Tuesday, 18 May 2010

In Answer To Your Question, I Don't Know Any Either. And Other Bits

When your a parent and you go out drinking.... Dontcha just love that line?

When your a parent and you go out drinking and leaving your babies at home to fend for themselves, you have only your self to blame when harm comes to them. A parent’s job is to put their children first and themselves last. When a disaster happens and you do wrong, the least you can do is beg forgiveness and say sorry for messing up.

Arming yourself with spin doctors and campaign managers whilst swanning all over the world in private jets laughing and joking when its only been 50 days at the expense of a fund set up by people who seem too care about your child more than you ever did puts the good people of the world’s back up.

The limited company may bite them on the bum in years to come. Every expenditure will have to be listed for tax reasons and I bet every safety pin and shoe lace for the McCann’s and their entourage is paid out of the fund. These people are living a paid for lifestyle on money which should be going solely on finding Madeleine. That's my take on it.

My question is that so many people seem to be supporting The McCanns why not look at it from the eyes of the people who are asking questions wondering what a doctor with a missing little girl is doing writing blogs and out jogging. How many fathers who genuinely loved their children would carry on like this pair. I don’t know any. source

Neither do I lass, neither do I. But then my acquaintances tend to be Homo Sapien.

Nor do I know many societies where mothers ask questions like this.

And receive answers!

i am a mom of two babies and a husband that travels a lot. i am looking for something only for protection. and of course planning learning the proper way to use it safely. i do not need or want any answers from anti-gun activists. this is something i feel i need for my safety and the safety of my children especially with the horror stories you hear today with the crazy people out there. another note i currently know nothing about guns regarding different kinds or types. thanks for the help!!!!! source

If I do the writer a disservice, my apologies, but I can't decide weather or not this is a faux blog and it's true purpose is being a vehicle to carry advertisements.
Hence, both articles pasted in full.


In what now appears to be my second career, sending a message, through what now must be a multitude of pics, and if you will forgive me saying so, some have been quite brilliantly spot on, inspired if you will.

Having modestly awarded myself such an accolade and presented myself with a bouquet of flowers for the "quite brilliant" ones, what then does it say of the rest?

Well, having set that kind of metric, I suppose the only way from there is down, downward yes, but by degrees, you would afford me that surely?

Degrees that have covered the full spectrum, top to bottom, from close, but no cigar, to totally off the mark. I do however, in my own defence say, I did have a little help with the graphics that fell into this category, Paulo Rebelo for one, and the Express for another. Need I say more?

This first picky below I think typifies those in the "close, but no cigar" category. Why so you may ask, it's not a million miles from the truth as you or I might see things? Perhaps at the time you might have even thought the thing worthy of a cigar, perhaps it was.

But things change, that's if they don't stop as they are of course, but change they do, or perhaps develop and progress might be a more accurate way of putting things. Ever since the Express rolled over, delighting us all with a display of its true colours ever since, we have seen increasingly the attempts to gag the ungaggable, the internet.

Such attempts, and some enjoying local success it must be said, but such attempts, in reality, are futile. Not to understand this futility, that no one person can censor the net, though making numerous attempts to do so, is I think, a measure of the world that said person inhabits.

Though I could, and have done so on numerous occasions past, describe Adam Tudor in numerous and far from pleasant ways, I would never think to call him things that would question his intelligence. That is simply something I cannot do for reasons obvious.

So with this in mind, and in light of ever increased threats, accompanied by a cacophony of Sabers rattling, makes me but wonder if Adam Tudor is giving his client the best advice possible, or heaven forbid, his love of Mammon supersedes the interests of his client?

Shurely not, shurely shome mishtake? But a question nonetheless that brought about a subtle change in our featured piccy.


And lastly, my man Montoya. It took me a long time to forgive Juan Pablo Montoya his brutal act of betrayal, buggering orf as he did from Formula One to go boogity boogity boogity racing.

For me F1 was never the same after JPM's departure, but I followed him into Nascar and much like Montoya, learned a new trade, him driving and me watching.

Now I have to admit that I wouldn't be natural NASCAR fan material, I don't pray to Jesus and I don't keep guns racked up in a truck I don't have. Nevertheless I stayed with the man, and over the three and a bit years I have been doing so, have come to appreciate there is a lot more to Nascar than just turning left. Going so far I might add, to declare something I never thought I would, Nascar gives better and more exciting racing than F1. Mind you, that wouldn't be hard these days, it's not a motor race anymore, it is, thanks to the FIA, an obstacle race.

Anyway after all that, look what fell into my inbox. Argh!

Montoya passing Raikkonen

As the title.

A bit of everything in this one, it's not a "wreck video," there are plenty on Youtube if that's your bag.

A brilliant archival film of the 1960 Daytona 500. Err, no thanks.
On the minuscule chance you're a devotee of the golden era of
car design, catch the 60 Electra duece and a quarter pace car.

1960 Buick, but not the 225.