Sunday, 29 November 2009

Blog News

For the foreseeable future, if not permanently, I have decided to close both The McCann Gallery and A Verdade da Mentira illustrated.

My decision is purely for personal reasons and no outside influence has played any part in coming to this decision, quite simply I need to get my life back on track. The only way I can do this unfortunately is to close the blogs entirely, if I leave them open I would back at them with the breaking of the next "you cannot be serious" story to be foisted on the plebs and sheeple who swallow this nonsense.

What I may consider however, is to upload to a file host every graphic that has ever been, in the form of zipped folders. These folders would be available to all to be used for whatever purpose other than commercial. It will be a week or two before they are available should I decide to go down this path.

I have to consider the implications in doing so, my primary concern is that they not be used in an adverse way in the ongoing efforts of us all in our quest for justice for Madeleine McCann, the idea needs more thought as yet.

I have brought over from the Gallery that which I think is important and has relevance. I have not, apart from a little tidying up and thinning out, edited the posts with the benefit of hindsight.
There will be occasions that you find some links are down, these will be primarily internal ones, there is just too much material for me to try and edit.

I shall continue to blog however here on Good Quality Wristbands, I won't say in a more serious vane because that would cheapen my past work on the Gallery. No matter how off the wall or hilarious the end product, there was I hope a serious underlying message that was apparent to all.