Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Barking, Or Something Else Entirely?

I came across this, how shall I describe it, remarkable, and I suppose quite fascinating piece of writing on the web as opposed to the blog owner's site? I would have had to wouldn't I, chance upon it that is, because unless you found yourself there by accident, I can think of no valid reason to be there.

I could only come to one of two conclusions having read this extraordinary diatribe.
If the woman actually believes what she has written, some other things apart, she is barking mad.

If she doesn't believe what she has written however, but then goes on to write in such a bizarre fashion, there must be, one can only assume, a preplanned and a premeditated agenda of such proportions that any normal person would perhaps find rather disconcerting.

But which ever conclusion applies, I have to say again, it is one of the most fascinating documents I have read in years, if not ever.

I believe that Madeleine was taken as part of an organised kidnap and just how dare these people think they can just take children? Someone in Portugal organised this abduction, someone employed people to enter that apartment and take Madeleine, someone who lives near was involved, someone in authority was directly involved, they smoothed the way after she was abducted, to allow her abductors to get away, they failed to put in place even the most basic of police work.

That man knows who he is of course, but more importantly, someone very close to him also knows who he is, someone close to the people involved in Praia da Luz knows who they are too.

These people must come forward, they must tell what they know, a little girl's life is depending on them and so are the lives of other children that I believe have also been taken.
Strangely enough, I do not feel anger towards these people who know, because they are probably scared and worried and have probably not known a minute's peace since the evening of May 3rd 2007, they are probably just ordinary friends and or relatives of these other people who organised her abduction and they probably are living in fear themselves. It is important these people realise that it is not them at fault, but they must come forward, they must find it in themselves to come forward and do the right thing, they cannot die and leave this world with that kind of secret, if they do, then they face a higher court than anything we can ever administer here on earth!

Madeleine was taken as part of an organised kidnap, the way in which it was done, points to it being organised, its efficiency points to it NOT being the first time this has happened, I believe other children in other circumstances have been taken in Portugal.

The only differences are that the abductors and those organising it and those involved in some way with it, did not count on the publicity and when it came it was worldwide and took them completely by surprise.

They did not count on 'continued' publicity.

They did not bargain for Madeleine still being high profile some 2.5 years later either.

Because of this publicity, I believe the McCanns were targeted and I also believe that someone in authority tried their level best to blacken their characters and to make people believe that they had something to do with their own daughter's disappearance. This was done first by those that organised this Madeleine's kidnap and it was done out of panic, to try and divert attention away from themselves and later I believe it was done to cold bloodily make money out of this poor child. I believe that a person (or persons) in authority were paid to turn a blind eye, I also believe this person intended to make money out of Madeleine's disappearance, just as others had done in the case of the abduction of Joana Cipriano, in the form of books and interviews etc etc etc. To this person in Portugal, in authority, Madeleine represented money on the bank, they needed money and Madeleine could provide it. With the clampdown on drugs, child trafficking is another way these unscrupulous people make money.

That person knows who they are. But, so do others, and it is time for these people, the relatives, the friends, the acquaintances etc, to put their fears to one side and come forward and tell the truth, they can do this anonymously, all they have to do is telephone from a number that is not their own and give the names and tell them what these people have done, this is all they have to do, no one will be any the wiser, who made the call. No one will know except them.

The Portuguese government have a role to play here also, they have to protect their citizens, apparently in Portugal, the corrupt do not go after the person involved, they threaten to go after the family and harm the children and threaten to abduct the children.

The Portuguese government can no longer ignore this, they have to get a grip on this kind of organised crime and they have to offer amnesty and witness protection for whistle blowers.

Why is Portugal allowed to be an EU member with this kind of thing going on?

My interest in the case of Madeleine was sparked out of fear and outrage that someone thinks it is OK to just take children and through Madeleine, I learned about the case of little Joana Cipriano and her poor mother, who I believe has been false accused and is in prison for something she did not do. I also believe the same fate would have waited Kate and Gerry, had there not been such a public outcry and had it not been they were foreign nationals. Someone tried to implicate Kate and Gerry McCann, I also believe that someone tried to plant evidence, only they did not plant it correctly, this is itself is evident and in any other civilised country there would have been a huge outcry over such appalling and evident, evidence planting, in Portugal there was nothing, only briefly mentioned in the files, that there were some major discrepancies in the way the sniffer dog so-called "evidence" was found. (In other words, it was simply not believed).

ETA: Little wonder a person feels free to write such vitriolic fantasy, this description, courtesy of British arsewipe the Daily Wail, accompanied the photo of Leonor Cipriano that I have used in the graphic.

A MOTHER'S AGONY: Leonor Cipriano in 2004 with a poster of her missing daughter Joana.
By the by, I am not for one minute suggesting that loving aunt Philo penned the above.