Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Window: Kate McCann's Red Herring

A red herring born of a red face perhaps.

A first rate article by Then There Were 4, in which he argues the absurdity of the window playing any part of an abduction, when in actual fact all the window theory did, was to allow the McCanns to incriminate themselves further.

The Blind repair

....Kate McCann that night tried to lift the blinds and in doing so left her 2 most distinct fingerprints upon the exterior. She persisted with this hopeless manoeuvre despite having opened and closed the blinds using the only means possible on at least 4 or possibly 5 separate previous occasions. In the full knowledge that the blinds required the lifting mechanism to function Kate McCann chose on this night alone to shun the repaired and working mechanism and opt instead to try to raise the blinds in this unorthodox manner.

Kate McCann's peculiar left handed attempts to lift a working blind that night in her children's bedroom suggests only one set of ideas and those ideas unfortunately do nothing to explain the existence of a child abductor, a sexual predator or any other stranger as ever having been in or near the McCann's apartment that evening. Full article (unavailable)

And do you remember this little bit of damage limitation after the cornerstone of the abduction, the window, now given the status of red herring, by someone sounding increasingly more desperate by the day.

[Kate McCann] The window: I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim. The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it. Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a 'red herring' more

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Details Are in The Blasphemy

Does blasphemy still count if you're certifiable?

By Dr Martin Roberts
18 March 2010


As the truth is in the dogs' tails, so Kate McCann's eulogistic affirmation of the all-knowing one reveals, subtly but surely, that her daughter Madeleine's existence has taken on a conceptually modified significance. In response to Aled Jones recent, and not unduly probing interview, Kate manages to expose a little more of the rich tapestry that is the tale of missing Madeleine, and her own peculiar brand of narcissism into the bargain.

Aled Jones: "Do you think God's looking after Madeleine?"

Kate McCann: "I do. I mean, to me, Madeleine was a gift. Most of our life is pretty public anyway but obviously we had quite a difficult time trying to have Madeleine and when she was born I really did believe she was a gift and I never took her for granted... You know, every day when I'd wake up and I'd see her, these huge eyes looking at me, you know, I'd thank God for Madeleine and I don't believe that He would stop loving her now or abandon her, I mean, I don't believe that at all and I do get a comfort in thinking that wherever she... she is; whoever she's with, that He's with her and protecting her, and protecting her spirit. She's got a lot of spirit."

Oh dear. As quick and astute as the correction appears, it results in nothing but a ridiculous malapropism, the omnipotent one suddenly entrusted with safeguarding Madeleine's 'joie de vivre.' Something of a pity, wouldn't you think, that He'd previously fallen down on the job of protecting Madeleine? There again, He'd not have been alone in that and, as we learn from the sanctimonious Kate herself, He was not to be held responsible, at least not for the well-being of little Madeleine. But why, oh why does he not show his hand in protecting the poor parents? Is that too much to ask?

Aled Jones: "Are there ever times when you blame God?"

Kate McCann: "I've never blamed God for what's happened, at all. I don't think that that was anything to do with God. There are times when I've got angry with God and certainly the... the additional things that I've mentioned that have happened, where I just think, 'How can we have extra suffering put on us, at such an awful time?' And I just haven't understood it, and I've wondered why God hasn't interceded and tried to counter that. These are the times when I go off to church, to be honest. I mean I've got a key to the church; they've kindly given me one and sometimes I'll go in and, oh, its a bit of a sanctuary, its a bit of a refuge really. I'll go and I can speak out because, obviously, there's no-one there. Just get it all of my chest, really. I mean, I do wonder, you know, why should God help my prayers when there's millions of people with prayers which are equally as important around the world. I don't know. I mean, I just hope he does. My faith has sustained me a lot through all of this and there is a definite comfort there."

So Kate goes to church to be honest, getting it 'all off her chest' in the sanctuary of God's house, and clearly timing her visits to coincide with God's being out to work. If only she would share her honesty outside the confines of indifferent, empty spaces.

Of course others have equally important prayers competing for God's attention. Yet it doesn't seem to have crossed Kate's mind that He too has to prioritize on occasion, and that attention being drawn to more important requirements elsewhere in the world might occasionally mean He has to take his eye off the McCann ball from time to time (although He appears to have been observant enough at the Kensington Roof Garden Hotel not long ago - the raffle went well and it didn't rain). Perhaps the martyrdom of St Katherine (in the 'past historic' tense) will allow God that bit of free space He requires to get round to everybody's current issues.

Aled Jones: "Because in a way what you are experiencing for many people would be hell on earth."

Kate McCann: "No, it is. I think it is the worst thing that could happen to a parent or certainly one of the worst things. I mean, the pain was just... it's just incredible and it's a pain, you know, the pain of worry, for her, really. I mean, we live with the sadness of not having Madeleine in our lives but, you know, I'm her mum and I can't help but worry about her and I just want to be with her. When she has a sore tummy, I want to be there. When she's upset, I want to be there. And I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family, really."

So, Madeleine, when next you're crying for 'Mummy,' make sure it's good and loud. She just might be a little further away than the foot of the garden. But she really will want to be there for you (provided, of course, it’s not one of your 'passing' moments).

Kate and Gerry McCann might have their faith fully invested in the Church of Rome, but that's about all they're likely to invest there (box marked 'meeting with Pope' already ticked - been there, done that). Promissory notes, of all denominations, delivered to Rothley, are all 'a/c payee only' I'm afraid, so the Vatican will just have to content itself with the knowledge that the donors themselves are catholic in their tolerance:

Aled Jones: "Gerry said that his faith has been strengthened by the goodness generated by this ordeal. So there are positives that come out of it?"

Kate McCann: "Oh, very much so. I mean we... we still get a bundle of mail every day from people, you know, willing us on and, you know, sending their best wishes. And children send pictures for Madeleine and stuff; you know, we have books of prayers sent for Madeleine that children have written. Its been amazing, its been a real eye-opener. I mean, I'd have never thought of sitting down and writing a letter to somebody I didn't know who'd suffered a tragic event and yet the strength it's give us has been amazing."

And yet there is a certain charity in Kate McCann’s demeanour; at least there appears to be:

"I pray for the people who have taken Madeleine."

Aled Jones: "Do you think you'd ever be able to forgive the people that took Madeleine?"

Kate McCann: "It's a difficult one, isn't it. I guess, I don't know why they've taken her and I think until I know that it would be hard... hard to say. I mean, I'd like to hope that I could but its difficult."

So prayers for the people who have taken Madeleine might not quite be prayers of forgiveness. "It would be hard." Maybe if Kate understood their motives it might be possible, but I doubt it somehow:

Aled Jones: "And what about your other children? How aware are they of what's happening?"

Kate McCann: "Very aware. They talk about Madeleine every day. They know she's missing; they know she's been taken by somebody. They understand it a little bit like burgalry [sic] in that, even if you really want something, it doesn't mean that we can take it, because Madeleine belongs to us, you know, and it's not right that they've got Madeleine and need to find her."

Well, you can't always get what you want after all, however badly you want it. So, takers of Madeleine, take note: You needn't be in too much of a rush to disclose your motives. Forgiveness is not guaranteed.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hollie Greig: Bloggers Keeping The Faith

UK, March 11, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) - The case of Hollie Greig really did open a can of worms and even to this day it is what the media would call a "Scoop". It reveals the evil working of a pedophilia ring that stretches all the way to the highest authority. The pain and suffering by this girl started when she was only six years old and continued on for fourteen years.

Her mum Anne gave a graphic account of what her daughter had been through when she was interviewed by Manchester Radio Online. You can hear the 13 part series about Hollie on the following link:

So why is this story not reaching the media in the UK and who is behind this gagging. It all comes down to Elish Angiolini who has gagged the Scottish mainstream media from publishing anything about the Hollie Greign case. This is enforced through her Glasgow based Lawyer, Peter Watson of Levy & Macrae.

What has become apparent is the fact that this intentional gagging as infuriated the citizens of the UK into creating their own outlets. There are so many supporters now with webs and blogs that even Peter Watson cannot silence them and the "Hollie Army" continues to grow from strength to strength. Hollie and her mum Anne are now regular features on many overseas radio stations. This week alone has seen them both inundated for requests to be interviewed.

We can clearly see that people power is now taking over and believe me there is a very clear indication that this case will reach the courts and those that attempted to silence or derail it will fall victim to their own misguided ways.more

h/t Ironside

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Madeleine McCann: Which Part of Dead Do You Not Understand?

I suppose I can thank the lovely Sandra Fegueiras for taking the edge off my very considerable ire, pretty women tend to have that effect on me.

But Ire it was, and ire it is, and ire it will always be, until that is, someone puts a stop to these two creatures.

Is there nobody in this country, is there nobody that has the wherewithal to end this obscenity, is there nobody prepared to say, enough is enough?

Is there not one politician, not one cop, not one journalist among you that will bring this thing to an end? And I deliberately refrain from using terms like grow some balls or find a backbone, because it doesn't take these things to do what is required, it takes decency, a sense of what is right, morals, or better, moral indignation; indignation at seeing the wrong that is going on all around us.

There must be so many of you in a position to end this, there has to be, and you know who you are, but I beg you, don't sit back and wait for the other fellow to act, you act, you have it in your grasp to stop this vile canker from polluting decency and polluting this country further than it has already.

Please I beg you, I beseech you, put a stop to it, bring this abomination to an end.

~ ~ ~

Believe me, today's offering is by no means reflective of my disposition, not by a long chalk it isn't. And apologies if the above is a bit disjointed, I find it hard to be constructive when I'm so pissed off.

I came across this only the other day, how apt.

I'm afraid you ain't PC anymore Golly, we've moved on. When I weren't nowt but a nipper, there lived down the lane a woman with a dog, a black one obviously, why else would she call him Nigger. And nobody would have given it a thought in those days. We've moved on.

If your sensibilities are gentle, you may not wish to open this one. I don't know who photoshopped it, but he wasn't lacking in a sense of humour, or imagination for that matter.

The lovely Sandra Fegueiras, featured for herself rather than me having simultaneous posts under construction. The other being my old favourite, body language, I might post it tomorrow but my dear little Mammy has my attention for the most part of Thursday.

~ ~ ~

It seems I have been pre-empted on a few blogs, so here's just two stills and a clip and then it's done with.

The timing is on the slide bar of the stills, like puppets on a string when the crucial question gets asked.

"Do you consider the possibility of, errm... Madeleine not being alive?"

Have a bit more body language, that wanker Dave Edgar talking through his arse and nodding his head the wrong way and another itchy and scratchy from McCann towards the end.

Behavioral Patterns

Brit police watch and listen next door The People

Exclusive by Andrew Gregory
9 September 2007

British detectives secretly listened in as Portuguese police grilled Kate McCann over daughter Maddie's disappearance, The People can today reveal.

They hid in a room next to the interview suite at the police station to watch the mother's every response to her gruelling interrogation.

It is understood the Brit officers even fed the local cops with questions through tiny earpieces - and used body-language experts to monitor Kate's reactions.

The People has discovered that Kate and husband Gerry were made official suspects after:

Local cops set up surveillance teams to monitor their movements 24 hours a day for three weeks.

Kate was hauled back in for a tough second interview after they claimed she had dramatically CHANGED her version of events.

The body-language experts compiled a secret report which is thought to suggest her demeanour indicates she has something to HIDE.

Emails and computer data are thought to have been closely examined.

The dramatic twists in the case of four-year-old Maddie come after Portuguese investigators received guidance from Britain's FBI, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.

A dossier of covert electronic and physical evidence coupled with forensic reports led to the McCanns both being labelled suspects.

A source close to the inquiry revealed: "Following the request by the Portuguese to the British police to get involved the pace of the investigation has massively increased.

"Many of the failures made by local cops have been highlighted by the Brits and they are now working hard to find out what exactly happened to Madeleine."

The source explained: "It is common practice for those closest to a missing person to be watched closely and the McCanns are now no different.

"They, like all suspects, are being closely monitored as no stone is left unturned."

But GP Kate and cardiologist Gerry, both 39, fear they are being FRAMED over the disappearance and possible death of Madeleine - missing for 129 days. Police launched their round-the-clock surveillance operation last month.

The couple were taken in for further questioning last week after it was claimed that forensic experts had found traces of Madeleine's blood in the boot of a Renault Scenic car hired 25 days AFTER she went missing.

Detectives suspected Kate might have accidentally killed her daughter in the family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz and hid the body - which was later moved in the car.

Kate was grilled by Portuguese police for 11 HOURSon Thursday and for FIVE MORE HOURS on Friday.

It is understood she was forced to return for the second day of questioning at the police station in Portimao after cops claimed she changed her story - making them suspect she was being untruthful.

The British cops are also thought to have arranged for Kate's demeanour to be constantly monitored for any tell-tale signs during the long sessions of questioning. The People can also reveal that body language experts from Bramshill Police College in Basingstoke, Hants, put together a report on the McCanns' behaviour after studying hours of TV footage.

The specialists scrutinised every interview - live and recorded - given by the couple since May 3.

A secret dossier of the findings has been handed to detectives leading the investigation.

It is believed the report concludes that Kate's body language and facial expressions in interviews show she has something to hide. Our source said: "Technology and policing methods have advanced so much in the last few years that officers can now call on all sorts of techniques in their investigations.

"Reading suspects' body language and their facial expressions is one such device. Both Kate and Gerry would have been looked at and their actions analysed."

But the source stressed: "It must be made clear that their movements could indicate they have not done anything untoward rather than helping to prove they have." Since Madeleine disappeared the anguish of her parents - who also have two-year-old twins - has been laid bare for the world to see.

At the first press conference, after the tot had been missing for only a few hours, the couple were visibly shook up and stressed.

Gerry did all the talking. Kate stood with her head bowed, clutching her husband's arm and saying nothing.

Since then, the confidence of the parents has grown. They put their careers on hold as they organised a massive and slick publicity campaign and even met the Pope. The McCanns rarely faltered as they gave interviews to media from around the world.

But as the Maddie investigation enters a dramatic new phase, the couple have now dropped plans to return home to Rothley, Leics.

Pals say they will stay in Portugal to clear their names.

A spokesman for the Portuguese police refused to comment last night on British involvement in the case.

But a source said: "We will continue to work with the British until we reach a satisfactory outcome." The People

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vote Conservative. Vote Clarence Mitchell. Vote Corruption

Would you vote for a party that employed Clarence Mitchell?

I would burn in hell first.

To be fair I should write a few more words, but I can't for the life of tonight. There are enough up top for Google to log, so mission accomplished for today.

David Cameron Ready For Change

If only.

There will be a bit more later on, machine and I both need a reboot.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Who's Who in Wonderland?

I say wonderland because I wonder if that's not just where I'm living half the time, the world around me has gone barking mad; stark staring, round the bend, certifiably bleedin bonkers.

Not that this post is particularly about the sanity of the lemmings that surround us, in truth it ain't, but it gives me somewhere to put this link to a world of madness.

If you wish to open any of the links there, be my guest, or perhaps you might do as I did, a sorry shake of the head and come away.

No what this post is about is recognising an absolutely monumental piece of work by Blackwatch, he of The Sargeant's Inn.

Not described as monumental for effect, this compilation of who's who, is quite frankly a read of the same proportions. Whether you read a little, read a lot, or just give the thing a cursory glance, it has to be one to save to the hardrive as a source for future reference.

I take my hat off to you Sir, your mettle is rare.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: A Who's Who of Halligen & McCanns' Defense Teams

Were you aware there was a link between Scots Guard Peter Verran and Scots Guard Tim Craig-Harvey - partner of Kevin Halligen in Red Defense? Or between Halligen and Sir Michael Rose of Control Risks Group? Or between Halligen and the Forensic Science Services in Birmingham? Or between Red Defense and the Nigerian Corruption Scandal? Or between Brian Kennedy and private defense company Qinetiq? It seems obvious now, more, lots more.

In the Imortal Words of Mr McEnroe

Our Mother of the Year is to appear on BBC Radio Wales, the subject? clicky.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

David Cameron Flying With The Crows

This first five are re-ups, as much to show how this theme has evolved as much as anything.

I can't recall the exact reason for this above, but I guess it doesn't take much figuring out.

Today's offering.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Have I Got a Sighting For You. Shurely Shome Mishtake?

I knocked these two pics up in very short order, and it's nice it must be said when everything comes together with the ease that these two did, perhaps it was in some small part compensation for the hour and a half I had just wasted on a fruitless search.

It's a tad embarrassing really, I scoured the net and all the usual places trying to find a reference for a direct quote from Mitchell. (see first graphic previous post) Throwing the towel in after ninety minutes or so must have triggered a Eureka moment, well it was a Eureka moment all right, finding what I had been searching for on my own blog.

Made more as a retort to this part of a comment that was left on another post.

H Don't forget to take a look below the article at the interactive map of possible sightings, (The article in question)

Though as I say, originally made for a bit of fun, here they are now, as a wee post.

Again a tad esoteric, if only by virtue that the thing is themed from an irreverent British news quiz, Have I got news for you.

So for my man, or Woman that visits me from Valparaiso, and for others from far shores, here is a thirty second clip from the opening credits of the show. The same intro by the way, can be viewed on the five minute clip that features below the graphics.

And should you like a taste of the show, who better than the irrepressible and inimitable, mad as a brush, Brian Blessed. Two of eight five minute clips, each clip funnier than the last.

I had rather hoped to bring you the same show that featured quintessential old queen and National treasure, art critic Brian Sewell. Unfortunately that particular episode has been removed, but let me offer up Brian Sewell taking about his first meeting Salvador Dali, how bad, Dali and Sewell on the same bill?

Critic Brian Sewell had a "mutually confessional" sexual friendship with surrealist master Salvador Dali, which flowered over four summers at Dalí's home in Spain. Sewell makes the case that Dalí was a painter of technical brilliance whose talent reached its high point in the 1930s, but declined into vulgarity when he moved to the US and embraced the cult of celebrity.

Re-up for an oldy, and as much as any I have done, plenty in the detail.

Madeleine McCann: The Case Files Reveal - Wot No Gypsies?

We can't have sightings without Gypsies, don't you scumbags know anything?

Just ask your mate Clarence Mitchell (Tory Party employee) he'll put you straight, "No sightings without gyppos." or esoterically, "No bollocks without knackers." Don't even try, if you don't understand it.

"The Case Files Reveal"

That's not all they reveal, is it " Mr Daily Star Reporter"? I'd be a bit careful if I were you, quoting the Case Files, it does rather indicate that you have actually read the the things.

It somewhat beggars the question though, selective reading, or selective publishing?

Answers on a postcard please to:

A Cave near Praia Da Luz
Lawless Territory
Sardine Land
Third World


THE case files reveal how police have been blitzed with bizarre, sick, and twisted information about Madeleine’s fate from across the globe.

The wacky reports include:

An email from the Madeira Liberation Army who claimed to be holding Madeleine and had a video showing her in good health, but couldn’t vouch for her safety unless the city of Funchal was granted independence.

A report she’d been snatched by secret service agents and was being held by “Mr Temple’’ in a safehouse in Dachau, Germany.

Claims by a Portuguese woman who had a “sixth sense’’ she had been taken by a dangerous man living nearby – really an ex-boyfriend she was trying to frame.

A Dutch voodoo priest’s claim he had a psychic vision of where Madeleine was buried. He confessed it had happened after he’d drunk two bottles of white rum.

A Romanian woman insisted her beauty queen daughter Madalina was Madeleine’s real mum who’d handed her to a Leicestershire doctor for adoption just before she died. Police discovered Madalina died before Madeleine was born but the woman claimed her death certificate was forged.

AN Australian tipster claimed Madeleine was kidnapped into slavery and held in a cellar.

An Italian psychic said Maddie had been taken to England by a woman dominated by her tattooed husband.

A Spanish psychic claimed she had a vision the missing girl had been killed by a gardener and buried in a flowerbed with three other children.

None were true. The Star

I could think of one or two more sightings that would feel quite at home with this lot, couldn't I Clarence?

That's the same Clarence by the way as the Clarence Mitchell that works for the Conservative Party.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case you hadn't heard.