Monday, 8 March 2010

Who's Who in Wonderland?

I say wonderland because I wonder if that's not just where I'm living half the time, the world around me has gone barking mad; stark staring, round the bend, certifiably bleedin bonkers.

Not that this post is particularly about the sanity of the lemmings that surround us, in truth it ain't, but it gives me somewhere to put this link to a world of madness.

If you wish to open any of the links there, be my guest, or perhaps you might do as I did, a sorry shake of the head and come away.

No what this post is about is recognising an absolutely monumental piece of work by Blackwatch, he of The Sargeant's Inn.

Not described as monumental for effect, this compilation of who's who, is quite frankly a read of the same proportions. Whether you read a little, read a lot, or just give the thing a cursory glance, it has to be one to save to the hardrive as a source for future reference.

I take my hat off to you Sir, your mettle is rare.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: A Who's Who of Halligen & McCanns' Defense Teams

Were you aware there was a link between Scots Guard Peter Verran and Scots Guard Tim Craig-Harvey - partner of Kevin Halligen in Red Defense? Or between Halligen and Sir Michael Rose of Control Risks Group? Or between Halligen and the Forensic Science Services in Birmingham? Or between Red Defense and the Nigerian Corruption Scandal? Or between Brian Kennedy and private defense company Qinetiq? It seems obvious now, more, lots more.