Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What Now BBC? What Now Mike O'Sullivan?

Will you be reporting the lifting of the book ban against Goncalo Amaral's, A Verdade Da Mentira with the same fervour that you reported the placing of the injunction?

As we all wait for Joana Morais to translate (now up) the reasons for court's decision to lift it's injunction, I thought I might post a video or two that highlights sycophantic McCann arse licker, Mike O'Sullivan of BBC's East Midlands Today.

By coincidence, it was only yesterday that I posted elsewhere on the subject of the biassed BBC, strangely enough on a blog of of the very same name. Biassed BBC

The first three videos epitomise the behaviour of fawning BBC hack, Mike O'Sullivan.

Might I ask you to concentrate, not on the loathsome words of McCann as he shamelessly uses his daughter for his own insidious ends, but rather give your attention to the brownnosing O'Sullivan as he pitches his contemptible softball questions at his paladin, the equally loathsome, Gerry McCann.

Typical to all these videos is the stark contrast between the ever so 'umble Mike O'Sullivan and any other journo at the scene. Sullivan, straight from the off then in this ninety second clip. You might remember this one better for McCann loosing it a tad.

In this next eight minutes, see if you can spot the difference between O'Sullivan and all the other reporters on the job. It is towards the end of this clip that McCann wants no more of a male Portuguese? reporter that is actually plying his trade. Feeling much the same I suppose, about her lovelyness, Sandra Felgueiras. Tip, O'Sullivan is the one with the English accent.

There is much in this next four minutes, O'Sullivan, sick bag required, comes in at 3m.15s, prior to that, and apart from shamelessly using his daughter, we are told, by McCann of course, that their stay in Portugal was, and I kid you not, "in an effort to aid the investigation."

A thesis, (McCann's new word) we are told, is, without evidence, meaningless. Funny then that McCann quotes the NOT finding a body, as EVIDENCE that Madeleine is probably alive. The bullshit that comes out pertaining to a reconstruction, is I think, best left.

I had forgotten that I had featured the following clip, "Pissed off with the McCanns," I wrote this at the time.

It's a pity this bloke, whoever he is brought the "class" issue into his argument, because apart from them not having any, it's not a class thing at all, something far bigger is, as we know, behind all this.

The McCanns and class, I ask you, it's like Joe Stalin and altruism. Class indeed, where's me razor blades?