Monday, 1 November 2010

How Times Do Change

Looking forward to it with the same zeal that one would have for cleaning out the garage, I finally forced myself to trawl through Only in America and collect up previous graphics to complete me archive But it was rediscovering a couple of early blog posts, that if nothing else, gave way to a wry smile.

My reluctance to blog on the McCann story becomes apparent from the date of my first report, it being twelve days after the event. Given the circus and the incessant press coverage that had surrounded the Natalee Holloway/Aruba disappearance, I think that reluctance was justified.

But given where I stand today, it is the second short post on the subject that now becomes a bit of a hoot.

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Madeleine McCann Abduction
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There is some breaking news on this case.

I'm not a criminal profiler but actions like this fit a criminal profile.
Those that voluntary get deeply involved in a case are viewed as highly suspicious and quite often guilty. I'm not jumping to conclusions, let's wait and see.

The search of the property known as Casa Liliana began at 0700 local time on Monday after Sunday Mirror journalist Lori Campbell had spoken to the British Embassy and the police about Mr Murat.

He had become well known to journalists during the search for Madeleine.

Mr Murat, formerly of Hockering, Norfolk, describes himself as half-Portuguese and told reporters he had been helping police with translation work during the investigation.

Wednesday June 6

Is it becoming one if it hasn't already? Again I choose not to publish the name, I don't want the blog inundated with the type of reader this story attracts.

Reading the above, logic dictates that there must have been an inbetween post somewhere, now below.

Is This Turning Into a Circus?
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whereas I have every sympathy for the parents and share the public's concern for the safety of Madeleine McCann, I cannot help but wonder about certain aspects and motives in this ongoing tragedy.
And now the parents are flying off for an audience with the Pope.

The couple are expected to head for Italy on Tuesday on a private plane provided by a well-wisher before their meeting with Pope Benedict XVI .

Do you recognise the author, he seems a tad familiar, but......