Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hampering The Search For Madeleine. Perspective and Translation

Mrs McCann said: "Our main worry, obviously, was people believing that Madeleine was dead. "If people believe that she is not alive, then people will stop looking for her."

As you are probably aware the Portuguese Court is to hear appeals tomorrow against the temporary injunction that bans, among other things, the sale of Goncalo Amaral's book A Verdade Da Mentira.

Part of the complaint lodged with, in my eyes a somewhat dubious judge, was the claim that Goncalo Amaral's assertion that Madeleine McCann was dead would inhibit or hamper the search for the girl.

Leaving aside all the arguments that would endorse Amaral's conclusion, and leaving aside yet another disgraceful example of the McCanns abusing the name and memory of their dead child in yet another shameful and blatant attempt to protect their own worthless selves, leaving this apart, just who and just why would anybody be looking for Madeleine at all?

It does strike me as a rather odd that the McCanns include this as part of their argument when they themselves couldn't be arsed to go and search for their first born child in the hours immediately following the Madeleine's disappearance.

Kate: It was so dark...

Oprah: uh huh...

Kate: it was dark, erm I've never had such a long night it was dark and you're just praying for the light you know to come up to get out there it's just...

I have already made my feelings known regarding this extremely bizarre statement by the mother of the missing girl, I won't import it here, it is shall we say a tad passionate and a tad Anglo Saxon and perhaps not suitable reading for the prurient or small children.

Mrs McCann said: "Our main worry, obviously, was people believing that Madeleine was dead.
"If people believe that she is not alive, then people will stop looking for her." BBC

I took another look at this sixty second video clip today, in fact I have looked at it quite often, it's a classic.

If anybody was ever in doubt that the McCanns were up to their miserable necks in the death and disappearance of their daughter's body, they only need to watch Kate McCann squirm her way through these sixty seconds to dispel any doubt they may have harboured.
Short of a signed confession it's the nearest thing guilty I have ever seen in my life, as I say it's a classic, a pearler in fact.
But I did something else today, I made a transcript, read Kate McCann's response to the question put to her.

Q: I spoke to a lot of people over the weeks-local people that have given up a lot of time, you’ve talked about the support they’ve given you, I met people who didn’t go to work for more than a week because every day they were down on the beach, searching the streets. Did you as a mother Kate just sometimes think I’ve got to go and be out there with them, I want to go and just physically look as well?

Kate McCann. (Big sigh and shrugs shoulders)
I mean I did, erm tut we’d been working really hard really apart from the first forty eight hours as Gerry said were incredibly difficult and we were almost non functioning I’d say, erm but after that you get the strength from somewhere, we’ve certainly had loads of support and that’s given us strength and it’s been able to make us focus really so we have actually in our own way, it might not be physically searching but we’ve been working really hard and doing absolutely everything we can really to get Madeleine back.

Which translates in the lesser as: No, or in the greater: No there wasn't any point, Madeleine was already dead.

Here is another fine example from Madam McCann, this from the Sandra Felgueiras interview.

Kate: Yes I have read the files.

Sandra: What did shock you most? Any part of the... any detail weren't... aware of? Something that has really surprised you or you didn't find anything?

Kate: Oh I have been through them and I have made notes and I passed that on to our investigation team obviously.
Sandra: And you found any evidence? Of anything?

Kate: Well obviously the only evidence I wanna find is who has taken Madeleine and where she is. They are the key things and until we actually get that bit of information you know we are always gonna feel like we are a long way away. But basically what we are doing is trying to get as much information as we can and trying to put the jig-shaw, jigsaw together, so finally we have the complete picture.

Again, short translation: yada yada waffle, or the longer: yada yada waffle, the only reason I read the files was to see how close we were to being brought to justice.

And to round off this post here be insight and common sense from:

Dimsie The Maddie Case Files.

Just Who is Looking

I've never been sure who these people who've stopped looking for Madeleine because of GA's book actually are. They can't be the McCanns' friends and relations because obviously they believe every word Kate and Gerry say about the 'abduction' and so will be ignoring anything Amaral says to the contrary.

They can't be the pro's that keep popping up in forums to tell us how we're all wrong and how dreadful Amaral is (and Tony Bennett too, of course), because they too are convinced Amaral is a monster for not believing in the 'abduction' and so they'll ignore him.

They can't be members of the public because most members of the public have jobs to go to, families to look after, lives of their own to lead, and are far too busy to head off somewhere looking for Madeleine. So who are they? Who has stopped looking for Madeleine because of Amaral's book?

Come to think of it, who has STARTED looking for Madeleine? I haven't read any reports in the papers about the friends and relatives of the McCanns combing the wilder parts of the area around PdL where Edgar informs us she's being held.

I can't see how the pro's who spend their time writing rubbish about the rest of us can have any time left over to join search parties; how many of THEM are in Portugal, knocking on doors and asking to inspect people's cellars?

I don't know of any member of the public who's gone anywhere looking for Madeleine, let alone join Dave and Arthur for a tramp around the lawless wastelands of the Algarve, where presumably white man has not yet laid foot.

I don't think either of Madeleine's parents is in Portugal, co-ordinating the search, though of course I could be wrong. Maybe we'll hear tomorrow that now that Kate has translated the files she's off to Portugal to tell the PJ how to start this most important search. But until I see it on tv I won't believe it.
Hmm, it seems NO ONE is looking for Madeleine, except a couple of incompetent (according to the Mail on Sunday) ex-cops, whose opinions change from one week to the next and who think that the way to find a child they're sure is entombed in a cellar in Portugal is to take a trip to Australia.