Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wot, No Onions? The Home Office is Dirty

Dirty and squirming to be more precise.

It's not by accident that I have chosen this particular slice above of all the other tripe that the Home Office is trying to dish up.

So no prizes for guessing why I chose this, it becomes self evident when you read the thing. This then just part of the reply from the Home Office in response to a freedom of information request from Tony Bennett.

We have to balance, on one hand, the inherent public interest in the Home Office being open and accountable whilst, on the other hand, how the public interest would be served by us providing answers that could prejudice these investigations or be otherwise detrimental to the work of the police, the government and the McCann family in their efforts to locate Madeleine. Would it be in the best interest of the public for the Home Office to be seen as releasing information that might prejudice the investigation? Probably not. Would it be in the public interest for the Home Office to release information that could potentially jeopardise relationships between the United Kingdom and policing authorities with which cooperate around the world? Would these authorities be willing to work with us in the future if we released information that potentially prejudices an ongoing investigation? The answer to both is no. Would it be in the public interest to release information that could help Madeleine’s captor evade detection and arrest? Most certainly not. More and be sure to follow the link from the complete article.