Thursday, 4 March 2010

Comments on Mitchell Joining the Tories-Funny

And these from PRWeekly lol. We are not alone.

I think this calls for a full Mitchell Gallery tomorrow, with a suitable eye catching title of course.

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Elizabeth Newman - 04 March 2010

Well being a life long Tory voter, they have just lost my vote. I will not vote for anyone who has Clarence Mitchell on board. I would have to check night was day if he told me. I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

I remember him saying "it was a British thing" that people neglected children in the UK. Well Mr Mitchell it might be your clients idea of child care, it is not mine or many other people in the UK.

maureen myers - 04 March 2010

I agree Elizabeth word for word. to be honest i was thinking of voting Conservative this time, first time ever\(after been a lifelong Labour supporter) NO WAY NOW!!!! that is another vote gone, keep it up conservative, and it will be a landslide victory for Labour at this rarte!!

maureen myers - 04 March 2010

sorry spelt rate wrong on my earlier post!!! also i forgot to add is this why the Mccanns have suddenly gone to Cameron for "help"?? hmmmm all adds up.

Tim Tomasz - 04 March 2010

Well, the Conservative party has just lost my vote. I can't believe this. I've only ever voted Tories and was looking forward to the general election because for the first time in years, it looked like we were in a strong position and now this! WHY?

Maharishi M - 04 March 2010

I like those tiles behind Clarence - very nice for creating a luxury feel in a shower room but thats about the only thing of interest he has to offer here....

Richard Perowne - 04 March 2010

Goodness me, the Labour PR hacks are quick to comment aren't they?

Tim Tomasz - 04 March 2010

The Tories may as well have hired Gary Glitter. That's how strongly I feel about this appointment.

Nick Glaves - 04 March 2010

I don't know a great deal about this man, why does he inspire such strong reactions?

Christine Silverman - 04 March 2010

Clarence Mitchell disgusts me. I agree 100% with Elizabeth Newman. I would also like to add that he lied about public donations to the Fund, saying that all of the money would go towards looking for that wee girl, when in fact only 13% of it did, according to the McCanns own accounts. The man is a manipulator and liar, and if that is the sort of person that the Tories want on board, then they just lost my vote as well. You can't sleep with the dogs, Dave, then complain when you get fleas.

Kay Becker - 04 March 2010

I would think it would be better to have someone unbiased as head of the MMU. How can a spokesperson for a family in the news be objective when articles about the family and the case are printed. I would not like to see stories being shaped regarding this matter.

Anna Andress - 04 March 2010

As a lifelong Labour voter, I had just about decided that David Cameron spoke a lot of sense and I am truly sick of NuLabour! However, anyone who would contemplate employing this spin merchant who has consistently helped make a small child a successful marketing project is not worth considering as far as I am concerned.