Friday, 27 August 2010

Paul Dacre is a Slag

As luck would have it, I'm working on a big Daily Mail post as we speak. I shall be posting it at the other place sometime over the weekend.

The Daily Mail offering us another perfect example of it's shabby agenda and quality of reporting that we have become accustomed to from Paul Dacre's shitty little rag.

But the Sun has gone with the same ridiculous connection you might say, why target the Mail?

It's all a question of honesty dontcha know. You see the Sun knows it's a shitty little rag, it doesn't try to hide the fact, it has no pretensions to offer itself as anything other than what it is, an arsewipe extraordinare.

But Dacre's McMail presents us with the same merde cloaked in some kind of, unlike the Sun, pretentious middle class piety.

Which, in my book, makes it, although you might not think possible, more dishonest than the Sun, doubly so in fact.

ETA: A question I would like to ask, perhaps one of you might know the answer.

Apart from the obvious, ie, being shut out in the cold news wise by Dot Gov, (if applicable to dot gov of course.) and contempt of court, just what would be the penalty for defying a gagging order?

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Again, h/t mccannfiles.