Monday, 1 March 2010

Behavioural Patterns

For its descriptive power and for it's simple eloquence in achieving it's goal, these few words I think, are peerless. Seldom have I come across a sentence better suited to describe the McCann's behaviour on the evening of the third of May 2007, the evening that Madeleine met her fate.

I deliberately, in the first instance and for reasons obvious, refrain from using the word abducted, and in the second instance, the word disappeared.

Why do I make a point of this, the obvious apart? Madeleine did not disappear, to our eyes she may have, but she did not disappear. But primarily I mention it because quite recently I came across a quote from the insidious Clarence Mitchell, where he insisted that, "It's all a complete mystery."

Some details we are lacking most surely, but it is neither a mystery to us, as equally it is not a mystery to you, complete or otherwise.

The only thing that is complete, is your criminal complicity in obstructing justice.

It is said you aspire to be a Member of Parliament, don't be silly, the thought, like yourself, is too ridiculous for words.

Then There Were Four discusses the recent appearance on Spanish television by Mercedes.


It is in events such as this we see the actions and the words of the McCanns as neither consistent nor in accordance with the actions and imperatives of a parent trying to find or protect their child.

The McCanns themselves chose the time to alert the police, and it was the McCanns who demonstrably did not act in accordance with the circumstances they found themselves in. The circumstances demanded an urgent and efficient response, a response any truly concerned parent would have without hesitation made. It is here in the disparity between the actions and the words of the McCanns that we find a state of mind which is almost an unwillingness to act and one that is in total conflict with the priorities one might expect any parent in similar circumstances to automatically assume. more

On an entirely different note, I will leave a link for another interview, in case you haven't been there as yet.

"This country is a disgrace" Goncalo Amaral (It is not the only one, be assured.)

Scroll down for:

Gonçalo Amaral: "The McCanns did not oppose the archiving of the process"

And Nigel, I do wish you would provide something form of link to each individual article, if you will pardon my saying.

An interesting article by the way, can be found below the Goncalo Amaral post at the McCannfiles, the subject, LCN DNA