Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cards On The Table

Spurred by a recent comment relating to the execution of a British National in China, I thought I might take this opportunity to further go on record about where I stand on various issues, popular or not.

And before I start let me just say this to the PC brigade. You may construe some of my comments as racist, which indeed they are not, but what they really are, are my own personal opinions based entirely on my own observations.

The comment in question then.

I am a pacifist. I am also against drug peddling and have seen he damage that drugs do to the young.. I believe in living by the law of the land. If you take the risk where the death penalty exists for smuggling drugs then it is your fault.

I concur with the first highlight.

Living by the law(s) of the (their) land. Hmmm, all very well if just and civilised laws are implemented in and by, a just and civilised society/country.

Straight in then. My respect for the Chinese is only marginally above the contempt of that in which I hold the Japanese.

I have not greatly featured China or the Chinese in the past, so just two links for them.

Internet Saves Chinese Waitress. You will find a link there that lists some of the sixty eight capital offences on the Chinese statute.

My second China story is quite something, not only does my introduction to this story set the scene, it rather clarifies my feelings on one or to other things.

I glanced this article this afternoon in a newspaper that was lying about at my mothers, this is one gruesome tale if ever there was.

Well the same story is online, equally disturbing and equally graphic.
There are certain races of people on this planet that are known for their cruelty and total disregard for the plight of animals, be it the Japanese restaurateurs taking a slice off a live fish and returning it to the tank or the same despicables who hunt whales.
We could include the Vietnamese with their live animal markets and the ghastly goings on in those places and then we have the Chinese who don't seem to give a fuck about anything or anybody.

And it is the Chinese that this story is all about. The Chinese that have taken cruelty and perfected it into an art form, and this art is presented every day to a paying public, a public that includes children. China: Incredible Animal Cruelty

Where next then? Let me take a circuitous route that starts with a bull fighting story but will lead us to the despicable little yellow fucks who slaughter whales under the guise of "research."

The first part of this story is dedicated to Spain, Portugal, Mexico and all the other depraved fucks where the slaughter of animals is considered entertainment. In the year of Our Lord 2010 I may add.

Everybody gets them, well most everybody.You know what I'm talking about, the animal moments, the ones that make you go ahhh, and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Pictures of small furry animals, "dog might loose foot" stories; "Fearless dog snatches new born twins and confused granny from the jaws of death as runaway train/car/boat/plane..... those kind of moments.

I get them too, never more so than when someone has captured it on film for posterity.Those lovely ahhhh moments, when the bull gets it just right and the matador gets it all wrong.Those lovely moments, captured for all time, allowing us to replay that precise moment when the deadly horn of that much tormented, bloodied and weakened bull enters the soft vulnerable flesh of it's tormentor.Those lovely but fleeting moments that as the horn takes it's upward and sweeping path on it's way to gore and disembowel, wishing and hoping that as this deadly spike follows such a curve, it has been fortuitous and removed certain appendages, appendages that would more commonly be described as manhood, but alas a misnomer in cases such.

Those ahhh moments that give way to...more. All Warm and Fuzzy

Just so there is no misunderstanding regarding my views on the subject, and having just perused previous stories, let me just paste a few short intro's of the same.

Unashamedly I can say I loath these despicable little fucks and their goddamn whale hunting.
~ ~ ~
Fuck the Japanese and their protest, you carry on lads.
~ ~ ~
I'm far from being xenophobic but I could make an exception for these pricks.
~ ~ ~
The evil little shits are at it again, I suppose it would be too much to ask for divine intervention or the wrath of Neptune to visit on the fleet the fires of hell, although with better timing than last year.
~ ~ ~

These introductions and there relative stories can be viewed here under the Whale tag. There are as it happens some happy whale stories included in this list of shame.

No catalogue of countries that misuse various laws to strike terror in the heart of it's people, to hang women and boys for such heinous offences as "crimes against morality" should exclude Iran.

The Cruellest Race - (Execution of a Teenage Girl)

The Cruellest Race Of People On The Face Of The Earth

That is how a woman of my acquaintance described the Iranians.
In most everything I have researched I have yet to find much, if anything, to refute her claim.
It must be noted that the lady that made this claim is a strong, serious professional, (head Sister of an intensive care unit) and was in fact married to an Iranian and lived in Iran between Nineteen Seventy Four and Nineteen Eighty five.
It might be of interest also to note, given that this period included the taking of the embassy hostages, that she was unaware that the hostage situation was ongoing or even existed.

My intention in writing on this subject is to try to bring to attention the unenviable situation that is the lot of women who live under Sharia law/ Code and Islam.
Though the two are different entities, they are but one. Sharia law is the law of Islam.

The Iranian revolution celebrated its twenty-sixth anniversary this week and I am of years sufficient to remember it well.
Well I remember it, but more importantly I remember the “Cultural Revolution” and the ensuing bloodbath and the slaughter of thousands who’s crimes included the capital crime of Apostasy (the rejection of Islam) to “Enemy of the revolution,” the former being written in Sharia law and the latter we can take as a euphemism for educated, and as history has shown exacted a no lesser punishment. This harrowing story with BBC video can be found here, or along with other horror stories under the Iran tag.

There was a follow up to this article, it went like this:

From Sender:
Hi, Himself,
I went to your blog, and like a lot of it, but must say, your spiel "The Cruelest Race" is biased.
Firstly, Iranians are not a 'race' they are a nationality.
Secondly, people throughout the whole of the Middle East, including Iran, had long been known for their hospitality to strangers and their care of the poor.
When you compare specifics between one country and another also bear in mind that in as small a timeframe as a few hundred years (i.e virtually simultaneously) people around the globe are guilty of pretty much the same sorts of things. Remember that just recently children were hanged in England for stealing.
Also take care where you get your news from. There is more to a BBC documentary than meets the eye. There are political agendas to consider.

From myself in reply:

Of course it's fucking biased.

Can you read.

The Cruelest Race Of People On The Face Of The Earth
That is how a woman of my acquaintance described the Iranians.

The rest of your comment; don't even THINK to start lecturing me.

They hung the girl. she is dead.

This exchange carries on under the header, Sometimes My Fellow Leftists Really Piss Me Off.

Bypassing the most obvious of all the backward countries that qualify for inclusion on my list, the land of true darkness, Saudi Arabia, can be found under its own tag and many other tags that relate to lifestyles, philosophies and punishments that belong in that time when they were scripted, the Dark Ages. Simply, there are just too many examples to choose from but can be found under such labels as , Us and Them, Human rights, Islam, Women in Islam, and one or two more I have no doubt.

And finally we come to the story and the country that sent me down this particular road today, which I might add, was the only one that I intended to use as an example to our theme of the "Just Laws" to be found around the world.

The face they like to present to the world is one of modernity and sophistication, an illusion propped up by oil wealth, wealth squandered at an alarming rate even by Middle East standards.

And when that oil wealth runs as dry as the wells soon will, the illusion of modernity and sophistication will simply vanish, as only illusions can. Will we then see a reversion back to, for want of a better expression, goat fucking.

Perhaps, perhaps not, but one thing they won't revert to is goat fucking mentality, quite simply because it is still present among the royals and rule makers of that country.

I employ this technical term because it is only people with a goat fucking mentality that would take away fours years of a persons life for (technical term) fuck all.

And fuck all in technical terms equates to the likes of this.


Keith Brown, 43, Middlesex: Four-year jail term for possession of 0.003g of cannabis

Robert Dalton, 25, Kent: On trial for alleged possession of 0.03g of cannabis

20-year-old, West Yorkshire: On trial for alleged possession of 0.02g of cannabis

Tracy Wilkinson, 45, West Sussex: Held in custody for eight weeks for possession of codeine before release

Swiss national: Four-year jail term after poppy seeds found on his clothes

Source: Fair Trials International

0.003g is less than the size of a grain of sugar, and wait for it, stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

The poppy seeds evidently the result of eating a bun at Heathrow. more details at the links.

And this could just as easily be you, your wife, your mother, and let's not forget granny.

Travelling to Dubai? Don't ...... Four Years in Jail, It Could Be You more links at these posts.

So kiddywinks I rest my case, but before I close one more link, and don't let the fact that it's to a Formula One site put you off reading the quite brilliant Mike Lawrence giving us the bare bones about Dubai, and dare I say it, the situation it finds itself in.

The Folly Of Building For Chavs.