Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Editor Daily Mail and Kate McCann

Sir, I have much studied, both past and present, your coverage and reporting on the Madeleine McCann affair and I have to admit to finding that coverage somewhat disconcerting, and truth be told more than a little baffling.

Baffling, perplexing, bewildering even, call it what you will, but this type of confusion is all too present when I try to discern your motives in treading the editorial path that you do.

After much thought and deliberation I eventually experienced a small eureka moment as to why your newspaper reports in the manner it does.
Having first ascertained that the owner of the Daily Mail was not in fact News International Ltd, I could discount editorial control and interference, the type of which one normally associates with the dirty digger, aka Rupert Murdoch.

That does beggar the question though, does the Mail suffer equally from said editorial control and interference, surely not, not the Mail. of course it doesn't.

So that brings me back to my eureka moment, and please you must correct me if I am wrong, but are you in fact engaged in a competition between yourselves and Kate McCann as to who might appear the more pathetic?

Is it the wooden and transparent Kate McCann, who in her efforts, fails so spectacularly in trying to evoke feelings of sympathy, pity, and sorrow as she so pathetically attempts to project an aura of pathos, or is it yourselves, as a newspaper, that equally fails so spectacularly in trying to evoke feelings of sympathy, pity, and sorrow? The efforts of which I speak are those taken by yourselves in printing such wooden and transparent photographs, typified so blatantly in yesterdays nauseating example?

Though I ask these questions, truth be told, if it was money I had to wager, I could only place it with the odds on favourite, a broken down old nag out of the Associated Newspapers stable.

Above: A previous gem, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

By the by Mister Editor have a look at the true face of Kate McCann, these photographs taken just nine days after the "abduction" of Madeleine McCann, do you notice the difference, perchance?

Might I take this opportunity to appeal to any journalist, from the Mail or otherwise, that has similar feelings to my own and that this travesty has gone on far too long, to please contact me.

My email address can be located by clicking my profile, top left of this page, any communication will be treated with utmost confidentiality, please be assured of that.