Sunday, 7 November 2010

Play the Google Image Game

Given the shameless bias that we have come to expect from the whores of Fleet Street, aka the British media, I am pleased to tell you there is still one impartial game in town, Google images.

A very quick game in the learning, producing more often than not, an interesting, if not indeed an entertaining result.

Let me start you off with a three worder, most others being just the two. As with all quests for knowledge, switch the censorship, the safe search, to off, not to do so is to ask someone else to think for you, and that would never do.

With the safe search off then, type in, Jim Gamble, and enter. Next, Jim Gamble CEOP, and enter. And finally, Jim Gamble CEOP cunt, and enter.

Then you can carry on after that playing mix n match with your favourite McCann character. A few suggestions in the graphic, but I'm sure you can use your own imagination to further the game. Have fun.

Footnote: Try matching fuckdog to one of our featured characters.