen Maddie" (not clarifying that it was on TV & posters) and she is now covering the "White Van/Gypsies" "abductor" claims. more

Wapping, home of the Sun, where the streets have no shame.

And I mustn't forget the others, but they almost seem like "also rans" in comparison to our featured slag.

Oh THAT Antonella Lazzeri