Sunday, 29 November 2009

Flying With The Crows

Quote: The couple's lawyer, Adam Tudor, said it was proving 'extremely difficult' to get such sites shut down. He said they were run by 'cranks who are looking for infamy on the internet'.

A response not from myself, from "Almostgothic." h/t

We're not looking for infamy.
We're looking for Madeleine McCann and justice.
An altruistic occupation which Tudor finds difficult to understand apparently.
But hey, we do it because we care, and we do it for free.
No wonder he doesn't understand ...

Press Intrusion

I realise this flying with the crows theme ain't exactly novel on this here blog but I read a comment on a board that triggered this latest offering.

It was in fact a question rather than an observation, and that question being, "where is all the money coming from to finance all the recent activity if not from the fund?"

Well I don't know where it's coming from at the moment, nor do I much care for that matter, but the questioner can rest rest assured that when and if the money runs out Carter-Ruck will defend these two scumbags to the death, and for free if necessary.

You see the situation we find ourselves in, as opposed to that one which Madeleine McCann finds herself in, is this, and it ain't a good one, well not from this side of the fence it ain't.

By design of course, of Mitchell and our two parents of the year , a great many people and institutions have nailed their colours to the McCann mast, and herein lies the problem.

The media has written so much tripe and broadcast so much rubbish in their effort to beatify, prior to attaining the status of full sainthood for this scurrilous pair, that not one of them is ever going to be the first to step forward, hold their had up and say, "we've been had" (by a pair of scallies so transparent that babes in arms know what this case is all about.)

No they are not going do to that, as I have mentioned previously on occasion, and niether I might add are super duper famous law firm Carter -Ruck going to hold their hands up and say, "whodathunkit, we were duped by a couple of transparent chavs." wouldn't do an awful lot for the reputation as you can well imagine.

But talking of crows and of Adam Tudor's finest hour reminds me of a little story about two of these black fellows who were facing a terrible winter.
Sat in a tree half starving with the rain and sleet and snow lashing all around them, things weren't looking too promising at all for our feathered friends.

On a rare fine day however the farmer, in who's field and in who's tree our birds sat, decided to let his prize bull out for a spot of fresh air and a bit of a romp, as they do on occasion thaknows.
Well, being his prize bull n'all the wily farmer kept the beast well fed, not just on winter silage but all kinds of goodies, maize and wheat and you name it, really quite spoiled the old lad if truth be told.

Now bulls in fields are much the same as bears in the woods, so true to form our prize bull proceeded to fertilise the field with much half digested previously mentioned goodies and in no small amount it must be said.

Now one crow being older and somewhat wiser than his younger companion knew that this was a life saver and had no hesitation in gliding down and tucking in to what in crow terms must have been a bit of a banquet to say the least.

"Are you coming down for a meal?" asked the old crow of his treetop friend, "Not a hope," said he "I'd sooner starve," which of course he eventually did, unlike our wily old crow who survived the winter well.

Eventually the worst of the weather passed and it was on one of those fine late winter mornings, not quite spring, but a good hint in the air, that found our old crow perched in the uppermost branches of his tree singing and a crawing and all was well in his world.

All was well in his world that is, until our farmer doing his rounds, complete with obligatory shotgun under arm, happened along and took exception to this raucous creature and as farmers are wont, gave it not one but two barrels, just for devilment really.

So the moral then to this little tale is but this, if you get to the top of the tree on bullshit, don't crow about it!