Sunday, 19 September 2010

"pissing into a dying man's oxygen mask"


Hopefully my previous explanation explained how I ended up here, and this is the last of the material that I gleaned from my stroll around the net.

I posted this caution in February this year. A time when the vultures were circling Raymond Hewlett like directors around a fund. As you can no doubt imagine, little heed was paid to these words of warning.

Unheeded without surprise then, but the degree with which the words were flaunted was simply quite staggering. That degree only became apparent when I fell upon these fine examples, all gathered in the one place, courtesy of Murdoch's Sun.

And this conspiratorial collection of crap, as I mentioned, all from a single web page.

Nice agenda Mr Murdoch, very nice indeed, a tad glaring perhaps, but still very nice.

Next up, short writings of others that I have featured previously, and re-posted here for a variety of reasons. Firstly, having a word or two to say about Hewlett, they are germane. Among other reasons, content and clarity, the previously mentioned and admired turn of phrase that falls with such seeming ease off the pen of John Blacksmith. For his style of writing, but more importantly, for an intrinsic brand of common sense, a brand beyond worth, Professor Moriarty.

I do wonder about one particular issue though, and this is a quite genuine question; given the benefit that hindsight bestows on us, would either author still write in the same vane when discussing the circumstances surrounding Goncalo Amaral. Amaral representing as he does, not only justice for Madeleine McCann, but Justice as a moral concept. Be that justice found within this tarnished and fetid Isle,or justice found in that equally tarnished and tainted land, Portugal.

I may or may not take the liberty as I go along, of highlighting a few of the more salient points by underlining them; there will of course be links of the usual nature throughout.

The quite unimportant and previously mentioned screenshots of Google links might find themselves employed as dividers, if for no other reason.

And before I leave you, and although I have asked the question before, albeit in not such a direct fashion, are the writings (on the 3As) of Professor Moriarty completely irretrievable and lost to us forever?


For all his infelicities, Amaral is the the BIG problem for the McCanns.

All this guff about him and against him, right from the kicking off of the Cipriano Case as a kind of Proxy Madeleine case, has been designed - at least, their involvement - to discredit Amaral.

They don't give a flying fuck about the Cipriano Case or its victim. They'd much rather it was a more fragrant issue with a less blatantly obvious culprit but, hey, needs must.

The point is they NEED to disable Amaral big time. They NEED to discredit the policeman who oversaw the gathering of evidence which points right at their own two selves and NO ONE ELSE.

The proliferation of paedophiles simply mirrors the proliferation of sightings across Europe and is that ploy's 2009 (7) version. They imagine they can get a good summer out of the paedophile files, hopping from one to another as each one dissipates up their own jacksies.

Still they ARE getting closer to conceding Madeleine is 'most probably dead' and commissioning symphonies and anthems and public sculptures and choral works and Papal masses in her memory.

If ONLY they can screw Amaral to the wall.

As I've said before, and I know I do go on a bit, the fact he was a senior copper in charge of the Madeleine Case STILL caries weight with the general public. And, of course, it carry even more weight IF the general public actually got to see and read what Amaral thinks.

I do believe that if his documentary were shown in the UK, under whatever circumstances; or his book were available in English, here, that the McCanns would have received a serious, serious blow.

They know that too. Hence, they need to 'go abroad' and try to nobble him there before he reaches our shores so to speak.

But he WILL reach our shores. This IS 2009. He is here already, in fact, on this forum and in other places thanks to the internet.

It's just that final physical act of presence which is missing. The McCanns are trying to disable Amaral BEFORE that inevitable appearance of his views materialises.

This Cipriano affair may well have been their best shot. And it hasn't worked.

A first rate article on Propaganda Techniques can be found here. Even if you're disinclined to expand the post, you might wish cast your eyes down the list and see just how many of those techniques you recognise being employed by team McCann.


But it's all froth, isn't it, the pros case? It is funny, as I've posted before, how the pro-case that was once apparently hard-edged realism, "look at the Prosecutors' report, look at the evidence, end of story" has completely reversed.

Now "it's look at the latest stunt" - Oprah Winfrey! pretendy coppers, pissing into a dying man's oxygen mask - and look at the baddy copper. A "baddy copper" is, of course, exactly the same showbiz TV cliche as a "mystery abductor", and all the other cheap products of the McCanns' stunted imaginations: history as stereotype. And somehow the pros have been drawn into it completely.

That's why not one of them is able to put out a reasoned case that takes into account the last two years anymore. Never any interpretation of the reconstruction refusal - which has become of even greater importance since the trashy Cutting Edge showed, inadvertently, how it couldn't be done! At the first attempt, on a propaganda programme, the recon stuff ended up mainly on the cutting room floor and in the residue that was shown they couldn't do it without cheating the witness testimonies, as we always suspected.

They never come out with a reasoned explanation for the holes that grow gradually wider in the McCanns' story - the shutters, the gale force wind in the apartment, the fibs in the parents' Authorised Version, constructed when they had no idea that the case papers would be released to refute them.

And will you see any posts here or elsewhere explaining exactly what evidence in the case could have been invented, or corrupted by one Hollywood bent cop?

Just asking the question is enough. The pros live on a diet of cliché, personal attacks on people like us - and gossip. Their tank is empty.

A farmhouse evidently.


Is it any wonder Amaral is driven to distraction by this case? or why the McCanns Etc are so desperate to nail him?
The Vile Paedo Theory presumes that all one has to do is 'find the paedo', because that's the only item missing.

Of course, we know that, long before you start 'finding the paedo', there's all the other missing bits - like WHY you think there was one in the first place, and HOW you believe one got into and out of the apartment with a living child once he does exist.

And this is the other end of the McCann ruse here - you must keep watching my left hand (R) waving (the Vile Paedophile), and don't pay any attention to the fact I don't have a fucking right hand at all.

Vile Paedo shifts everything right off the case. Then, it becomes a matter of hounding someone - they tried to fit up a man a few weeks ago, without actually naming him, after their trawl through the files and the mockumentary. But THAT ploy was rumbled, on here and other places, so they've shifted over to Hewlett as Mr Next Likely.

He's just This Week's Villain, the equivalent of Bum Of The Month.

But what it all does is move the attention to an evil person who has all the answers the McCanns refuse to give - why, when and how.

Find the Paedo, they cry, he's the one who will answer all those difficult questions. Not us.

Suddenly, then, it's a given that an abduction took place - and here's the paedo suspect to prove it ...

Of course, it's also high risk for them - it brings DEATH into the frame, where it wasn't welcome before.

But since they know the VPs are all fake, they know they won't have to deal with an actual real result of death. So they can have their fatal cake - with all the outrage and horror that attends paedophilia and child-killing - and eat it as well, because they know there will be no actual delivery of that horrible truth.

It's high stakes, yes. And deeply, profoundly, unspeakably immoral. This is the PR of Satan, really. Think about it.

Once again, they are all 'abusing', neglecting, manipulating and abandoning Madeleine.

Because there was NO abductor. There was no Vile Paedophile creeping around - not Hewlett, not his contradictories Bundleman or SpottyMan either.

There was NO abductor. There was NO evidence of abduction.

There was only her parents.

And while I'm at it, let's say this.

Insufficient evidence against her parents is so far removed even from insufficient evidence of an abduction as to be at the other end of the Universe.

Insufficient evidence of abduction is, in fact, yet another item of 'insufficient' evidence against the parents.

Because not only can they not clear themselves beyond doubt. They also cannot prove that anything took place which automatically excludes them from participation.

You'd expect proof of abduction to be a given. Well it ain't.

I have to call a halt to it here, it's late enough and I still have things to do. I'm orf to Ireland tomorrow for a week.



Look, I don’t want to sound like I’m making a rallying cry but can I repeat, the conviction of Dr Amaral – whom I still support without reservation – makes no difference to the eventual resolution of the McCann affair.

We all have different ideas of what a “resolution” to this case would mean. To some, it would be lengthy imprisonment for the McCanns; to others their public humiliation; to yet others, myself included, relief that deception – of us - had failed, without necessarily any punishment of the couple at all.

Earlier today I posted about the pro-McCann people elsewhere who, with just as much sincerity as we possess, hope and believe that the dying man will turn out to be the abductor.

I added, without reservation, that the man will be exonerated and invited all pros, once this prediction is found to be correct, to ask themselves why. Guesswork?

The point I was making was not that I am a smartass who knows something but this: the theory of the case to which I subscribe – essentially the theory of Dr Amaral’s colleagues and himself – is that the child died in the apartment. If that theory is correct then it predicts that no abductor can ever turn up.

In this case we will see fairly rapidly that, once again, the theory will give an accurate prediction – as it has done for the last eighteen months - while the beliefs of others, who accept the McCanns’ version of events, that this man may be the abductor, will be shown to be completely without foundation. And every time a theory predicts an outcome correctly, the likelihood that it is true is further strengthened.

Nothing can alter this reality, which is being confirmed while the ex-suspects’ claims grow wilder and wilder. Do not be fooled by the noise which the media makes, even when that noise inevitably induces doubts and a feeling of isolation. On Google today there were 439 stories indexed giving credence to the Team McCann fairy tale about Hewlett: all 439 will be shown to be wrong fairly quickly.

Dr Amaral’s temporary difficulties make no difference to the grievously slow but inexorable emergence of the truth about what happened.

Prof Moriarty

It won't surprise anyone that I'm not buying in to any of that 'the McCanns are winning the PR war' crap.

The McCanns have been 'winning the PR war', such as it is, since Day One. Apparently.

That's what I've been told.

I've seen, what?, three documentaries aired from completely their perspective, one actually funded, scripted by and starring 'As Themselves - The McCanns'.

I've seen a whole string of pukes writing in the daily and weekend papers, from India Knight to Allison Pearson to that gormless wank Parsons and God knows how many arseholes in between, from Fiona Phliips to that blubby Scots git off breakfast TV, and I haven't seen a single page which could be termed purely 'anti-McCann', in spite of their many protestations that they are being hounded, hated and victimised.

I've seen a few articles merely questioning some key areas of their viewpoint - nothing more severe than that.

And what does all that matter? Absolutely fuck all.

Oprah? Absolutely fuck all.

You see, every time the McCanns go to air at all now, it's not to 'find Madeleine', it's to clear their name.

It's not the internet which is hounding the McCanns. It's the McCanns themselves. And this isn't some arcane, moral victory I'm talking about. This is the very real outworkings of poisoned minds, poisoned consciences. They have no choice but to go over and over and over again the very areas of dispute in their testimony, endlessly rehearsing the same faulty statements, making small adjustments, squeezing this in and that out ... over and over again.

The huge PR machine they have activated in their defence is endlessly manufacturing wheezes to convince someone, probably themselves, of their innocence.

It is simply not working on people who didn't buy it first time around. The people who DID buy it found that it was quite expensive; and by this stage they would eat shite with a knife and fork if it were served to them.

As for the rest? It's a matter of complete indifference. And that's the vast majority of the public.

For what it's worth, I don't believe Amaral's view on the case has been damaged in the slightest. Not in the slightest.

What will happen is that, sooner rather than later, Amaral's views will become public knowledge in Britain and that's the real poison as far as they are concerned. Because THAT is what will finish them.

The Mitchell world-view is one where PR actually substitutes for reality. Problem is, it doesn't.

Buried far below the Mitchell bullshit is the corpse of Madeleine McCann and the stink of it on her mother's clothes.

That isn't going away. And no one should be under the illusion that the police anywhere have 'parked' the McCann investigation.

The McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance. That is the settled opinion of the police. And it will come to the fore. When it does, as it will, strap yourselves in for a catastrophe for British public opinion that will make the expenses scandal look like lollipop-stealing.

So, I'm not swayed by the Sun or the Express or even the Mail, God Bless It, in tis little paragraphs on the McCanns. I've seen them round on bigger fish than the McCanns and eat them alive.

And no one in those papers believes a single fucking word of what the McCanns say in those stories.

Moreover, as long as there is the internet, the McCanns - and the papers - do not control opinion. Remember, it was a forum like this which actually blew the lid on the breaking news from Portugal when it seemed the McCanns would walk away without anyone in Britain even knowing they were under suspicion. The papers tried to block that news. They failed to report it for two months, until finally forced to by the power of posters on the MF.

Fuck Mitchell. Fuck the press. Fuck the McCanns too, for that matter.

The only one I've ever cared about here was the victim. And by any stretch of the imagination THAT has never been any of that lot.