Sunday, 29 November 2009


There will be more later and a few words no doubt, but for the moment my brain is trying to escape my skull for it is taking exception at what I am trying to make it conceive.

~ ~ ~

I shall forgo the rant, what's the point? What I would like to do however is put a couple of institutions on notice, specifically every member of the House of Commons, the Home Office, Leicestershire's finest and I suppose I shouldn't pass over the judiciary while I'm about it.

The crime of the century is being played out around your ears and what do you do while this obscenity is being perpetrated? you go blithely about your business without a thought for a little British girl who, for those of us that live in the real world, is dead.

There is enough known about this case, particularly since the release of the Policia Judiciaria account of their investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that part of the record that we have been permitted to see at least.

That record, the alerts given by two British trained crime scene dogs, specifically alerting to things McCann and to no other, the most ridiculous accounts and blatant lies offered by other members of that ill fated holiday group, and not least in this catalogue of deceit, lies, misrepresentation, red herrings and spin doctors we have the behaviour and body language of the last two persons to see Madeleine alive, her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann.

I need not expand on these few things or the many other pieces of information that are readily available to all at the click of a mouse, what I would rather do is evaluate your, and by your I mean those mentioned in the first paragraph, your fitness to hold a position of responsibility.

To believe in the McCann's version of events or to endorse this ongoing ghastly charade makes you quite simply a fool.

To be indifferent, in spite of the glaringly obvious, to the disappearance and death of Madeleine McCann makes you a fool and blackguard.

To have knowledge of the fate of Madeleine McCann and to know the reason why the McCanns have been afforded such extraordinary protection and to remain silent about such makes you both a fool, a blackguard and not least a criminal as well.

Which ever category you fall in, and you all fall into one or the other by virtue of your silence, I can only come to the conclusion that there isn't a man jack of you worthy of holding a position of honour or responsibility.

So I give you notice, when the curtain finally comes down on this repugnant farce, and believe me it will, do not, do not for the tiniest shred of decency or more importantly for the memory a little girl who's body lies mouldering somewhere and denied a Christian burial, do not offer the pathetic excuse that you were deceived.