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Kate's Diary by A Miller

Reasoning that they may compliment each other I thought I would add A Miller's comment, and a comment it was, not an article as such, as a suffix to an earlier observation of my own, Kate McCann's Private Diary.

Kates Diary by A Miller

I have never until now read Kate McCann's diary. I came across it in an article in the press whilst looking for something else.

Given that it is written by the mother of a 3year old child who disappeared when her parents where out dining, leaving her and her twin siblings, two years old at the time alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, to say it is the most bizarre thing I have ever read is an understatement.

I believe this diary was written after Aunty Phil suggested it would be something nice to give to Madeleine when she returned.

What strikes me most about the entries, is that in the main, they are about Kate and occasionally about Gerry. She continually speaks of HER pain, HER suffering, how SHE wants Madeleine back as this will restore HER, FORMER lifestyle as she is not happy with her life as it is at the time of writing.

What I find odd too is that she writes 'M' for Madeleine. I cannot imagine every referring to my missing child, in diary entries or other, only by the first initial of her name. She does likewise with Sean and Amelie. Yet when she has something to tell us about herself, her activities, going to church or running, nothing is abbreviated. We see this in great detail.

It is clear also, that she finds the twins challenging. So many entries about how she finds it difficult to get them to bed. Wasted days etc. Madeleine is the child who it is said was more full of energy, not a good sleeper. Did Kate have difficulty getting Madeleine to bed in the evenings?

She is also very angry at the suggestion that they, she and Gerry, allowed contamination of the crime scene to take place. She expresses this by wanting to phone to speak to someone to vent her anger.

Further along in the diary, she mentions that there has been a suggestion that Madeleine is buried near cliffs.

Her response to this was: "What can I say?" She then goes on to talk about herself once more, how can one BODY, take so much pain etc.

There is not the same anger at the thought of someone saying her daughter may be buried at beach/cliffs, as there is when it is suggested that she and Gerry were to blame for something.

The self protection always to the fore.

What I find most bizarre about this diary, is that it is not something you would want to pass on to your child if she returned.
She speaks of her pain, then includes comments in reference to Madeleine, 'IF' we have let you down. 'IF' you are suffering.

She speaks of Madeleine being with paedophiles. Then comments - 'IF' you are suffering.

She states also, that she hopes Madeleine's suffering is less than her own.

A mother would hope that her child is NOT suffering at all. Not just suffering less than she herself is. She appears to be comparing levels of pain.

She speaks of worrying about Madeleine as she knows that Madeleine FEARS PAIN.

What pain could a three year old child have experienced that would make a mother make such a statement?

If a child falls and grazes a knee, the child may cry. They may not like a vaccination, as it may be painful. No child likes to feel these types of pain obviously.

But what is Kate McCann referring to when she states that she KNOWS Madeleine doesn't like pain. If she thinks her child is with a paedophile - she will be experiencing the most awful pain in every sense.

She speaks of paedophiles at the shops? She speaks of paedophiles being held in 'NICE' surroundings, she wouldn't mind that, as long as they don't get to children. She thinks she should have been informed of paedophiles and then they could have taken more care, felt more safe.

These are two medical professionals. Are they telling us that they did not know of the dangers of paedophiles before Madeleine, in their thesis, was taken by one?

She makes comment on Amelie, saying that she did not realise Amelie could speak so well.

Why would she not know that her daughter could speak as well as she could at the time? How can you not know?
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