Saturday, 6 March 2010

Have I Got a Sighting For You. Shurely Shome Mishtake?

I knocked these two pics up in very short order, and it's nice it must be said when everything comes together with the ease that these two did, perhaps it was in some small part compensation for the hour and a half I had just wasted on a fruitless search.

It's a tad embarrassing really, I scoured the net and all the usual places trying to find a reference for a direct quote from Mitchell. (see first graphic previous post) Throwing the towel in after ninety minutes or so must have triggered a Eureka moment, well it was a Eureka moment all right, finding what I had been searching for on my own blog.

Made more as a retort to this part of a comment that was left on another post.

H Don't forget to take a look below the article at the interactive map of possible sightings, (The article in question)

Though as I say, originally made for a bit of fun, here they are now, as a wee post.

Again a tad esoteric, if only by virtue that the thing is themed from an irreverent British news quiz, Have I got news for you.

So for my man, or Woman that visits me from Valparaiso, and for others from far shores, here is a thirty second clip from the opening credits of the show. The same intro by the way, can be viewed on the five minute clip that features below the graphics.

And should you like a taste of the show, who better than the irrepressible and inimitable, mad as a brush, Brian Blessed. Two of eight five minute clips, each clip funnier than the last.

I had rather hoped to bring you the same show that featured quintessential old queen and National treasure, art critic Brian Sewell. Unfortunately that particular episode has been removed, but let me offer up Brian Sewell taking about his first meeting Salvador Dali, how bad, Dali and Sewell on the same bill?

Critic Brian Sewell had a "mutually confessional" sexual friendship with surrealist master Salvador Dali, which flowered over four summers at Dalí's home in Spain. Sewell makes the case that Dalí was a painter of technical brilliance whose talent reached its high point in the 1930s, but declined into vulgarity when he moved to the US and embraced the cult of celebrity.

Re-up for an oldy, and as much as any I have done, plenty in the detail.