Friday, 7 May 2010

Go On, You Know You Want To

Pander to your shallow side, have a little gloat, go on you've earned it.

The majority featured in this two minute vid.

Buh bye Brown; yesterday's man.

All together now, ahhhhhh.

On polling only slightly greater numbers than the BNP, said that she wasn't disappointed, just worried. Yes dear.

Heartbreaking that it is, buh bye Nick Griffin. A big ahhh for Nick? alright, another time then.

Phillipa Stroud, not featured in the vid, but failed to get elected, ahh. Tip: Try the Republican Party, you're just the kinda gal they're looking for.

And lastly, Lembit Opik, who, when asked: "Are you being punished for the Cheeky Girls and all the rest of it?" managed to reply graciously, and with that so rarely found in a pol, dignity and honesty.
"How superficial and patronising an assumption, not least for the Tory who beat me fair and square, and so you can do that analysis if you want to, I'll just say, I feel really quite disappointed that I lost."

Well said Sir, well said.

Update: Opik bravely appeared on the post election edition of
Have I Got News For You. UK only.


Just an odd one born out of the comments section.