Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hollie Greig: Bloggers Keeping The Faith

UK, March 11, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) - The case of Hollie Greig really did open a can of worms and even to this day it is what the media would call a "Scoop". It reveals the evil working of a pedophilia ring that stretches all the way to the highest authority. The pain and suffering by this girl started when she was only six years old and continued on for fourteen years.

Her mum Anne gave a graphic account of what her daughter had been through when she was interviewed by Manchester Radio Online. You can hear the 13 part series about Hollie on the following link:

So why is this story not reaching the media in the UK and who is behind this gagging. It all comes down to Elish Angiolini who has gagged the Scottish mainstream media from publishing anything about the Hollie Greign case. This is enforced through her Glasgow based Lawyer, Peter Watson of Levy & Macrae.

What has become apparent is the fact that this intentional gagging as infuriated the citizens of the UK into creating their own outlets. There are so many supporters now with webs and blogs that even Peter Watson cannot silence them and the "Hollie Army" continues to grow from strength to strength. Hollie and her mum Anne are now regular features on many overseas radio stations. This week alone has seen them both inundated for requests to be interviewed.

We can clearly see that people power is now taking over and believe me there is a very clear indication that this case will reach the courts and those that attempted to silence or derail it will fall victim to their own misguided ways.more

h/t Ironside