Tuesday, 16 November 2010

BBC East Midlands. Let Me Answer That

The same motive that drives us all, it is called justice. But unlike yourselves, we are impartial to where that justice falls.

We desire justice for Madeleine McCann and we desire justice for Kate and Gerry McCann.

Even in this day and age, it's not a too radical a concept for you to comprehend is it, not too inconceivable, this principal to which we all aspire, this thing called justice?

I don't know what it is that I should accuse you of, being unable to grasp this concept, or that it is indeed firmly in your ken, within your cognizance. I don't know which to accuse you of, because frankly, I don't know which is the more damning, but were I to hazard a guess, it would be fair to assume into which sphere that guess would fall, and how damning is that?

How the mighty are fallen, how reduced now this BBC, so reduced that it is now indistinguishable from that most repugnant of establishments, the gutter press of this country. As indistinguishable as you are complicit and as complicit as you are contemptible.

As equally do the press, so equally do you offend me, offend my country, offend decency, but above all these things, for an organisation that presumes to call itself a news agency, you offend the truth. I know your truth I know your worth, it is as contemptible as it is base.

It falls upon me to ask a question that has arisen from reading your few lines of blurb about the up-coming program, about your, I can't say investigation for you do not know the meaning of the word, what should I call it, a McCann puff piece, you tell me how I should call the thing?

The "discredited detective" I shall choose to ignore, although you might find that he is far from that, nevertheless ignore it I shall and ask of you this one question.

Apart from yourselves and your Haridan colleagues of fleet Street, would you care to explain from which source, and upon what grounds, you feel free make a statement thus:

Her parents were cleared of playing any role in her disappearance

Were they, were they really? Do you know, in spite of the many thousands of collective hours spent by myself and my colleagues around the world, in spite of all those hours, neither I nor those colleagues have ever seen one word in print that would justify making such a statement. Only the words of yourselves of course, and we have already discussed their value.

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What happened to Madeleine McCann remains a mystery. Her parents were cleared of playing any role in her disappearance, but a controversial group continues to campaign in support of a discredited detective who claims Kate and Gerry McCann covered up the truth. Inside Out investigates the members and motives of the Madeleine Foundation.

The case files from the investigation, translated from Portuguese into English, can be found at The Maddie Case Files. I was about to suggest that you...... no best forgotten I think.

Disclaimer. I have no connection whatsoever, active or otherwise, with Tony Bennett or the Madeleine Foundation.