Sunday, 29 November 2009

"Never Mind The Kids - Where's The Bar?"

A worthy read from:

Mike Hitchens, I on Global Trends.

........It's hard to imagine two people who made a deliberate decision to repeatedly leave three babies unattended on a nightly basis being shown in anything other than a negative light, but thanks to interference from various parties, the McCanns inappropriately became the poster children for responsible parenting...........

..........In short - everyone is disreputable, corrupt, negligent or an oddball - except of course for those who went out wining and dining while three vulnerable mites were left to their own devices. Instead they became media heroes - feted at police awards, patted on the back by disgraced former U.S. Attorney Generals, and welcomed by European MPs anxious to hear their expert views on child protection............

"Never mind the kids - where's the bar?"