Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bury This McCann Crap Along with Madeleine: An Essay From The Heart

I do have it preserved in its entirety, for posterity's sake, heaven forbid it were to disappear into the big cyber hole. And I would dearly like to paste all the McCann related text on this here page. Like to yes, but I can't, I would be doing too great a disservice to the writer were I to do so. Quite simply, it is an essay in its own right, and should be read as such.

Though there is much written about the McCanns, I feel that the piece affords the McCanns their true worth, that of incidental scumbags in the grand scheme of things. That's not to say the writer doesn't vent his spleen in this piece, written so obviously from the heart.

A taster then.

eta: Having read again and digested the thing at leisure, what can I say but, bloody good stuff!

Bury this McCann crap along with Madeleine

By Stanley Collymore
13 December 2011

....What has any of this to do with Kate and Gerry McCann I hear you ask? A great deal really as they’re evidently the kind of odious persons that fit comfortably into the pattern of those I have described earlier and that the world would be a great deal better off without and that’s putting it mildly. For here are two individuals that take lies and render them as the truth, who in spite of their evident and numerous faults and a marked rejection in acknowledging these must lay squarely with them instead haughtily thrust them onto the shoulders of anyone that their pathological feral mindset dictates they should and moreover can expectantly as of right anticipate that everyone else will accordingly and unquestioningly agree to; and so far they’ve been rather successful in this sick and quite perturbing ruse of theirs.

Without exception everyone I’ve spoken to about Madeleine or of their own accord has raised the matter with me in the UK or abroad is categorically of the view which I share that there has been no abduction of this girl who we firmly believe is dead and has been from the outset, and that her parents subconsciously guilt wracked but even so attention seekers par excellence and comprising mum Kate who more fittingly could be described as a contemporary Lucria Borgia kitted out with an evidently hen-pecked husband, no need to ask who wears the trousers in their house, are the ones that are solely responsible either intentionally or accidentally for Madeleine death and the disappearance of her body.

Furthermore I’m decisively convinced and every gut instinct reinforces this view that these two murderers, for if Madeleine was killed intentionally there is no getting away from the fact that murder is the crime in question and if her death was accidental and her parents are putting on this elaborate charade to deflect attention away from what really happened manslaughter is no longer a preference as would have been the case had they come clean from the start, are wholly culpable for what happened to their daughter. Let me emphasize the point; if I crash into you and you initially perceived it was an accident but my subsequent body language, no apology on my part to you and all this reinforced by a dismissive and even hostile attitude by me towards you and what happened, could anyone blame you for thinking that maybe what I did wasn’t an accident after all and what took place was a premeditated assault by me cleverly made to come across like an accident? And when one adds to that the case of perverting the course of justice I don’t any rational person would view it as a laughing matter.

It’s my honest opinion and in the absence to-date of any incontestable evidence to the contrary from the McCanns or anyone else is also my unshakable position that Kate and Gerry McCann after Madeleine’s death conspiratorially either with each other or with the misguided assistance of others whom they knew well and could therefore trust implicitly clandestinely and carefully disposed of Madeleine’s body. The rest of this absurd pantomime and especially the McCanns’ elaborate and to my mind highly improbable and entirely unconvincing story is sheer theatre of the macabre written, acted out and diligently directed by a woman that is very evil, exceedingly clever with it and with a remarkable penchant to make her malignity appear plausible and even respectable. Who knows exactly what strings to pull and when to do so; what sympathies of her audience to dexterously play on; and significantly what innate prejudices they have that she, Kate McCann can self-centredly exploit to her maximum advantage while simultaneously with a totally contrived but photogenically conspicuous humility giving a classical portrayal worthy of an Oscar nomination of a most unfortunate but run of the mill, hard done by mother, woman and wife, specifically contextualized in that order to fuel the most empathetic reaction possible in her favour, and in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt. Well I don’t buy any of it, have never done so from the outset of this loathsome saga, and never will. more
h/t Gasper Statement.