Thursday, 13 May 2010

The McCann Twins: Que Sera, Sera

On reflection I have decided to make this a separate post. Not least so I can illustrate it.

This whole thing started life as a reply in the comments section, like the noses of various people it's just kept growing.

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Rather than use the comments section, where I have neither the luxury to edit, or to add to, I thought I might furnish a reply here, to a comment left on this post, which I also bring here.

I do need that luxury, it's getting quite late and I have had a busy, but welcome day away from these pages.

Should you feel so inclined, please don't hesitate to add your own thoughts on the subject.

This then, posted by Anonymous, and might I appeal once again that you use some form of nickname. As you compose and leave your comments here, or anywhere else for that matter, you have your own inherent sense of identity, but to to me you are just one more anonymous among dozens of others, that I can neither relate to, or develop any kind of rapport with.

The subject, the already much discussed future of Sean and Amelie McCann.

Anonymous, and possibly American? wrote:

Whilst I share the emotions expressed here about the McCanns, I refuse to accept that the twins are doomed to become equally despicable people.

There are many cases where children grow up to utterly surprise "nature" and to choose an entirely different path from that of their parents.

Those two little people do have a chance, even raised by beasts, to become honorable decent members of society. Don't write them off, they are too young to be sentenced to that type of prediction.

My fury with the McCanns themselves is exasperated by the fact that social services has not stepped in to protect the twins from them - parents who, at the very least, were guilty of severe neglect and more likely guilty of many other crimes.

Nor has the extended McCann family stepped in (as far as anyone knows). That family is full of people who undoubtedly know the depth of the lies and the danger to the twins. Nothing can be done for Maddie now, but SOMETHING could be done for her siblings.

I refuse to believe they are doomed. It won't be an easy life if they are raised by their natural parents, but maybe there is a spark somewhere in those two that will ignite when they mature.

In the hope that Sean and Amelie surprise the world...

What I think dear Lady, is entirely academic, what will be will be.

What I am saying is, that such a start in life should not be wished on any child. But that start is but what it is, a start. As each day passes, that day, and each and every day to come, those children will have spent it as the siblings to the most famous missing girl in the world.

And as each and every day that passes, every one of those days will have have been spent as the offspring of Kate and Gerry McCann. And I have, as I am sure you will appreciate, little need to elaborate on the significance of that particular cast of the die.

Whereas you or I might choose to disassociate ourselves from this grotesque pantomime, for whatever period of time we may choose, that same luxury will never be afforded to Sean and Amelie McCann. I fear ne're a day will pass that they will not be reminded of the situation that surrounds them, and often quite cruelly I shouldn't wonder, 'orrible little bleeders being what they are, 'orrible little bleeders.

Theirs will be the most unenviable of positions, aggravated day upon day, by their own inevitable maturing, and with that maturing, an ever increasing awareness of just what has really come to pass, and just exactly what it is that constitutes the make up and the moral fibre of their parents.

The moral fibre of the parents, life on Mars.

Just how long they will have to endure this growing realisation, will of course be dependant on the time-scale before this case reaches the only conclusion it can; the prosecution of the McCanns. And it is a question of when, not if. There will come a point, well we have already reached that point and passed it as a matter of fact, but their will come a point where their guilt will become even more so undeniably obvious, that there will be no other option available, other than to prosecute our parents of the year. A title I must add, now held by them for four consecutive years, quite amazing isn't it?

What must be understood, is that things can never improve for the McCanns, they can only deteriorate. Time is not their friend, the same each and every day that I speak of, is just another day in the worsening of their situation, and another day of delaying the inevitable.

Jim Gamble, Brian Kennedy, Clarence Mitchell, and all others of their ilk, oh, and I would be remiss were I not to mention the Editors of our wonderful National Press, reserving special mention for Paul Dacre of The Mail.

Forgive me this digression, which is far from my original post, for flying off on this little tangent, but during editing, and after adding "National Press" to the mix, came to the fore, the words: 'so much so that it should be "Shouted from the rooftops,"' which in turn led to just the briefest of Google Image searches.

Well as you probably know, I don't do supernatural, but the result of that search was a tad jaw dropping to say the least, because it has never happened before, in fact it's usually the complete opposite when I go a searching, but lo there it was, first piccy on the first page. So much so that it got me to thinking, is there a big picture provider up in the sky? Well I don't think there is, but I wasn't about to incur his wrath if there was such a magnificence, because we all know what them buggers are like when it comes to wrath, by gum we do!

If you don't believe me give it a try yourselves, shout it from the roof tops, for all I care!
And then not only that, another search, this time for 'daily mail kate mccann' brought forth a cry of "fuck me!" words so reminiscent of the duchess. very naughty linky, and not one for you gals. Taken from the even naughtier, well vulgar really,original of.... no perhaps not.

Which all boils down to, and results in, via a somewhat serpentine , if a not altogether circuitous route, this here piccy.

The Mail and Kate's agony, yes it's fucking agony alright.

Where the Divil was I? Ah yes!

Not least those that have aligned themselves with, and attempted to protect the McCanns, in, I must add, in ways so utterly and obviously transparent, that as to be beyond embarrassing; these people aren't clever, these people are fools, fools in the extreme.

When this house of cards comes tumbling down, as inevitably it must, so will these people come tumbling down, as inevitably they must.

And this is, and will be, the climate in which these two poor unfortunates find themselves, and it is in this climate that they will have to aspire, to mature into balanced adults.

A.task, that I think will be as equally difficult as it is daunting, and not one that should burden the shoulders of adolescents, never mind the shoulders of children of such tender years.
Though I might wish them every success in their endeavours, do I think they will succeed? no, not in truth I don't.

Everything that I have written here, we could disregard, we could say it's totally inaccurate, wrong in the extreme, would then I change my opinion? not in the least, why?


Porque? 2008.
Porque? 2008.

Por Que? 2009.
Por Que? 2009.

Yer Fuckin What? 2010.

Those kids are fucked. Nice one mummy and daddy.

In duty of care, Leicester Social Services, as Leicester Constabulary, as the Serious Organised Crime Agency, as the National Policing Improvement Agency, as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, the list is endless, in that duty of care have, quite simply, been derelict. Whether we could ad a tag to Social Services, with the same ease that we could add it to the rest of this shabby bunch, I really do not know, but rest assured we can add the tag, criminality with an ease that is more than a little disturbing and should give us all reason for concern.

This little group, charged with upholding the law of the land and to do so with honesty, with integrity, and with dignity, have failed their charge, as equally and as shamelessly as they have failed Madeleine McCann.

The are worthy of such a tag, worthy of such an accolade, they have earned it, and they have earned it with distinction.

Goncalo Amaral, Policeman. Dignity in the face of adversity.

And regarding the rest of the family, I don't think I want to discuss these people tonight, or tomorrow, or at all in fact.

And finally, of dignity, wouldn't it be nice if the Mail discovered a little, not to mention the parents.

This from the Mail, and yes, the date is correct.

12 May 2007
Blank-faced and hiding behind her hair, she appeared almost catatonic as she stood silently beside her husband, clutching, as always, Madeleine's favourite toy, called Cuddle Cat by the little girl. The Daily Mail, Paul Dacre Editor.

12 May 2007