Sunday, 29 November 2009

Matt Baggott, Three Questions If I May

But only one requires an answer so it shouldn't keep you away from God but for a minute or two.

What evidence do you have that supports a case of abduction regarding Madeleine McCann?

"Because Gerry McCann says there was" doesn't really work does it?

The fact is you do not have the smallest scrap, quite simply because there is none.

As the last persons to see Madeleine alive, how do you in fact know that one or both parents did not indeed murder the child?

You don't know do you, because, in spite of innumerable indications pointing towards their involvement, you have failed to investigate them.

Might therefore I ask you as Chief Constable, what your intentions are in investigating the disappearance of British subject and Leicestershire resident Madeleine McCann?