Tuesday, 14 December 2010

David Frost - Julian Assange -Al Jezeera

Lots of interesting talking points are covered in this thirteen minute interview between David Frost and Lawyer for Julian Assange, Mark Stevens.

That initially Assange had no case to answer, and then under the direction of another prosecutor in another town, combined with vagaries in Swedish law, all of a sudden he did. And of course the Yanks are baying for blood, tell me something new you might ask.

There is even a bit towards the end, though cut short, on Nobel peace prise winner Liu Xiaobo. I shall try to find the rest of it if I can.

A little reading on justice USA.

Thousands of Children Sentenced to Life without Parole

For those that had the luxury of DNA evidence. Exonerated, The Innocence Project

The hysteria following Columbine shootings. Harsher penalties for gun toting kids than for gun toting adults.

Children sentenced to die in prison

USA tops Iran in juvenile executions.

PBS Frontline When Kids Get Life I have watched this documentary previously, it's available at the link in chapters.