Sunday, 29 November 2009

McCanns: Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell Analyzed

If you are a regular visitor here, this oft featured video will be no stranger to you.

I have no details of the blog, or the who, but whoever the he/she is, there is an analysis of this clip that I have never seen the likes of.

A sterling piece of work, drive on that person, good stuff indeed.

Sedative Interview

Interviewer question

“On that evening did you give to your kids something like calpol to help them sleep?”

 Gerry McCann -

“(swallow, els&dr)(Intake of breath) you know we’re not gonna (head back) comment, on anything (ec) but you know there is absolutely (head back). No way we use any sedative drugs (head down, ec, head shake, scratch behind l earlobe, looks back at I, slight smile) or anything like that en (ldr, rhb) you know we’ll we have (ldr) co-operated with the police (ldr) we’ll answer any queries ermm (ldr)…any tests that they want to do en.”

First cluster – Swallow, eyes look sideways & down right, intake of breath

Firstly, the Adam’s apple is emotionally responsive (i.e. it reflects visceral or gut feelings). Acting through the vagus nerve (cranial X) emotional tension from the brain’s limbic system causes unconscious muscular contractions of the sternothyroid, thyrohyoid and associated inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles of the Adam’s apple. This movement is evident as the muscles contract to swallow, to throat-clear or to vocalize an objection that may be left unsaid. This swallowing movement indicates feelings of anxiety or embarrassment.

I find it hard to imagine why Gerry would become anxious or embarrassed by this question (angry, hurt, yes), unless of course these feeling were stimulated at the prospect of having to lie in which case it would indicate that either he, or someone else, had given the children calpol or other sedatives to help them sleep on that night.

For reasons best known to the cyber gods the Wordpress blog of the owner and my Blogger blog don't seem at all compatible so I can only give you a general site link.

The page in question has finally opened,
but if you struggle use the link above.

The second video clip the "one year on" is also analysed, this time in slo-mo, catch that one too if you have the band width.

It was only yesterday that I was tipped about the site, I have no details whatsoever about the blog.

I am rather hoping the blog owner might add this one to his portfolio, another little favourite of mine.