Friday, 3 September 2010

The "Scum" Counters

I skimmed through this latest piece of trash from Sun hack and McCann creature, Antonella Lazzeri, and thought I really can't be bothered with any more of the Sun's nonsense, I'll pass on it.

It was only when I started to read the thing in full, Anna Andress doing her usual fine job of parsing the bullshit, that I discovered something I had missed previously. To say I had a WTF moment would be somewhat of an understatement, what the fucking fuck doesn't even come close to describing that which I had overlooked.

How any newspaper, no matter how miserable a rag it might be, and no matter how hackneyed the hack that puts their name to it, it is absolutely beyond my comprehension, that a story finds its way into print, a story built totally around a letter, and then includes this.

"I actually burned it because it unnerved me so much."


Such contemptible crap just couldn't be ignored, not after experiencing that little wonder, so here's my counter.

Err,it's a bit big kiddywinks, so I have had to split it for it to be read.

Right click, open in new tab, and then click again for full size.

Murdoch's Scum gets even more scummier: Dead Paedophile's Ghost “knew” who took Maddie - Joana Morais