Sunday, 6 December 2009

Blog News

Having broken the circle of me feeling obliged to produce new material almost daily, and you eclectic bunch, my brothers and sisters in arms, of perhaps expecting new postings ad infinitum, I have decided to re-open both the McCann Gallery and what bit there is of it, A Verdade Da Mentira Illustrated.

I shall not however be updating either site.

More than a little effort has gone in to producing the Gallery and as it's creator I don't want to see it all locked away. But this is not my reason for re-opening it. Others may not, but it is my belief that there is enough other stuff posted there, and importantly all now catalogued by Google, that it is a resource in it's own right, albeit a small one by comparison to others.

Possibly another reason to re-open it, is to show my solidarity with others who have recently found themselves under attack from the McCann Machine via their agents Carter-Ruck.

Perhaps to give you a better insight or to clarify my original statement as to the "why," I shall post, although I find it a touch embarrassing, just one paragraph of a private email that I sent to a friend and cyberspace colleague who is also heavily committed to the cause.

Nobody but nobody can begin to appreciate the effort that went into producing the Gallery. I could quite literally spend a whole day searching the web trying to find the "just right" component parts (images) for a single graphic. And here is the frightening thing, as long as I found all that I was looking for, I hadn't wasted a day, my day had been a good one, and that quite frankly is something I found not only pretty scary but proper sad, as we say, I had become a right sad bastard with an even sadder life.

And that kiddywinks just about sums it all up.