Thursday, 9 September 2010

Honest to God with George Carlin

I was a little lax in not upping this George Carlin video a few posts previously, it would have complimented Martin Roberts, Varieties of Honesty, quite well indeed.

The same could be said of my previous post, Kate and Gerry McCann As Far Away From God As You Can Get, Carlin's ten minutes would also have slotted in there quite nicely as well.

Better then that I post it here rather than have it overlooked had I updated either post with the inimitable and original grumpy old man, George Carlin. Enjoy, or not.

This bit of padding below is culturally quite American, but that said, being a Brit there is much I can relate to, living in this mad PC country that I do.

Here's one for Portugal and common sense. There is one little bit however, at the 3m 15s mark, yer man is informing us that where the press is concerned, the UK has a two tier element to it, there being the "Red Tops" and there being the "Sensible Press." That would be the Mail then would it? (And the Broadsheets)

h/t fred