Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Madeleine McCann: Which Part of Dead Do You Not Understand?

I suppose I can thank the lovely Sandra Fegueiras for taking the edge off my very considerable ire, pretty women tend to have that effect on me.

But Ire it was, and ire it is, and ire it will always be, until that is, someone puts a stop to these two creatures.

Is there nobody in this country, is there nobody that has the wherewithal to end this obscenity, is there nobody prepared to say, enough is enough?

Is there not one politician, not one cop, not one journalist among you that will bring this thing to an end? And I deliberately refrain from using terms like grow some balls or find a backbone, because it doesn't take these things to do what is required, it takes decency, a sense of what is right, morals, or better, moral indignation; indignation at seeing the wrong that is going on all around us.

There must be so many of you in a position to end this, there has to be, and you know who you are, but I beg you, don't sit back and wait for the other fellow to act, you act, you have it in your grasp to stop this vile canker from polluting decency and polluting this country further than it has already.

Please I beg you, I beseech you, put a stop to it, bring this abomination to an end.

~ ~ ~

Believe me, today's offering is by no means reflective of my disposition, not by a long chalk it isn't. And apologies if the above is a bit disjointed, I find it hard to be constructive when I'm so pissed off.

I came across this only the other day, how apt.

I'm afraid you ain't PC anymore Golly, we've moved on. When I weren't nowt but a nipper, there lived down the lane a woman with a dog, a black one obviously, why else would she call him Nigger. And nobody would have given it a thought in those days. We've moved on.

If your sensibilities are gentle, you may not wish to open this one. I don't know who photoshopped it, but he wasn't lacking in a sense of humour, or imagination for that matter.

The lovely Sandra Fegueiras, featured for herself rather than me having simultaneous posts under construction. The other being my old favourite, body language, I might post it tomorrow but my dear little Mammy has my attention for the most part of Thursday.

~ ~ ~

It seems I have been pre-empted on a few blogs, so here's just two stills and a clip and then it's done with.

The timing is on the slide bar of the stills, like puppets on a string when the crucial question gets asked.

"Do you consider the possibility of, errm... Madeleine not being alive?"

Have a bit more body language, that wanker Dave Edgar talking through his arse and nodding his head the wrong way and another itchy and scratchy from McCann towards the end.