Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Sun turns Madeleine McCann into a Sims Game Character

It should be available next week in the McCann's online shop.

Price £39.99

I have had my head down for the last few days, and took my first opportunity to look in at Joana Morais and came away with my head spinning. A cursory glance at all the nonsense was as much as I could do, but I came away with a question to ask.

Has the world gone stark raving fucking mad! has it? mass Maddie hysteria everywhere.

It's as though nobody can recognise when somebody is taking the piss anymore , has the human race suddenly become deficient in some gene or other?

For fuck's sake, will you fucking stop! wake up for crying out loud, this is madness!

Here's a quick handful I grabbed, just to let you know sanity still rules here, and here, there's a bit of something new.