Friday, 31 December 2010

Tony Bennett

In this penultimate post, prior to relinquishing control of my McCann related blogs, I shall in the main address two issues, propriety and veracity.

Propriety or suitability if you will. A recent comment made by myself in regard to the suitability, actions, and it must be said, judgement, of Tony Bennett seems to have sent my once loyal supporters scurrying away in packs, not droves I add.

And the cause of this exodus? with Bennett, and a little imagination, leading his flock Moses-like out of Egypt and delivering them unto the land of Canaan, aka the Madeleine Foundation. The cause of this exodus then, these few words.

Hey you, shouter; I don't know what you're screaming for, he's the best asset you've got.

I've just watched the fucker on BBC East Midlands, the man is a fucking liability to our cause, an absolute fucking liability if ever the were, and it's time one or two others woke up to the fact.

A self serving barmpot with as much sense of judgement as a blind lemming.

East Midlands Today! "I think I will let a outfit called East Midlands Today do a program on me, it's sure to be fair and balanced."

Yeah right, just like Fox News is fair and balanced.

Fucking stroll on! will y'all wake up and smell the goddamned coffee.

Asset my arse.

Seems reasonable enough, at least I haven't called him a serial loser and a liar, well not yet. Nor for that matter, have I called him a homophobic racist arrogant religious nutter, which of course he is.


Now I'm not alone in this opinion, there is this fellow, and having borrowed such a delightful term of phrase as "serial loser," I thought I might borrow the relative passage from which it was sourced. This by the by, is incidental to what I have to say here.

Their main target of opportunity is a social worker named Tony Bennett, an espouser of various fringe causes such as “death to metrication”. Bennett is an ideal target – anti-McCann, loud and self-righteous, an effective, if weird, self-publicist (he can be seen sitting owlishly behind McCann and the Coffin in the House of Commons hearings) and, most importantly, a serial loser who looks like he fell out of Monty Python.

As I say this is just an aside, but not so the next writer, what he has to say, and Bennett's response, is the crux of the matter.

It surprises me little that Bennett felt the need to respond to an article written by *TTW4, though in hindsight I'm sure he will rue the day he did so. Or to be more accurate, the manner in which he responded. (*Then there were four)

Had Bennett chosen to ignore the article by TTW4, a far wiser choice given the content. I cannot help but wonder how many of those that read the thing, took the trouble to understand it or realise its import. Because to read, line by line what TTW4 argues, certainly as far as I'm concerned, leaves little room for counter-argument. Its a good opinion and its pretty near spot on.

Perhaps it is for this reason, that he had no counter, that Bennett attacked the article in the bizarre manner that did. Let us look then at the offending article. Compiled from screenshots and presented as a jpeg, the article, highlighted in blue, sandwiched by those of Bennett in green.

Which in a slightly longer and in a somewhat more elegant manner, does much to endorse my original comment. The Carter-Ruck reference I will address down the page. So now to matters more serious.

'thentherewere4' = 'himself'

TTW4 and 'Himself' are one and the same.

Do you not recognise the style?

And 'Good Quality Wristbands' as well.

What is it about these four lines that makes them so important? Quite simply, they are lies, but they are not simple lies, they are not lies told in passing, they are constructed lies and constructed for a purpose.

Whatever that purpose be, is beyond my ken. What is not in doubt is that they were deliberately and knowingly constructed by Tony Bennett for purposes of his own. How can I be so sure of that, read on?

An email from TTW4 to myself in response to Bennett's post.

To which I can only add. If the man is prepared to lie so deliberately over an issue like this, what else is he prepared to lie about? Or perhaps more the point, what else has he lied about?

Tony Bennett is a Young Earth Creationist, as such his whole life is a lie. He cannot defend the bizarre and ridiculous dogma of Creationism without constantly having to lie in his attempts to defend the indefensible.

Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbour. Number nine on the list was it?


Regarding the Carter-Ruck thing, I think I will leave it, but it was much to do with effectiveness of the man once he refused the first hurdle. Think of Carter-Ruck in terms of the cartoon below, and of course not least, the genesis of all this, TTW4s opinion piece.
I will leave one or two other things as well, there is enough here as it stands.

I'm undecided whether this post remains on a permanent basis or not. It's not the kind of thing I want to bow out on after three years, but it certainly stays for today.

It stays.