Saturday, 18 December 2010

Words From The Grave: Aldous Huxley

It would be a rare day indeed when something comes along, the significance of which makes me watch the thing over, and back to back at that.

This 1958 interview between Mike Wallace and Aldous Huxley is one of those rare things.

I honestly don't know which I would find the most frightening; listening to Huxley's near oracle like predictions as a contemporary, or, as I sit now, with the luxury of hindsight, half a century later.

The number and the accuracy of Huxley's talking points, given that same luxury of the aforementioned hindsight, is quite remarkable and not least a testament to the man's foresight and intellect.

Given where we sit today, in the shadow of the concerted attacks by disproportionate forces against one man, Julian Assage, makes the interview all the more compelling.

From over-population to propaganda, from technology, its growth and use, to controlling people by administered drugs, * to the carnival surrounding the election of personalities rather than policies, Huxley covers them all.

As an aside, Mike Wallace was the father of despicable Republican shill, Chris Wallace.

*I wanted to mention this, but I've never had an appropriate vehicle to do so since discovering some fresh data.

I had written previously about the quality of evidence extracted from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed under torture, but what I never knew until very recently was the amount of times that the man subjected to being water-boarded. It amounts to a staggering one hundred and eighty three times.

Now a spook or an inquisitor I ain't, but a hundred and eighty three times! what's with this lot, ain't they got no bleedin' television in Guantanamo Bay?