Saturday, 8 May 2010

Oi! You Lot, Yes You the Sunday Express, Give it a Rest for the Love of Decency

What is it that you so lack, memory, shame or morals, don't trouble yourselves with an answer?

What you're not short of are whores, you've got 'em coming out the woodwork?

Do you not remember this slag you dragged out last time, Donal, I know how she was taken, MacIntyre? Who knew absolutely fuck all.

Now you treat us to this slug again, she's had her fifteen minutes already, nobody should get another slot, not when they talk the same old shite as previously. Which is it to be then, an organised gang that cleans up after an abduction, or, Oh I can't be arsed with you!

You are a sorry bunch of shameless turncoat fucks if ever there were. Stop it for Christ's sake, instead of printing shite like this, why don't you aspire to greater things, like joining the human race, that would be a place to start?

h/t to the uploaders.