Sunday, 14 February 2010

Raymond Hewlett Did Not Abduct Madeleine McCann

Raymond Hewlett had no involvement whatsoever in deciding the fate of Madeleine McCann, beware of him being used by the McCanns after his death.


That's Google* taken care of in this, the second post that warns of the McCanns possible intention of using the fellow after his demise. Not that I am wishing the bloke into his grave, that would be far too McCannish.

And to accompany the header, a gallery of all those that have found themselves the subject of a poster, or has held a poster, irrespective of who, by slight of hand in some cases, put them there.

What gallery then could fail to start off with the liar, perverter of justice, and criminal conspirator that we have come to know so well, the odious Clarence Mitchell.

A mixed bag.

A choice of two.

Such a dear.

One or two more featuring the coffin.

Is nobody safe?

It would be remiss if I were not to include yet another nail in the coffin of the Luz tourist industry, hammered in by with McCann's their usual finesse.

And lastly, because there's no show without, the real perps.

It's unlikely if you aren't American, that the above will have any significance. This short clip might go some way to rectifying that, though not one of Olbermann's classics, it's reasonable enough. I have featured this one because we all know the recipient, the dastardly Dirty Digger.

*Getting the best out of Google.

I'm as guilty as the next blogger at times for failing to use keywords in headers, if you have an important message to get out and you want it noticing, always try to get the keywords in.

Similarly with photographs, try to name them so they are relative to the message you are trying to get across, or to what you are posting.