Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Rules Of The Road

A simple ditty for novices to keep in their heads regarding lights at sea.

If both lights you see ahead, Starboard your helm and show your red.
Green to green or red to red, all serene – go ahead.
But if to starboard red should appear,’tis your duty to keep clear.

Two Arguidos and daughter dead should sound alarm bells in your head.
No proof, forensics, one can’t but wonder, your support, no small blunder.
CEOP and Leicester Plod o’er law o’land, doing their best to ride roughshod.
Thought their cover up such a safe bet, never seemed to consider th’internet.
Standing ovation at NPIA, you couldn’t make it up I hear folk say.
Daughter dead and then they hid her, you’d think the cops their tells consider.
Cops and Quangos lavished support throughout, now they’re in there’s no way out.
For the moment might be said, they’ve got away with it, in spite daughter dead.
But that’s no message for me to send, I’ll guarantee it, we’ll get you in the end.
And when it all comes tumbling down with gnashing teeth and mournful frown.
Stood before justice though not alone, of company there’ll be plenty, countless others to atone.